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05/19/2017 by Military Phony

The Dog and Phony show.

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Jacob Andrew Bush and Deborah Ruth Fideldy-Bush claim that it was just a matter of time until fate brought them together.

They married and formed a business called Argos K9 which trains and provides service dogs to those in need, with an emphasis on veterans and PTS.

The official website for their business claims that Jacob “worked as a K9 handler in the Marines for 10 years.”

Deborah claimed that her “years in the military gave her a passion for helping veterans suffering from the effects of PTS, TBI, and other combat wounds.”  It is difficult to challenge the origin of someone’s passion or motivation so we can accept this statement on faith.  However, what appears odd is that she is using her uniform complete with official markings to promote her private business.  They do claim it is non-profit, but I don’t think that circumvents a rule violation.

As you can see in both photos above, there is a strong association with the military with both Jacob and Deb. This appears to be intentional since they could have selected a number of images to use as promotional materials.

After all, they did so when they put together a marketing video for their business.


Here is the promotional video for their business.

Besides the emphasis on their expertise at training PTS service dogs, at the one minute time mark, there was an image displayed of, who we would presume to be, Jacob when Deb states that “Not only has Jacob served as a K9 Handler in the Marines for ten years…”

The uniform is clearly from the US Army vs. US Marines and they are the recent BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform) that the Army has adopted.  The photo is very moving and captures the bond between the dog and its handler.  Are there no images that would have existed of Jacob with his dog?

This image used in the video is of SSG John Mariana, a military working dog handler, and his K-9, Bronco. They are both assigned to the 148th Military Police Detachment, 759th Military Police Battalion, from Fort Carson, Colorado. You can see the original image at:

SOURCE: https://www.dvidshub.net/image/540345/bronco-and-mariana-mwd-team-carries-bond-respect-friendship

Looking closer at the image…

The nametag clearly starts with “MAR—” vs. “BUS-” so combined with the fact that it is a modern day Army uniform it does not appear to be Jacob Bush back in his Marine Corps days as a K9 Handler.

At the 3:58 mark in the video, a man talks about the bonding that he had with Jacob being that they were both Marines.  The man spoke of his struggles with “PTS, TBI and other invisible wounds” and how Jacob and his program helped him.  There was a connection there being that they were both Marines.  While this story was being told, Marine Corps related imagery played in the background.

The Argos K9 business caters to veterans, as evidenced by the strong imagery associated with the marketing materials.

bush-veteran owned

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Also, Jacob frequently wears Marine Corps bling, often in promotional photos.

It goes beyond marketing materials since Jacob has associated himself with the Marine Corps at trade shows promoting his business.

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For her part, there is nothing odd about Deb’s uniform, and it appears to be her in the photo.  That may be the problem since it is a violation to use an official uniform with insignia and markings to promote a private business, let alone her private business.

You can clearly see the Airborne tab as well as her nametag starting with “FID—“.

I’m sure many rules have been violated, but we’ll at least provide two here:

DoDI 5410.20, Section 3.2 d. DoD VI on Non-Federal Entity (NFE) Internet-based Capabilities.
(1) Service members must comply with DoD 5500.07-R, DoDI 8550.01, and DoDI 1334.01 prior to permitting NFEs to use their image in uniform. Both active duty Military Service members and former members are prohibited from wearing their uniform in connection with commercial interests when an inference of official sponsorship for the activity or interest could be drawn.

DoDD 1344.10, February 19, 2008 Depict or allow the depiction of themselves in uniform in a manner that does not accurately reflect their actual performance of duty. For the purpose of this policy, “photographs” include video images, drawings, and all other similar formats of representational media.

For comparison, here she is in her dress uniform which was not displayed on her business website.  Unit patches are authentic.

. . . . . 


Woody Williams, the sole surviving Medal of Honor recipient from the Battle of Iwo Jima, signed a cigar box that was auctioned off for money that went to Argos K9.  Also, he signed a USMC ball cap for Argos K9.

Makes one wonder if Mr. Williams’ participation was influenced by Jacob’s claim of being in the Marine Corps?

Official military records were requested through the Freedom of Information Act for both Jacob Bush and Deborah Fideldy-Bush.

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Working from the accepted premise that Jacob Andrew Bush was in the USMC for 10 years as he claimed, he was born in 1972 so the earliest he could have reported for active duty would have been at 17 years old in 1989.  Ten years later would have been 1999 so that would mean that his records would be held by Headquarters United States Marine Corps.  Any service entry date later than 1989 would also have his records held at HQ-USMC.  In any case, National Personnel Records Center confirmed this by referring to Headquarters, United States Marine Corps.  All came back with a ‘NO RECORD’ response.



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We also systematically searched each possible year between 1985 through 2017 in the DoD Manpower database and there was no active duty military service results, let alone the claimed USMC service.  Here’s a sample search for 1994 which would have displayed service during a likely 10 year period if he went in after high school.  As mentioned, he could have served years after high school but no active duty was displayed between 1985-2017.

. . . . .


. . . . .


Jacob-NPRC ResultsNPRC FOIA Jacob-HQ USMC Results Jacob-DoDMDC Resultsdod-mdc
Deb-NPRC ResultsNPRC FOIA Deb-DoDMDC Resultsdod-mdc

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Jacob Andrew Bush has served quite a bit of time in prison.  It appears that Jacob spent time incarcerated in both Minnesota and Colorado.

In Minnesota, Jacob was convicted of Arson back in 2001…

He was convicted of a felony in 2002 for Receiving Stolen Property (RSP)…

Transfer in 2003 which shows incarceration…

Sentenced in 2009 (Colorado)…

Incarceration in Colorado with details of sentence and parole…

Another mugshot from 2002…


Here are more detailed files of his criminal charges and convictions…

Let’s revisit the felony conviction.  This is important because this usually precludes a person from possessing a firearm, let alone stealing one… but steal one he did.  I guess that was easier than dealing with the discomfort of a background check at the gun store.





This was in 2002, but the photo used in the marketing video above promoting the training of sporting dogs is clearly more present day.

That appears to be Jacob Bush, a convicted felon, holding what appears to be a firearm.  We were going to blur out the dog’s face, clearly an innocent party.

We suspect that a big part of training hunting/sporting dogs is to get them to not react to a gunshot. Was Jacob firing a weapon or using a tape recorded sound?  How did he get around all that, if he did get around it?

On a marketing video for Argos K9, no less. *sigh*

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There are a lot of issues surrounding Jacob’s involvement in this business.  There are clearly deceptive business practices.  The responses to FOIA requests support the notion that he never served in the military at all.

How will the man in the video that bonded with Jacob due to them both being Marines, feel about his experiences now should he learn that Jacob was not in the Marines?  If his condition is fragile to begin with in terms of trust, wouldn’t this be very damaging?  Fundamentally, this is the problem with misrepresentation.

Based on Jacob’s tendency to wear Marine Corps bling and talk about his military experience with K9’s, the military connection to their business is vital to its existence.

Then, what’s up with him and the firearm?  The authorities may want to take a keen interest in that.

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It was pertinent to bring Deb’s record into this because Jacob did not have any time in the USMC as claimed.  Maybe she knew and maybe she didn’t – more about that in a minute.

Although it’s impossible to determine where she got her passion for helping with veteran Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), her military service certainly was pertinent.  She was a Chaplain’s Assistant (enlisted) and a Civil Affairs Officer (officer).  PTS cases are typically handled by health care professionals, namely mental health or wellness trained staff.  Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) would also fall under health care professionals. She certainly may have seen combat or service-related PTS and TBI, but she was most likely not charged with working with it as part of her duties.  We always could be wrong about that, however.

Looking at her military records, there does not appear to be any job responsibility or training that would provide Deb Bush direct experience with helping with PTS or TBI.  She was deployed overseas, so it is certainly possible she saw PTS effects and/or TBI with friends or others.  Although she did not claim experience, only “passion”, it makes one wonder how she came across instances of these conditions to spark her passion.

If the experience of working with PTS or TBI did not come from Deb’s military career, then that shifts it all over to Jacob, who ironically does not appear to have any military experience at all.

Perhaps they got some kind of professional training in civilian life?  If that’s the case, it seems like they would promote these qualifications through their marketing materials.  There is nothing about civilian qualified training, so it shifts the focus back to their experience in the military.  Jacob has no military experience, so it all seems to put the focus on Deb and her years in the military which provided her passion.

The BIG question with Deb is how much does she know about Jacob’s past?  Does she know he was not in the Marine Corps?  She must have known the photo of the Army K9 Handler was not Jacob, so did she willingly participate in false claims about their service dog business?

It is a given that she should know better than to use her Army uniform to promote a private business.


There is no truer statement than when Deb said that it was just a matter of time until fate brought her and Jacob together.

It does seem that were meant for each other.

There appears to be a lot of leverage to promote military experience with the Bush’s service dog business.  There was also some fundraising that involved a Medal of Honor recipient.  Was the Medal of Honor recipient unfairly influenced to help their business by Jacob’s claim that he spent 10 years in the Marine Corps as a K9 handler?

People looking for a service dog should be aware of what they are getting — or what they’re not getting — when they deal with Jacob and Deborah Bush.

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Most photos already included above.

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FACEBOOK (JACOB): https://www.facebook.com/jacob.bush.967

FACEBOOK (DEB):  https://www.facebook.com/deborah.fideldy


ARGOS K9 (WEBSITE): http://argosk9.org/

ARGOS K9 (FACEBOOK): https://www.facebook.com/argosunlimitedk9/

ARGOS K9 FUNDRAISER: https://www.dograffle.com/

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09MRDZ8e-Gs&t=187s

BUSINESS LISTING: http://bnimn.com/memberdetails.php?memberId=1687480&t=dd4bf7f234f671e2dc2d3e6c22109f999feddfc26204dde7452528869528ce88&name=Jacob%20Bush

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  1. […] partners at Military Phonies share with us their work on this married couple, Jacob and Deborah Bush, the owners of Argos K9 […]

  2. Michael Hanrahan says:

    That really pisses me off. I have Parkinson’s disease and whether it was service related or not, I will never know. These two **** (add appropriate words here.) Worse than this guy being a fake is an actual veteran helped a known Felon cheat people with actual disabilities for financial gain, let alone associating with this scumbag.

  3. Marc says:

    their facebook site page has changed https://www.facebook.com/ArgosK9/

  4. Rudy says:

    I got a dog from Jacob and he ripped me off! and the people who donated to my cause! When I asked him to help me he refused and he blocked me in every way. I wish I would have known because a lot of work went into raising that money. Over $10,000! I wish I could get it back from that scum bag!

  5. Gia K. says:

    This guy is such a fraud. We paid him 12k to train our dog Jax for our autistic son. The dog came back to us extremely nervous and would not associate with our son. He and I engaged in a two year long affair and his wife was aware. Through our affair I learned about how much of a fraud he was. He disclosed to me that he in deed was not part of the service. Don’t trust these two. They are both full of shit.

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