Keith Mitchell, US Marine Combat Engineer, Blog of Shame


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FaceBook Account ;

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Keith Mitchell has made numerous claims on social media ( facebook ) that he was a 1371 ( Marine MOS Combat Engineer ) stationed with 1st Engineers at Camp Lejeune North Carolina from the years of 2005 to 2010. He also claims that he did one deployment to Afghanistan and two deployments to Iraq.




Sam Morgan, aka Samantha Mitchell who also has ( gunnys wife ) posted on her facebook profile


Above is a statement made by Keith Mitchell’s finance Samantha Morgan aka Sam morgan aka Samatha Mitchell after the posting of Keith Mitchell’s Blog of Shame 


Reply from the Department of Defense Manpower Data Center 

img023Reply from Headquarters Marine Corps shows that there is no Keith Mitchell as ever serving in the United States Marine Corps.


 Summary and Conclusion;

Considering that Keith Mitchell is claiming 1st Engineers from Camp Lejeune North Carolina. Which that Marine unit is actually called the 1st Combat Engineer Battalion ( 1st CEB ). They were redesigned from the 1st Engineers to 1st Combat Engineers shortly after their return to Camp Pendleton California on 31 March, 1976.

This vital mistake in Keith Mitchell’s claims proves that he knows little about  Marine Corps history or where units are actually located.

Furthermore with both the Dept of Defense and Headquarters Marine Corps not having records, it appears that Keith Mitchell never served in the United States Marine Corps.


13 thoughts on “Keith Mitchell, US Marine Combat Engineer, Blog of Shame

  1. Samantha Morgan says:

    I am the fiance of Keith Mitchell. I honestly had no idea about him not being in the military. I have heard from family and friends that he was and i believed it. I am really and truly sorry for this. I honestly did not know. I will go remove anything that says anything about being with a military man. I myself support the military and i am really livid that i have been lied to. Im so sorry

  2. KillerB says:

    Dumbass. That fucking picture of his makes we wanna throw darts. What you trying to kid? Squeeze a loaf?

  3. Zippo says:

    Samantha..if you were really sorry you’d dump his worthless scumbag fucking ass…your in for a long row to hoe if you dont…

    • Samantha says:

      Oh I did trust me. He’s scum of the earth! I can do much better than him. Actually my life is better without that piece of shit. I hope someone just straight dogs his ass!

  4. Mottola USMC ( retired ) L/Cpl of Marines and Combat Engineer says:

    WHT if you are truly sorry for what your shit stain husband has done then why in hell do you still have shit on your Facebook account that says you’re man is a Marine. He’s no fucking combat engineer and he’s no fucking Marine. You stated you would remove all references to this from your account. Samantha I don’t blame you but his shame is upon you so please get that shit off your profile all together.

    • Samantha says:

      Don’t insult me. I wouldn’t marry that piece of shit with a gun to my head. I took out the trash and I’m doing better. I appreciate actually hearing the truth instead of believing that p.o.s.

  5. Skippy says:

    TURD !!!!!!!!

  6. Sandra Lea says:

    Sam Kick this piece of shit to the curb honey!

  7. […] folks at Military Phony sent us their work on this Keith Mitchell fellow who has been making claims that he was a Marine […]

  8. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    Just another chickenshit phony trying to pose as a Marine. That shit won’t fly. If you did not earn the EGA you can’t claim the title. Take your cheap lies somewhere else.

  9. Denise Selig says:

    This peice of work also has an almost three year old daughter he does not provide for. He has lied to our family sooooo many times. He also can’t have a fiance because we’ll he is still married to my sister. His most recent was that he was brain dead in spartanburg regional. I really honestly wish this low life had never crossed my path. I apologize to anyone who actually serves the military.

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