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  1. Mike Kavanagh, Fake SEAL, EOD, Vietnam Vet


    12/11/2017 by tangomike147

    Mike came to us by way of a popular military page on Facebook. He made a claim that most took …
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  2. Kelly Martin Silveria – Fake Navy SEAL, Fake Wounded in Action (Purple Heart)


    12/08/2017 by hombrerana1221

    Kelly Martin Silveria comes to us from Terrebonne, Oregon.  Kelly claims the “First Vietnam, Navy Seal” and “Wounded in Action” on …
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  3. Richard Copeland Fisher III – Fake SEAL trainer (Possible Scam)


    11/29/2017 by hombrerana1221

    Richard Copeland Fisher III comes to us from Petersburg, VA.  Richard never claims to be a SEAL but has set …
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  4. Robert Rudole Scheurer – Fake SEAL


    11/27/2017 by hombrerana1221

    Robert Rudole Scheurer comes to us from Marshalls Creek, PA.  Military Phonies became aware of Robert via his comments on numerous …
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  5. Sean Colin Meagher – Fake Navy SEAL


    11/24/2017 by hombrerana1221

    Sean Colin Meagher hails from Alhambra, CA.  Sean is an actor and a salesman for Herblife24.  There is a video …
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  6. Frederick John Ferguson – Fake Navy SEAL


    11/16/2017 by hombrerana1221

    Frederick John Ferguson comes to us from Clearwater Beach, FL.  Military Phonies was alerted about Fred’s claims of being a …
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  7. George Fredrick Lane – Fake Force Recon


    11/15/2017 by hombrerana1221

    George Fredrick Lane from San Diego was initially reported to Military Phonies (MP) because George, in his portfolio picture, wears …
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