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  1. Douglas “Chipp” Reid – US Marine Corps GySgt Retired, Two Purple Hearts, Blog of Shame


    04/27/2021 by militaryphonies

    BACKGROUND Douglas “Chipp” Reid comes to us from Annapolis, Maryland.  Reid is 56 y/o at the time of this writing …
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  2. Louis D’Allesandro – Veteran, US Marine Corps Retired, USMC Reserve, Red Flag


    03/14/2021 by militaryphonies

    BACKGROUND Louis Clifford D’Allesandro comes to us from Manchester, New Hampshire. D’Allesandro is 82 y/o at the time of this …
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  3. Archie Lee Allen – US Marine Corps, Sergeant of Marines, Vietnam-era, Blog of Shame


    02/03/2020 by militaryphonies

    BACKGROUND Archie Lee Allen comes to us from Burlington, Iowa. Allen died last month in a car wreck and was …
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  4. Paul Edward Redmon Jr – US Marine Corps Recon, Blog of Shame


    12/24/2019 by militaryphonies

    BACKGROUND Paul Edward Redmon Jr comes to us from Dayton, Ohio. Redmon is 59 years old as of October 2019. …
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  5. William Murphy – US Marine Corps Recon Sniper, Gulf War Vet, Twenty-Two Months in Combat, Iraq, Somalia, Blog of Shame


    10/06/2019 by militaryphonies

    BACKGROUND William Alfred Murphy Jr comes to us from Moselle, Mississippi. Murphy is 45 years old as of October 2019. …
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