Wilfred Henry Belanger AKA Butch Belanger -Legit RECON Marine, Fake Navy SEAL, Fake Naval Officer? Say it ain’t so…


05/23/2017 by hombrerana1221

Wilfred Henry Belanger AKA Butch Belanger comes to us from Colonia, NJ.  Military Phonies became aware of Butch through numerous newspaper articles listing him as a US Navy SEAL Team Commander and CO of SEAL Team Six.

One of Butch’s claims is that he retired from the Navy as a Captain (O-6).


Within Butch’s Facebook profile it lists him as a Former Navy Officer and there are numerous pictures of him wearing a US Navy SEAL hat.


From reading the articles it listed Butch as an Employee for the US Postal Service and was named as a Postmaster.  It also lists him as serving the US Navy for 21 years and as a SEAL Team Commander for SEAL TEAM 6.





NICE TRIDENT, Seriously?  Wearing it on a suit at work…  (3rd an 4th picture below)






After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Wilfred Henry Belanger ever being or training to become a Navy SEAL.

Wilfred Henry Belanger’s records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.



We found it hard to believe that a United States Marine, a Legit RECON Marine, a Legit RECON Marine that completed Jump School and the Ranger Course, a Marine that became a Platoon Sergeant of born again hard super Marines would claim to be some kind of Sailor.  How could that be?  Certainly we must have missed something. 

Since the records above confirm Belanger to be a Marine, we thought there was a possibility that he later went into the Navy after being enlisted in the Marines.  So, we orders up his records from the United States Navy to see if he decided to swing that way.

No service in the US Navy.


Just about the time we think that we have seen it all…there is always so much more. We have no explanation for why a legit RECON Marine would piss all over his EGA and claim he was in the Navy.  If becoming a United States Marine,  a legit RECON Marine, completing the Army Rangers Course,  and serving as a Platoon Sergeant to the best of the best is not enough to be proud of…someone tell us what would be.   

In conclusion,  Wilfred Belanger’s military records show that he never attended or completed BUD/S and that he was never a Navy SEAL and/or UDT.  Butch did serve in the USMC from June 24, 1969 until April 28, 1978 and was discharged as a Sergeant.  Butch was not a Naval Officer.  Apparently he wasn’t proud that he served in the Marine Corps, he should have been proud enough with his service as it was, now he will always be remembered as a fake.  We wonder if the USPS knows of his lies?  More importantly, did any misrepresentation on his part play a role in his advancement through the US Postal Service?  Veteran’s preference as an officer?  The influence of him claiming to be a Navy SEAL?

He has disgraced himself and everything earning an Eagle Globe and Anchor stands for.  



10 thoughts on “Wilfred Henry Belanger AKA Butch Belanger -Legit RECON Marine, Fake Navy SEAL, Fake Naval Officer? Say it ain’t so…

  1. Marc Mulkey says:

    Is it possible (I’m stretching here in the hopes that this guy hasn’t been lying all this time) that between his discharge in 1978 and the records being kept since 1998 (or am I reading that wrong) that he might have gone through the process of becoming a SEAL?

    “This command maintains OMPF records for individuals who served in the US Navy from approximately 1998 to present.”

    Has anyone checked the records prior to 1998?

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      The UDT/SEAL archives, the NSW Center and the UDT/SEAL database was searched for his name, there is no record of Wilfred Henry Belanger ever completing BUD/S. These records started from WWII.

      • Marc Mulkey says:

        Thank you for your response. All I saw in the OP was that part about the records being from ’98 to the present.

    • We confirmed with the Navy, the school all SEALS must attend and the SEAL database that he was never a Navy SEAL. We additionally checked with private groups within the Navy SEAL community for anyone that might have known him. He is not and never has been a Navy SEAL.

      • Marc Mulkey says:

        Thank you for your response. All I saw in the OP was that part about the records being from ’98 to the present.

      • I am not really sure if I answered your question or not. The FOIA request covers all years that he could have served. If he had service prior to 98 it would have been included. Hope that helps.

      • Marc Mulkey says:

        Thank you, sir. Yes, that helps explain it.

  2. Bill Shrum says:

    Another one that took a perfectly honorable service record and shit all over it! Now you are just a sorry poser asshole!!

  3. Todd Davis says:

    As I guy who drove truck in support of SF units in the early days of Iraq. Yes they even gave me a ballcap! I was kinda hoping some poor sap would want to pose as an 88M or a cook or even a laundry and bath specialist but nooooo. They gotta go for the “sexy ” mos. I know it’s wrong to steal valor. But I’m just sayin. Spread the love to the support folks. Lol

  4. Tim says:

    UNREAL! This guy has a stellar RECON record! Who does stupid stupid stupid shit like that??? SMMFH….

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