Report Stolen Valor

If you are reporting someone suspected of making false or embellished claims about their military service, we must have evidence of their claims before we can move forward.  You may send photos, links, and other information about your case to
The more information you provide the greater the probability we can process your case.  We do not post cases if we can not get a response from the official agency responsible for holding military records.  In some cases that response is “No Service”.  A full name, date of birth, dates of service and location of residency are needed to request their official records.
When we are provided with insufficient  information, we make every effort to investigate the case to the best of our ability.
A valid email address and comment are the only required fields.  However, we must emphasize that we can not process a case based on hearsay, information received from people that we cannot adequately substantiate; rumor.  You must provide evidence that we can document about the individual making false claims.

We make no guarantee of service.  You must be patient.  Often we find that the individual in question has perfectly legitimate service.  We expect everyone to be given the benefit of doubt and treated accordingly.  Under no circumstances should any information contained in our response be used in a manner inconsistent with Federal, State, and Local laws.


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