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03/04/2016 by militaryphonies

Joe Galvan and the now expired FaceBook Group ” Expose a Poser ” were the first to encounter Tony and his fraudulent claims of being a Marine Harrier Pilot.



On his FaceBook about page, he lists such claims as a Marine ( LtCol ) Squadron Leader from August 6, 1987 to December  30, 2003.

He also claims that he is a Marine Aviator who piloted AV-6B Harrier aircraft from June 1983 to December 2003. Claiming to have been assigned to Marine attack fighter Squadron VMA-542. Stationed in Cherry Point North Carolina.



5 After conducting a trace and learning that there is only one person with the name ” Tony Malakouti ” in the US, we submitted a request for Tony Malakouti’s Military Service Record using the Freedom of Information Act. The results  back from the Dept. of the Navy, Headquarters United States Marine Corps, indicate that Tony Malakouti has never served as a member of the United States Marine Corps.   

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Summary :  Tony Malakouti visited an air show near a Marine Base in either South or North Carolina, where he had his photo taken in and around a Harrier aircraft claiming to be a pilot from fighter squadron VMA-542. He has then used this photography on different social media websites trying to romance females under the false pretense that he is a Marine fighter pilot.

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4 thoughts on “Tony Malakouti Retired US Marine Aviator Blog of Shame

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  2. Sarge says:

    what a douchebag

  3. I remember this joker from the Dayton airshow back in 2003/4. I flew in a navy EA6B and he was walking the flight line with a name tag that said his call sign was “Tiger”. He claimed to be a Marine Harrier pilot and was planing on flying in but his plane broke down. We all knew he was full of it.. His name tag, colored mock tee, cover wearing on the flight line, as well as his pristine flight gloves draped in knee pocket of his flight suit, all gave him away. Later, at an airshow participants party hosted by the coordinators, he has the nerve to show up.. (and still wearing flight suit, while anyone military, changed to civilian clothes.) He was immediately jacked up by a couple senior marines from our sister squadron in Cherry Point. He left the party. We had conversations with the coordinators (civilian girls in their 20’s) asking what the deal was when it became clear that they didn’t see a problem with Tony… Apparently the coordinators knew him well from the airshow circuit and they saw no issue with him pretending to be a Marine.. True Story..

    • We’ve busted him numerous times on Facebook, and he treats it like a big joke.Only one person with that name in the whole US of A , so it wasn’t any problem filing for his non existent service. I only wish you real Marines had dis-robed him of that flight suit. ~ Scotty

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