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12/03/2020 by militaryphonies

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Steven Louis Maurer comes to us from Grants Pass, Oregon.  Maurer is 59 years old at the time of this writing – December 2020.  He often goes by the nickname “Blue” or simply “Steve.”

On one of his Facebook profiles he refers to himself as a “retired” and “dissabled veteran at Unitd States Navy [sic] 1977 – 2002.”

The dates are reinforced here.

In another Facebook profile, Steven Maurèr – spelled with an accent on the “e” – he claims he was a medical corpsman, which is an enlisted rating.

However, in the following photo Maurer is seen wearing the rank of a Navy Lieutenant (O-3) – along with a Navy SEAL trident, a Silver Star medal and a Purple Heart medal.

Here is the same photograph enlarged for clarity. He also has an Army Air Assault Badge above the Navy SEAL trident.

Since this photo appears to have been taken at a school, it is plausible that Maurer is wearing the rank of Lieutenant as part of some kind of Sea Cadets or local pre-military preparatory program.

There is also a patch on his shoulder that is hard to read.  Here are some possibilities…

The patch on his shoulder may be an old Sea Cadets patch, but if it is he is wearing it on the wrong uniform.  It should be on a Sea Cadet and not an instructor.

EDIT – NOTE: Mystery solved with the following photo.

However, apart from the patch, I don’t think the SEAL Trident, the Silver Star, or the Purple Heart are authorized as part of any pre-military prep program.

In a post, he signs himself as an S3 Lt Ret (Retired) so this does not support the theory that the rank is for a Sea Cadet-type program.

Maurer reinforces the SEAL claim with various uniforms.  Here he is in “chocolate chips” which was the camouflage style in Operation Desert Shield/Storm (ODS/S).

Here is Maurer in a jacket with patches signifying the Purple Heart and Navy Retired on the left in the photo and the Navy SEAL trident on the right in the photo.

Here is the most likely possibility for the Purple Heart patch if not easily identified in the above photo.

In a series of Facebook posts about a deer kill, the deer is tied to the back of a jeep that we presume to be Maurer’s, and it has a Navy SEAL bumper sticker.

In a Facebook post, a friend of his is under the impression that Maurer was a Navy SEAL.  Maurer is referred to by his nickname “Blue.”

In this post, Maurer appears to reference his military career which includes references to being in many conflicts and retirement from the military.

Mauer also refers to his deceased friend and service buddy in the below post, but signs it as a retired S3 LT.  Here he also uses his nickname “Blue.”

Above, we mentioned the possibility of Maurer being in some capacity of working with children in either the Sea Cadets or some kind of pre-military youth training.  This may be the case since he has lots of photos of him around school-age children.  He often wears Navy “bling” which includes the Navy SEAL references.

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After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of “Steven Louis Maurer” or any other variation of his name ever completing BUD/S Training or assigned to any SEAL teams during the time he was in the Navy.  There were a couple of Maurer’s, but they graduated in 1947 and in 2004. Different first names. No Steve Maurer.

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Steven Maurer’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Since he said he served until 2002, we filed with both the Department of the Navy which maintains records from the mid 1990s-present and the National Personnel Records Center which maintains Navy records up until the mid-1990s.

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The NPRC is operating at a reduced capacity due to COVID-19.  As such, we filed a FOIA request but won’t get results for months – possibly into the summer or fall of 2021.

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A search of Steven Maurer in NDAWS produced nothing.  This reinforces that there was no later service in the 2000s.

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We were able to identify photos from the Grants Pass High School yearbooks that show that Steve/Steven Maurer was in high school during the years 1978, 1979, and 1980. This would not be compatible with his claims of being in the Navy from 1977 to 2002. It would also not account for the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) where one signs up for the Navy while in high school and reports to duty later.  Under current regulations, one can remain in the DEP for up to 365 days.  We are not sure what the parameters were back then but believe DEP would not have gone beyond one year prior to reporting for duty, and certainly not three years.

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Maurer is not in any of the Silver Star databases where we would expect to find him if he was awarded the Silver Star.

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There is no record of Steven Maurer attending BUD/S-SEAL training and no record of him serving with a SEAL Team.

Maurer’s official military records are not available at this time but circumstances do not support his claim of being in the military from 1977-2002, or being an officer or having the Silver Star.

The other claims will have to wait until his official records come in, which may be months.

That said, it is hard to identify what conflict he would have been in from 1985-1988 where he would have been wounded and received the Purple Heart.

If Maurer has used these claims to gain anything of value – especially the combat, Silver Star and Purple Heart claims – he may be in violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

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Maurer – Facebook

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9 thoughts on “Steve Maurer – U.S. Navy SEAL, Retired Navy, LT, Corpsman, Silver Star, Purple Heart, Blog of Shame

  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    It is obvious to anyone reading thru this listing, that Steven (Steve/Blue) Maurer is an embellishing POS that may and or may not have had honorable service. Maybe his supposed purple heart (sic) came from the bruised taint he gave himself as he attempted to insert his head up his azz? Didn’t know self abuse qualified one for a purple heart (sic)? purple heart (sic) for a purple taint? He does have that meat gazing stare and meth head teeth going for him. Who decided it was safe for this tool to be allowed around children?

  2. HMC(FMF)Ret_87-10 says:

    Steven Louis Maurer

    A quick check shows addresses in Oregon during the period claimed to have been on active duty.

    A criminal history check shows a multitude of traffic violations during the same time period.

    Steven Louis Maurer has an extensive court record for civil actions during the same period….lots of small claims and he even was charged w/ RACKETEERING but no apparent conviction on that one.

  3. GunnyMack says:

    IMHO, this piece of garbage was injured on a ship or during a traffic accident resulting in the loss of his left arm. As to his Cammie’s he probably received a set during a Veterans Standdown.

    That is believing that he is actually retired from the Navy. Do I really believe this 💩4🧠’s is retired? Negative. After this COVID19 Hoax is over with, we will all have a good laugh when his records arrive.

    There should be a National Kick a Poser’s Ass Month. I appreciate the hard work you Veterans and Supporters do by gathering the info on these 💩🦜’s.

  4. […] folks at Military Phony send us their work on Steven Louis Maurer, who prefers to go by “Steve” or his nickname […]

  5. William M. Osborn Jr. says:

    Well, even COVID-19 Doesn’t stop these guys! Lol The Panhandlers are back on the streets wearing masks. This guy doesn’t have to wear a mask to show how crooked he is. But some Panhandlers like to show up in some sort of Uniform, and Steal from Veterans who gave their Heart, and Soul to Faithful, Military Service. Many, their Very Lives! Shame on those who Pose! 101st ABN U.S. Army (Sgt. Ret.)

  6. Emil Pieski says:

    Why are there so many people like this? I was just a dumb Army Grunt in Vietnam but now everyday, it would seem, I meet someone like this.

  7. KnoWun says:

    As a former 18A who worked in a lot of joint assignments I had the opportunity to serve with a lot SEAL’s-which doesn’t make me an expert, but I know more than the average stray dawg about them. The photo of “Blue” wearing a “Bullwinkle Badge” (US Army Air Assault Badge) above the SEAL Trident is kinda incongruous to me, akin to putting a bump sticker on a Lamborghini. I’ve never met a SEAL so desperate for glitter that he’d bother to wear an Air Assault Badge even it he had one. Yeah he could, but it’d be like an SF officer proudly wearing his rifle qualification badge with a “Marksman” shingle on it.

    Guys like Maurer are the reason when people ask me what I did in the military I usually just say, “cook” or “door gunner on a B-52” and let folks guess (although you’d be surprised at how many people don’t realize there aren’t any gunners on a B-52 whatsoever). There are just so many fakes out there half the the time I’m asked, “Oh-you were in Special Forces? Hey-you know what’s his face-he’s a Green Beret too?” And then they relate some fantastic tail “what’s his face” told them which they believe is completely true but is total BS. If I tell them my opinion of their buddies alleged exploits I have to A) Get them to believe I am who I say I am, and B) Get them to accept the fact their hero sold them a line of unicorn snot. It’s just not worth the effort.

  8. KnoWun says:

    Hey, I got that reversed-brain fart. I meant to say, “It’d be like wearing a marksman badge with a rifle shingle below it”. Sorry, been a while since I’ve seen one….

    • rgr769 says:

      Glad you corrected that. As a former SF officer, I never wore a marksmanship badge. As a young Infantry LT, I was taught it was bad form for officers to wear marksmanship badges, even though technically authorized. I also can’t see any for real SEAL wearing the “vaunted” Bullwinkle badge. This joker is a total phony.

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