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  1. Keith Mitchell, US Marine Combat Engineer, Blog of Shame


    06/15/2016 by militaryphonies

      FaceBook Account ;https://www.facebook.com/killakilla2009 Keith Mitchell has made numerous claims on social media ( facebook ) that he was a …
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  2. Dave Cox, US Air Force Combat Controller , Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm, Blog of Shame


    04/10/2016 by militaryphonies

    Dave Cox served a total of twenty years on active duty in the U.S. Air Force.With an additional three years …
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  3. Tony Malakouti Retired US Marine Aviator Blog of Shame


    03/04/2016 by militaryphonies

    Joe Galvan and the now expired FaceBook Group ” Expose a Poser ” were the first to encounter Tony and …
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  4. Donald Eugene Lee aka Donald Lee aka ( Doc ), US Army Vietnam Veteran, POSer, Blog of Shame.


    02/17/2016 by militaryphonies

    Donald E. Lee likes to parade around wearing  apparel claiming that he is a Veteran of the Vietnam War. 

  5. Alan Merklein US Army Phony Vietnam Combat Wounded Special Forces / Ranger , Blog of Shame


    01/15/2016 by militaryphonies

    Alan Merklein claims that he was a member of Special Forces in Vietnam who was also Ranger Tabbed. He claims …
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  6. Joseph Wilson Campbell, Needless Embellishment, Poser Blog of Shame.


    12/18/2015 by militaryphonies

    Recent reports of Campbell making bizarre claims about his service made us curious. We decided to order his records and conduct …
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  7. Leevon Ikuo Kuuleilani Otsuka aka Von Cruz, US Army Sergeant,Combat Wounded/Injured Military Phony , Blog of Shame


    12/15/2015 by militaryphonies

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