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According to Anthony Gordon from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania he was perhaps one of the busiest Marines ever to serve his country from the Mekong Delta in South Vietnam  to the Ho Chi Minh trail in neighboring Kingdoms of Laos and Cambodia at the end of the Vietnam War.

Mr Gordon claims to have arrived in country on February 5,1975 and departed on May 5, 1975. During that time frame, Mr Gordon claims to have been actively involved in four battles. He also claims to have guarded Bob Hope. Also according to Mr Anthony Gordon, He was one of the last Marines on the roof of the Embassy during the Fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975. The Marine Unit that he claims to have been assigned to was the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit/Force (MEU)   

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When Mr Gordon was questioned about what Marine unit that he was assigned to while deployed to Vietnam, He gave the following reply “ 22nd Marine Expeditionary Froce, 3rd Marine Division 1975.”  This tossed up a red flag on his claim as the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit  was not activated until December 1, 1982. It is and has always been assigned to the 2nd Marine Division, The division is based at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and headquartered at Julian C. Smith Hall.


His official records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The summary sheet and chronological record show that Mr Anthony Tyrone Gordon entered Marine Boot Camp in July of 1973. He was released from active duty on November 9,1973 and assigned to a Marine Reserve unit stationed in Willow Grove Pennsylvania as a 3371 Cook. Mr Gordon held that MOS until August 7. 1976. at which time Mr Gordon was  re-assigned with the Marine MOS of 3531 Motor Vechicle Operator. He served as a 3531 until his discharge on Aug. 5, 1985.

Summary and conclusion ; 

The difference between what Mr. Anthony Gordon claims and what is on his service record released from the National Personal Records Center under the Freedom of Information Act are entirely different. The only active duty that Mr Gordon received was for Boot Camp and training. Mr Gordon never deployed to Vietnam or any other country outside the United States. We can confirm that Mr. Anthony Gordon at no time saw combat during the Vietnam War, or any other war that the United States of America has been involved in. 

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7 thoughts on “Anthony Gordon Phony Vietnam Veteran, Blog of Shame

  1. ANTHONY! What a total embarrassment to your fellow Marines and each and everyone else that has served in the armed forces of the United States of America, you piece of s***!

    • EDDIE says:

      this piece of shit should be in jail, he is an embarrassment to his self

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  3. Norman McGill, SP-5, 148th Avn. Bn., Georgia National Guard says:

    Well Anthony it seems as though your service record doesn’t quite jibe with your story. Too bad, as a Marine is a Marine no matter where he serves or what he does during that service. It would be good for your Honor and Valor if you just fessed up and told the truth.Ease your conscience so to speak.
    However any derogatory remark about being a cook is not in good taste no matter who makes it. In my reserve unit we had a full compliment of aircraft mechanics and related personnel to the tune of 200 men. I was a helicopter mechanic (675,10) but we only had two choppers so there wasn’t a lot to do when we were at the armory. Consequently I volunteered for KP just to have something to do and be warm in the winter.
    That eventually led to a position with the mess crew which I was very happy to have and spent almost my entire enlistment in that capacity. It was great preparing meals for our guys and the officers hung around the kitchen a lot so we got a lot of the latest poop on what the unit was up to. Got to ride several aircraft with the pilots that had to get their time in and that was the greatest. Those who think that cooks are not suited for other, more important positions in the service are vastly mistaken. You try and tell 200 men why there is no lunch today and see how far you get.
    Anyway It was one of the most satisfying things I have ever done in my life and I’d do it again in a second. It was great when a trooper that you didn’t even know came to you and said that the chicken or the ham or the roast beef was really good today. That would make my day a good one.
    So Anthony maybe your still cooking to this day. If so then good for you.If not then it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you be true to the Corps and true to yourself. Start telling the story the way it happened and you’ll be way better off. Good luck Marine.

  4. fallujahff says:

    Nothing wrong with being a cook. They kept us fed and there was nothing like a hot meal while deployed or in the field. So sad.

  5. Donald Hall says:

    One of my additional duties was Mess Officer. I made it abundantly clear my Mess Segeant and cooks that they had one of the most important jobs in the Army. Our troops had but 2 things to look forward to when they got back from the field… Their mail, and the food…we can’t do a damn thing about the mail, but you sure as hell better have the best food possible for them.

  6. John Robertson says:

    WTF, I know it takes all kinds but what a POS, KARMA will get ya, make book on it. Beast 67-69

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