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Albert Seely is no stranger to Stolen Valor. Considering  In December 1970, Seely filed his discharge papers with the Veterans Benefit Administration (VBA) and misrepresented the dates and places of his deployment in Vietnam.  He also falsely listed numerous commendations, including two Purple Hearts, a Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, a Bronze Star, and a Silver Star.  In March 1999, Seely applied for and received VBA disability payments based upon his false claims of combat and valor.  He ultimately fraudulently obtained $174,656 in government benefits.


 In February 2014, the VBA terminated his benefits after his fraud was revealed. He pled guilty to falsifying his military service record. He was sentenced  to six months in prison, three years of supervised release, and ordered to pay $174,000 in restitution to the Veteran’s Administration.  Seely pleaded guilty in December 2014.




Albert Seely also took to Social Media ( Facebook ) where he claims to have been a Retired US Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant who is a Force Reconnaissance Marine . Although we have no screen saves of his Master Gunnery Sgt. claims, We have seen him making these claims ourselves. Otherwise that portion would not be added into this report.


Facebook Account ;

 Results from the National Personal Records Center ( NPRC) under the Freedom of Information Act ( FOIA ) are completely different than what Albert Seely claims. He did serve on active duty in the US Marines from 07/24/1965 to 05/01/1969. He was discharged as a Sergeant ( E-5 ). He did earn the National defense Service Medal, The Vietnam Service Medal, and the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. 


His Chronological record list him as a 3051 General Warehouseman at the beginning of his enlistment. He spent approx. 2 months in this MOS field before he was transferred to the MOS of 1371  Engineer Equipment Mechanic. He spent approx 5 months in this MOS field and then was transferred to the MOS of 1345 Engineer Equipment Operator. He spent approx one year and three months in this MOS field before he was transferred to Marine detachment, NDC, Portsmouth New Hampshire where he became a 8131/51 Guard/Chaser. He spent approx one year and six months at this duty station and MOS field. He transferred to the Inactive Ready Reserve on May 2, 1969 and was discharged completely from the US Marine Corps on April 15, 1971.    




Conclusion ; From the claims that Albert Seely has already been convicted of plus his social media claims. At no time during Albert Seely’s enlistment within the US Marines did Mr Seely hold any MOS’s in the Marine Recon community. He also was never involved in any hostile actions with any foreign  enemy during a time of war.  TAH

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Albert Seely; phony Marine Corps hero


16 thoughts on “Albert Lee Seely Jr. aka Al Seely US Marine Silver Star, Combat wounded Force Recon Blog of Shame

  1. GunnyMack says:


  2. Looks like he spent his time in Vietnam with the Air wing, operating heavy equipment. That would explain his lack of a Combat Action Ribbon. He spent his time well behind the wire. Nothing to be ashamed of. Then he had to go shit all over that.
    No Good conduct medal either. He made Sgt so he must not have screwed the pooch that bad.

  3. Killerb says:

    Just like a bad case of BC street Herpes.. just keeps coming back. Nice bust, hope he goes back to prison.

  4. […] folks at Military Phony send us their work on this fellow, Albert Seely. He was easy to catch, because just last year, he […]

  5. Detroit Mike says:

    How was it so easy for this jerk to lie and get away with it? Don’t they cross check records? It seems like lots of guys wish they could have been force recon. I wonder if they would still feel that way if they lived with the nightmares some of those guys live with still today?

  6. Al Seely says:

    It is strange that the VA accepted his application, if there was no proof to support it. They allowed him to steel the $175,000.

  7. Al Seely says:

    I did not list incorrect Vietnam service dates. I applied for state payment for Vietnam service. I was charged and pled guilty to theft, not falsifying military records. I never should have been accepted for disability in the first place. If they were unable to confirm my claims, they should have denied it. I was on the disability for 15 years, before I asked for an increase. That is when they denied it and removed all coverage and charged me for theft.

    • Al Seely, do you expect us to believe anything that you say?
      The bottom line is that you lied and stole from the Veterans Administration. There was plenty of proof to indict and convict you of these crimes.
      Your embellishments didn’t just stop there as you took to social media telling more lies. I saw this myself.
      Don’t blame the VA for not catching it. No one is at fault except YOU !
      You earned the title of Marine. It’s time for you to start acting like one. Man up, apologize for your actions and move on.


      • Al Seely says:

        I have apologized to all that I effected. The changes on my DD 214 were made to baffle a particular person. The submission to the VBA in 1970 had no changes made on it. I told them when and where I was in Vietnam. I pled guilty to theft, and I am making restitution payments, and on time. My probation is for 2 years not 3. The acceptance of my application for VA disability was a mistake, but, it should have been denied when applied. They left me under coverage for nearly 15 years. I did not know the man who submitted me for disability, used my phony 214, instead of the actual one. It was not until I applied for an increase that I was made aware of it. You can think all you want of me, mostly, which is accurate, but, there is more to this story then you know. I am sorry for any cost or shame I put on anyone. I am not proud of myself for being the BS artist that I am.

  8. Al Seely says:

    That article you have posted from the Globe Newspaper, is not accurate. They are posting what they think I did, not what I did. The Newspaper was not in the court when I pled guilty of theft. The investigator from the VA, said himself, that te apply to the state was not phony. Only the apply to the VA was forged.

    • Since you’ve been caught in so many lie’s, the only way you will convince anyone is to send us a copy of the court docket.
      As for apologies, you need to apologize to the ones that you affected the most. The Veteran community, all we are seeing right now are excuses. no explanations or a apologies.


      • Al Seely says:

        I have no mailing address of your’s. I will make a copy of the court decision and mail it to you,if you give me your mailing address. I do not know how to send it on line.
        I have been doing nothing but apologizing to everyone, including the VA. I have been accepted for health care again by them. I am paying my restitutions every month, and on time. I will probably not live long enough to pay it all back, but, I do feel committed to make the effort set and agreed to by my probation officer.

      • Accepted for health care from the VA again?
        Not going to live long enough to pay back what you stole?

        You can go to your nearest library and ask for assistance. Our e-mail is

      • Miss X says:

        Al Seely has been coming to the VFW Post in Somerville, MA. As of 3 March 2017, he was telling everyone that he’s a retired Master Guns with 26 years in service, a bronze star and silver star recipient – with a silver star also having been upgraded to a Navy Cross. He wears a Marine Recon ball cap with a Sergeant chevron pin attached. He also informed the members present this past Saturday that he was 5 purple hearts. He was awarded his last purple heart after being shot twice, bayoneted twice, and fragged all in one night during Gulf I. That, according to him, was the impetus for the Marine Corps to finally retire him (medically). When asked by one member, another Marine in fact, about the discrepancy between his claim that he’s a retired Master Guns and his display of a Sergeant’s chevron on his cap, he changed the subject. Mr. Seely is not contrite. He is continuing to spread the mischaracterizations about the time, type, and nature of his service even now.

  9. Miss X we would advise you to direct the VFW commander to this site, and the others linked here so they can see for themselves about Seely.

    • Miss X says:

      I have done so. It would be one thing if he were coming in and characterizing his service correctly (he is otherwise eligible for membership under his original and actual DD 214 as posted here) but because he elected to continue lying about his service, it’s being addressed by the post officers. Many members are now aware as well.

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