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12/18/2016 by militaryphonies

James Edward Rice Jr., or as he likes to refer to himself, Jim Peters Rice from Tulsa Oklahoma had one enlistment in the US Marines that was not stellar.  He served over three years and was discharged as a Private (E-1). None the less, he did earn the title and is a United States Marine Veteran.

However, Mr Rice has been making some pretty extraordinary claims about his military service record. One such claim is that he went from Private to Chief Warrant Officer 3 in a six year time frame.




He was questioned on social media ( Facebook ) about his claims from a 28 year retired Navy veteran. Jim Rice claims that he has Marine Corps Flight Wings to show as proof of his claims because you can’t buy those just anywhere. Which he is right. You can’t buy ” Marine Corps Flight Wings ” just anywhere because they don’t exist. The proper name for that badge is ” US Navy/Marine Corps Aviator Wings “. Or Marine Corps Pilot wings. Which are a dime a dozen in multiple sales locations. Mr Rice also called them ” Helicopter Flight Wings “.  That badge does not exist in the Navy/Marine Corps.


In general conversation we might expect people to get lost in the semantics of terminology…but not by a Marine who actually earned their wings.

screenshot002 screenshot010

James/Jim Rice was approached by one of our admins, his only response was posting a graduation photo from Boot Camp. Our Admin identified himself and gave James an opportunity to correct what he had been claiming.  He used that opportunity to block said admin on Facebook and deleted all of his comments. Then Mr Rice makes a post claiming that someone hacked his Facebook account “again”.



Upon conducting our investigation on Mr James/Jim Rice, evidence was gathered and/or discovered about Mr. Rice from multiple sources and locations. Those public sources included Mr. Rice’s original dd-214 which shows he served as a 2511 wireman and was discharged as a Private. A blank copy of his dd-214 showing only the Commanding Officers signature. Plus an altered dd-214 showing Mr Rice as a Capt.. 0-3 with a 2500 Pilot MOS for rotor aircraft.

Original DD-214img040

Please note Box #20 on his dd-214 and the dates of his loss time with no pay


Blank DD-214screenshot018

Altered DD-214img038


A newspaper article was discovered from the Tulsa Beacon on October 15,2015 showing Mr Rice running for the office of Sheriff in Tulsa County Oklahoma. The article shows Mr Rice claiming Warrant Officer in the Marine Corps and being a Helicopter pilot.screenshot017http://tulsabeacon.com/many-candidates-announcing-for-tc-sheriffs-race/

 With all of that evidence collected, we filed for Mr Rice’s military service record under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA).

 Upon receiving the summary page and chronological page of his military service record, it was determined that everything matches Mr. Rice’s original dd-214. His chronological page shows that Mr Rice spent most of his enlistment at GdCo HqBn HQMC, Arlington Virginia as a 2511 wireman. screenshot022

Please note the date of his enlistment and his discharge date do not coincide with each other. This clearly shows that he was discharged early.

15497936_10210031357894220_1659696904_nSummary and conclussion

Published claims about James/Jim Rice on social media and the main stream media do not match his original DD-214 and FOIA results. This gives us enough merit to indicate that Mr. James/Jim Rice could be embellishing his military service record for personal and monetary gains.


FaceBook; https://www.facebook.com/JimricePeters

Twitter; https://twitter.com/Jimmyohp

TulsaBeacon; http://tulsabeacon.com/many-candidates-announcing-for-tc-sheriffs-race/

This Ain’t Hell Blog; http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=69443 screenshot032-tah










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  2. Claude Davis says:

    Will pray for his soul. Appears you folks will have the rest of him. Semper Fi

  3. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    He was actually UA from the Marine Corps from 730324 to 730628… looks like 94 days instead of the 4 days listed in the block above. Still makes him a turd of epic proportions.

  4. David says:

    The douchebag posted his phone number on his FB page trying to hook up with a girl. Its 918-814-1993

  5. Debbi says:

    I new he was phony. Sorry ass.

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