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09/22/2020 by militaryphonies

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Daniel Austin Greenwell comes to us from New Harmony, Indiana.  Greenwell is 32 years old at the time of this writing – July 2020.  Some resources list his middle initial as a “D” but in most cases, it is listed as “A.”

Daniel Greenwell – Facebook

Before we introduce claims, we thought it was important to show photos of Greenwell so you get a mental snapshot.  This will be significant in a moment.

Daniel Greenwell – Facebook

As you can see, Greenwell has a Navy SEAL Trident displayed on his uniform in the middle photograph on the bottom row.

It also appears on the website for a church, presumably his church, which honors military members past and present.

First United Methodist Church – Military Veterans Past & Present

SOURCE: http://firstumcmv.com/fumc__military_veterans__past__present

In the following Facebook post, Greenwell claims he is stationed in Coronado, which is well-known as the base that Navy SEALs train and are based out of.

Daniel Greenwell – Facebook

In one of Greenwell’s Facebook profiles, he claims he was in the Navy from 2010 to present, but since it is an old account “present” can mean a few years back.

Daniel Greenwell – Facebook

SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/daniel.greenwell1

Although his LinkedIn profile is no longer available, here are a few screenshots from it.

Daniel Greenwell – LinkedIn

Greenwell has authored a book titled “Monsters” and in his biography, he lists many claims.  However, the photo does not appear to be him – even when compared with the above younger photos of him in the Navy.

Daniel Greenwell – Smashwords Biography

SOURCE: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Dagreenwell

The claims in the biography range from:

    • Greenwell is a combat veteran
    • Served in “many different conflicts from Afghanistan to Iraq to other places he can never tell you about, he has been around the block”
    • Greenwell was a Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman serving with First Marine Reconnaissance to being at MARSOC as a “Raider”
    • Awarded a Bronze Star and Purple Heart in 2015 for actions he took during the “Second Battle of Sangin” in 2014

You can buy the book to see if there are any more claims inside, but it has a price tag of $999.99.  Apparently it is advertised as a work of fiction with the main character named Michael Daniels. 

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After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of “Daniel Austin Greenwell” or any other variation of his name ever completing BUD/S Training or assigned to any SEAL teams during the time he was in the Navy.

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Daniel Greenwell’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

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Dept of the Navy FOIA Results – Daniel Greenwell – DD-214

Dept of the Navy FOIA Results – Daniel Greenwell – Assignments

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DoD Manpower Data Center – Daniel A. Greenwell

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Upon closer inspection, it appears that the photo in Greenwell’s biography on Smashword’s appear to be of a legitimate Navy Hospital Corpsman Silver Star recipient:


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There is no record of Daniel Greenwell attending BUD/S-SEAL training and no record of him serving with a SEAL Team.

Greenwell’s official military records do not show that he was awarded a Combat Action Ribbon, or a Purple Heart, or a Bronze Star Medal.

There is no sea duty listed on his DD-214, nor is there a Sea Service Deployment Ribbon.  These awards would be present if he deployed to a war zone overseas.  In addition, Greenwell has a GWOT Service Medal vs. a GWOT Expeditionary Medal.  The former (Service Medal) if he was on active duty during the Global War on Terror and the latter (Expeditionary Medal) if he was deployed while on duty during the Global War on Terror.  This underscores the fact that he was not deployed.

Not sure what to make of his claims of being on active duty starting in 2010, it could represent a delayed entry claim.

If Greenwell has used these claims to gain anything of value – especially the combat and Purple Heart claims – to gain anything of value, he may be in violation of the Stolen Valor Act.  State laws may also apply – Indiana has its own law on Stolen Valor.

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Daniel Greenwell – Facebook


Daniel Greenwell – Facebook

Daniel Greenwell – Facebook

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FACEBOOK#1: https://www.facebook.com/danny.greenwell.73  (OLD)

FACEBOOK#2: https://www.facebook.com/daniel.greenwell1  (OLDER)

LINKEDIN:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-greenwell-749451181/  (DELETED)


This Ain’t Hell: https://valorguardians.com/blog/?p=105357

19 thoughts on “Daniel Greenwell – U.S. Navy SEAL, MARSOC Combat Corpsman, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Blog of Shame

  1. Skippy says:


  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    Please allow me to be the FIRST to welcome you to your upcoming Google Fame, Daniel Greenwell. The troops of TAH will look forward to making acquaintance with your lying embellishing self. Not sure what looks more teh stoopid, the turned around hat or the goofus grin.

    Coulda, shoulda, woulda, had oughta been proud of what you had done. But NOOOOOOOO, had to go and take a big ol’ steaming dump upon it. For your sake, hope you don’t run into a REAL DEAL SEAL. You may have to self medicate. And self bandage!!! ESAD mofo

  3. David Rhone says:

    Lying ahole. Make him famous

  4. Mary Jane Warde writing about war and wolves his comment was eerily close to hers. Some men have known pigs but this ass hat is a real hog. Claiming decorations such as the Purple Heart and a Bronze Star disgusts me to the hilt. What a coward to try and lay claim as to being a hero when in fact he is just plain gutless. Jail would teach this scum bag nothing. However tiring him to a miners car with no food,water or light and sending him to the bowels of an empty abandoned coal mine for a few days may scare this prick to death.

  5. […] folks at Military Phony sent us their work on Daniel Austin Greenwell.  Greenwell is from New Harmony, Indiana and is 32 […]

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    Danny, Danny, Danny…. you JACKASS!

    Where do you get off putting a price of nearly $1,000 on any book? Is that because YOU wrote it? The only time anyone will pay that kind of cash for a book of any kind is when it’s a first edition by someone like Dickens or Dumas, and you are neither of those guys.

    Big mistake. Big huge mistake, made worse by fabricating what you did on AD, when you were either ashore or assigned to a hospital ship, you dipstick!

    I suggest that you drop the price, put your book up on Amazon, and stop your effing lying about your not-so-brilliant career, because you’ve already tarnished everything else about you.

    What an IDIOT!!!!!

    • I have seen this price before on other books. It is usually for a book out of print or in this case, not in print. In other words, it is not worth it to do a mass production based on predicted sales or non-sales. They will do a “one off” but you pay through the nose for it. Just my speculation.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Most likely quite accurate, too. Sets up a real problem when no one can read a few pages of it as a preview, too. That does explain a lot.

  7. Mark L says:

    And once again we see a man who did honorable service, only to take a shit on it, and wipe his ass with his DD214.
    You are not awarded the NAM for being lousy at your job. And this guy’s job was not an easy job to do; it takes dedication and brains, as well as care for others.
    I just don’t understand why they have this need to make themselves into “cold blooded warrior, killers”; when being non-warrior, paper pushers is just as important in the military, if for no other reason than that “warrior killer” gets his paycheck on time.

  8. Why doesnt he just tell the truth? It looked like he went into the reserves after he couldnt get promoted. It doesnt work out. Not everyone is a hero. Why not just tell people the truth? Im not a hero. I did drug ops and I made e5. I did all sorts of interesting things but Im no hero

  9. HMC(FMF)Ret_87-10 says:


    – joined the USN with the advanced rank of E3; likely due to prior college credits or JROTC

    – joined the USN for a period of 5 years; Hospital Corpsman is a 5 yr. obligation for guaranteed school.

    – left active duty USN at exactly 5 years and at the same rank; was never promoted or demoted as evidenced by the DOR being the same as PEBD.

    – duty stations reflect 1) Recruit Trng. 2) Corps School 3) Field Med School 4) NAVMEDCEN San Diego* 5) Fisher Branch Clinic Great Lakes 6) Released to USNR for Inactive Obli-Serve.

    *NMCSD orders of 06/28/2013 had a secondary, augmentation billet to the USNS Mercy which was modified on 08/13/2013; less than 60 days from reporting.


    Photos vs. DD-214
    HM1 (E-6) HN (E-3)
    SEAL -0-
    Scuba Diver -0-
    Naval Parachutist-0-
    PH w/ device -0-
    NAM -1-
    CAR -0-
    NUC -0-
    NGC w/ device -1-
    NDSM -1-
    ACM w/ device -0-
    GWOTSM -1-
    SSDR -0-
    NATO -0-
    Rifle Expert -0-
    Pistol Expert -0-


    DANIEL AUSTIN GREENWELL did not earn most of the awards he publicly displays in his photo.

    DANIEL AUSTIN GREENWELL did not serve as a Field Medical Service Technician as evidenced by official DOD/USN documents; only received 5 wk. training.

    DANIEL AUSTIN GREENWELL did not deploy outside of the United States as evidenced by official DOD/USN documents.

    DANIEL AUSTIN GREENWELL is a lying poser who has clearly shown that he exists in an alternative reality.

    DANIEL AUSTIN GREENWELL has NO credibility for any statements/ displays regarding his time in the USN.

    DANIEL AUSTIN GREENWELL has demonstrated that he is willing to lie and deceive from early in his short time in the USN as evidenced by the photo that displays him in a summer uniform with a Special Warfare Device (SEAL) and only two geedunk ribbons (NDSM/GWOTSM).

    DANIEL AUSTIN GREENWELL was a 5 year, Hospitalman (E-3) that did not do anything to be advanced/ promoted.

    If this oxygen thief had put in as much effort toward his service as he has in creating a fake reality, this douche nozzle had the potential to be at least an HM2 (E-5).

    • HM-PA says:

      I know this guy, I went to corps school with him in 2012. He was EXACTLY like this back then too, a compulsive liar that seemed to have just a few too many wild stories. He mentioned he was a renowned football player with Indiana State (Dan the Pain Train), a black belt of some type, slotted to play the Green Ranger in an upcoming, *unspecified* Power Rangers show, and that he HAD a BUD/S billet at boot camp but had to give it up because “The Navy gave away too many slots.” I’m ashamed to admit that I bought into some of these, but seeing all of this now, it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I followed several of my classmates throughout their time in the Navy and watched for familiar names on the advancement lists, and I never seemed to see his on there. I guess now I know why.

  10. HMC(FMF)Ret_87-10 says:

    I just emailed 4 pastors associated with First UMC of Mount Vernon concerning their lack of acknowledgement to this slime’s deceit as well as three local newspapers.

    I also emailed California’s EMSA (licensing authority) regarding his false claim of being a CA Paramedic. His LinkedIn profile made the claim with an issuance date of May 2012…one month before he went to recruit training. The EMSA verification page shows no Daniel Austin Greenwell as a Paramedic or any other licensure/ certification. https://emsverification.emsa.ca.gov/Verification/

    We’ll see if this shakes things up…..

    • rgr769 says:

      Apparently, your missives to the 4 pastors has had no effect. According to the church’s website, it has put his fake SEAL descriptor back up on his photo where he is wearing his fake budweiser badge.

  11. HMC(FMF)Ret_87-10 says:

    Well lookie, lookie at what I got in email today….

    Fri 10/2/2020 1:25 PM


    I’ve been assigned a case opened by EMSA in response to your 09/24/20 email about Daniel Austin Greenwell. I’ve reviewed the email and website regarding the stolen valor issues that include his paramedic claim. Because the Linkedin site he used for this claim is now deleted and he is likely out of state (Indiana), my guess is we will likely send a cease and desist letter to Greenwell to prevent further claims. This will ultimately be up to our legal unit, however. I wanted to email you so you know we received this and are looking into the matter.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention and thank you for your service to our country.

    xxxxxxx, Special Investigator
    Enforcement Unit
    Emergency Medical Services Authority
    10901 Gold Center Drive, Suite 400
    Rancho Cordova CA, 95670

  12. HMC(FMF)Ret_87-10 says:

    Since the FUMC-MV has chosen to ignore my previous email to them and chosen to circle the wagons, I have sent another email to the leadership of the Indiana UMC State Conference.

    Who knows, maybe the Bishop and the District won’t like a church abetting a proven military poser. We’ll see……

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