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Let us first say what we are NOT.  We do not condone senseless acts by individuals that assault, threaten, or intimidate anyone suspected of Stolen Valor.  Making unfounded accusations about a Veteran is unacceptable.  We will actively seek to identify any individual responsible for such criminal behavior and provide that information to the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency.

This site exists to deter those very actions.  We provide a service by which suspected cases of Stolen Valor and other acts of misconduct unbecoming honorable military service may be reported, investigated, and made public.

Through all legal means available to us, we will thoroughly investigate each case.  More often than people realize, we confirm the legitimate service of Veterans. There will always be cases that we struggle with before deciding they merit being published. In such cases opinions vary, we make every reasonable effort to provide the information we have amassed and let our readers come to their own conclusions.  There will obviously be those who take exception to us posting a case.  They are welcome to their opinion.

Over the years, our experience has revealed some helpful information.  Individuals guilty of Stolen Valor have often been living the lie for years.  Friends and family are convinced their claims of military service are true.  Friends and family often rush to their defense.  Not only do we expect it, their denial is understandable.  Most will eventually realize that the information we have provided is accurate and undeniable.

No individual who served in the military has Service Records that are ‘Secret’ and unavailable.  This claim is common for Stolen Valor thieves.  Any individual who makes such a claim is hiding something, probably their actual service or lack thereof.

Our investigators are Marines, SEALS, Army Special Forces, Records Specialists, and other confirmed honorable Veterans.  Many of us have years of law enforcement experience.  Making false or embellished claims to those of us that actually served is unacceptable.  Trying to stick to the lies is just absurd.

Our experience has also shown that Stolen Valor is often the Tip of the Iceberg.  We have uncovered countless cases of criminal activity associated with individuals we expose. They often go through the lives of people around them like a tornado, leaving in their wake a trail of emotional, physical and financial destruction.

On occasion, we run across an individual that admits their transgressions, they make amends and go about the business of restoring their honor.  We also have those who are exposed, lay low for a while, modify their story, and resurface again.  Sadly, this is more common than most people realize.

Stolen Valor and associated activity has become epidemic.  These people prey not only on the honorable service of all who have served, but also on the families of those who served.  We will not sit silent or cower to their threats and intimidation.

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