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Carol Ann Badoni comes to us from Burlington, Wisconsin. At the time of this writing, September 2020, Badoni is 50 years old.

AKAs include: Karen Badoni, Carol A Badoni, Carol Ann Badoni, Karen A Badonischultz.

Badoni has recently been featured on CNN as well as CBS Chicago for her role during the Kenosha protests. She claims to have rushed toward a hail of gunfire to perform CPR on Anthony Huber, who had just been shot by Kyle Rittenhouse.  Huber died almost instantly from a fatal wound to the chest and heart.

In the article above, a reference was made to Badoni’s “Army training.”

On CNN, Badoni was introduced by CNN’s Erin Burnett as a “20 year Army veteran.”

Here is a claim of Badoni being shot twice while serving in Afghanistan…

This claim is reinforced by Badoni’s Twitter account…

The “I’m Govt Owned” theme is prevalent in Badoni’s email address as well.  Here is a video from her YouTube account with an upload date of May 4, 2013 asking a then-living Joan Rivers to help her with plastic surgery.


This will be useful later as we try to establish a timeline.

. . . . .


Carol Ann Badoni’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

. . . . .



FOIA Result – NPRC – Carol Badoni – No Records Found

Some of the articles about Badoni used the terms “military veteran” and “armed forces veteran.”  The CBS Chicago article claimed that Badoni had “Army training” and CNN’s Erin Burnett introduced Badoni as an “Army veteran” in the video above.

In spite of this, we had the NPRC check all military services. Beyond physical records, there are services with electronic records for recent service. The reply stated that they checked the Army, Air Force and Navy electronic systems and there are no records found for her and they have no records showing for her in their Registry.  NOTE: The U.S. Marine Corps relies upon Navy corpsmen, nurses, and physicians for medical support.

The point here is that we did not focus just on the U.S. Army, accounting for journalists being loose with the facts.  Some lump all military service into the Army on occasion.

. . . . .


A systematic and methodical search was performed with the Department of Defense Manpower Data Center, sometimes known as a report pursuant to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA).  Every year since Badoni was 16 y/o to the present was searched with no military active duty service showing.  We present two characteristic results below – 1) a 1990 search when she would have been 20 years old.  This goes back two years so covers 1988-1990 when she would have been 18-20 years old. Service just after high school represents the highest probability of military service in many cases.  2) a 2004 search which would cover the years 2002-2004 when she was 30-33 years old but more importantly the height of the Afghanistan War.  Each year afterward was also searched but also came back with no military service listed.

DoD Manpower Data Center (SCRA) – Carol Badoni – No Service Listed

DoD Manpower Data Center (SCRA) – Carol Badoni – No Service Listed

. . . . .


Several other searches were done in conjunction with the military research.  Should Badoni have been married and served under a different name, we performed exhaustive newspaper, genealogy, and address history searches.  We found many references to the name ‘Carol Badoni’ over the years and do not suspect that she would have changed her name for military service.  Besides, the information that was provided to the NPRC is tied to her specifically.  They would have picked something up in their research.


The following address history was constructed from several reliable sources. It has several items of interest:

    1. Bodani’s name remained the same
    2. There are no addresses consistent with military service (i.e. Fort Hood, Fort Bragg, etc.)
    3. No gap or opportunity to be away for 4 years, let alone 20

Previous Addresses – Carol Ann Badoni


In order for Badoni to put in 20 years of military service, it is plausible that she spent her entire time in the National Guard or Army Reserve which would explain the addresses being in Wisconsin and Florida.  However, the NPRC would have picked up this service.

If she was in the Army Reserve or National Guard, it seems unlikely that they would send her “outside the wire” in Afghanistan to have circumstances where she was wounded twice. She would have been in her mid-30s and also theoretically have achieved a higher rank from already being in the service for 14-18 years prior to her allegedly going to Afghanistan.

The time range would have been 1988 – 2008 give or take and two-four year shift to the right. Otherwise, she would have been too young to serve.  However, in a 2008 article where Badoni testified in a murder case involving David Brossard on trial for killing his wife, Bodani claimed that she was in a three-year relationship as Brossard’s lover and mistress.  The wife, who disappeared in 1997, was still alive during this alleged affair between Bodani and Brossard.  That means the relationship would have been from 1994-1997, when she supposedly was in the Army according to her claim of 20 years.

Kenosha News – Thu 25 September 2008 pg 1

What is also striking is she claimed she was an exotic dancer, which would have also been while she was in the Army.  NOTE: Blumenfield was an attorney in the case.

Kenosha News – Thu 25 September 2008 pg 8

The attorney pointed out that she is not credible when it comes to telling the truth.

The Army would not look favorably on either one of these things – 1) adultery and 2) moonlighting as a stripper.  The suicidal attempts would also be a concern and the Army would have tried to get her help.

The entire article, dated Thu 25 Sept 2008, can be read below.

Kenosha News, Thu September 25, 2008

. . . . .


Here are a few newspaper articles that establish Badoni’s timeline which would make it nearly impossible to squeeze in 20 years of military service.

. . . . .


Carol Badoni had several criminal records that are noteworthy in regard to her timeline.

In 2011, she was charged with POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE with an offense date listed in 2010.  The charges were dismissed.

In 2009, she was found guilty of DISORDERLY CONDUCT with an offense date listed in 2008.

Criminal Records – Carol Ann Badoni

In 2005 while in Florida, she was arrested and charged with TRESPASSING ON PRIVATE PROPERTY with an offense date listed as 2005.  This was a misdemeanor and no final disposition was listed for the case.

Carol Ann Badoni – 2005 Criminal Arrest

The point of bringing up these criminal charges is that each of them would have been a problem with Army service, even if she was in the Reserve or Guard.

Maybe, just maybe, she could have gotten out of the military in 2008 before the POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE charge, but the window is tight.  However, this would nail down her timeline and her alleged 20-year service simply could not have shifted to the right to years later than 2008.  As before, her alleged military service could not have shifted to the left for years earlier than 1988 or she would have been too young to serve.

However, the 2005 arrest in Florida would have been problematic for not only military service but for her supposed employment in law enforcement. On one source, she claimed that she was employed by the Daytona Beach Police Department, but we don’t have a date range for that employment.  She also claimed on her Twitter account that she was a U.S. Marshall.

Although it is beyond our mandate at Military Phony, we are curious that if she was employed in law enforcement in 2005, would that have been before or after she was supposedly wounded twice in Afghanistan?

. . . . .



We discussed the range of potential military service for Badoni above while making several points.  In summary, the timeline of Badoni’s previous addresses does not support military service of 20 years.

Also, the NPRC could find no record of military service.  We also could not find any military service listed in the DoD Manpower Data Center database.

. . . . .


What would be her possible motivation for claiming military service?  If she did in fact work for the Daytona Police Department and/or was a U.S. Marshall, we wonder if she used claims of military service as a foothold into that employment.

It appears likely that she duped several news organizations with the ‘veteran of 20 years’ story.  Not sure it added any value other than some kind of attempt at “street cred.”  Those news organizations, which includes CNN, really ran with that narrative.

. . . . .


. . . . .


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19 thoughts on “Carol Ann Badoni – US Army Veteran of 20 Years, Wounded Twice in Afghanistan, Blog of Shame

  1. Skippy says:

    It looks like a Bar Slut to me but what do I know
    Talk about a drama queen too
    Holy Crapola

  2. HARRY DILLON says:

    Just a lying wanna be, and Stole Valor at that. This POS should be locked away just on principal.

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    Oh, let me. 🙂

    Maybe, just maybe, she could have gotten out of the military in 2008 before the POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE charge, but the window is tight. – MP article

    Bitch, PUHLEEZE!!!!

    1 – Compulsive liar
    2 – Wants attention desperately
    3 – Lacks consistency in her stories, and probably her bowel movments, too.
    5 – Looks like her cheek implants (if that’s what those “cheekbones” are) slid somewhere down under.
    6 – Can’t keep her stories straight.
    7 – Doesn’t make any references to an MOS, rank, or anything else, soooooo….. 😛

    Well, that was fun.

  4. 5th/77th FA says:

    Alrighty then, Carol Ann Badoni, you lying POS, thief of Stolen Valor, Standing in the Blood of Men and Women who you are not even worthy to apply a band-aide to; are you ready for some, surely goodness and mercy will NEVER follow your name, Google Fame? The troops of TAH have been jonesing all summer for a true valor thieving phony POS and will look forward to bringing the dam dam onto your lying self. You may be a hero to your domestic enemies of our Republic buddies, but to Veterans and Patriots alike, you are the dog crap on the bottom of shoes everywhere. Your 15 minutes of TV fame spreading your lies will be for ever superseded by your new found inherwebz fame of being a lying Valor Thief. Enjoy!

    • Skippy says:

      Words well said !!!!!
      We are definitely ready to clean some house. Just in time for winter

      BHWHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!

  5. You’d think CNN would do basic checks on her military claim. I know, high bar for CNN.

  6. Reb says:

    Cunt and cum dumpster

  7. William M.Osborn Jr. says:

    This is really sad. I feel sorry for people who try to be something they aren’t. I did serve 22 total years in the Military. 9 of those years was in the National Guard, and 13on Active Duty. My Guard time was split up during the beginning, and ending of my Military Career. I Retired at the Rank of E-5 Sergeant, and hoped I could retire at a Higher Rank, but it didn’t Happen. But I would Never make myself out to be someone I am not. I value Honesty, and Integrity above all. It is a Shame for those who Lie about their Service, when so Many young men, and women have given their lives through Honest, and Faithful Service. Sgt. William M. Osborn Jr. U.S. Army (Ret)

    • Reb says:

      Thank you for your sacrifice. I never served but papa did in the NETHERLANDS. We are a grateful family.

  8. Skippy says:

    Just got off the phone with a buddy who is a marshal just words not mine
    There is no way she’s one
    Also of note she has a go fund me account
    Because she’s a disabled vet
    And her car was repo because she claims someone stole money from her
    It’s starting to smell here

  9. HMC(FMF)Ret_87-10 says:

    Since the Communist News Network (CNN), which is owned by the Trotsky Broadcasting Service (TBS), says that she is a war hero then it MUST be true. Let me guess…they verified her story with an unnamed and anonymous source.

    Hmmmm…doesn’t it make you wonder why she out on the streets during a riot and what her purpose for being there was?

    A deeper dive on CAROL ANN BADONI shows:

    A) 2009 WI conviction for Disorderly Conduct was filed as Battery
    Count no. Statute Description Severity Disposition
    1 947.01 Disorderly Conduct Misd. B Guilty Due to Guilty Plea
    Count Statute Description Replaced by
    1 940.19(1) Battery Amended charge

    Court WITHHELD sentence and placed defendant on PROBATION for 6 MONTHS with the following conditions:
    – Pay Restitution in the amount of $435
    – Take all prescribed medications <<<<<<<<<<<<
    – No Contact with the victim
    – Pay costs and surcharges


    B) 2015 Operating under the Influence (1st) and accompanied by a charge of Failure to Keep Vehicle Under Control.
    Count no. Statute Description Severity Disposition
    1 346.63(1)(a) OWI (1st) Forf. U Found Guilty at Court Trial


    C) 2016 Operating under the Influence (2nd)
    Count no. Statute Description Severity Disposition
    1 346.63(1)(a) OWI (2nd) Misd. U Guilty Due to Guilty Plea


    D) 2016 was sued for unpaid debt
    Filing Date 08-09-2016 Small Claims Closed – Electronic filing
    Class code description Sm Claim, Claim Under $ Limit
    Party summary
    Party type Party name Party status
    Plaintiff Heights Finance
    Defendant Badoni, Carol A
    Garnishee Kohl's Corporation
    Garnishee Pine Brook Pointe LLC
    Civil Judgment(s)
    Type Debtor name Multiple debtors Amount Satisfaction
    Judgment for money Badoni, Carol A No $10,149.50 No


    E) 2019 – Now she is suing a laundry mat….
    Filing date 06-17-2019 Case type Civil Case status Open – Electronic filing
    Class code description
    Personal Injury/Automobile <<<<<<<<
    Party summary
    Party type Party name Party status
    Plaintiff Badoni, Carol
    Defendant Village Clean LLC
    Defendant State Farm Fire & Casualty Ins. Co.
    Involuntary Plaintiff State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services
    Intervenor United Healthcare of Wisconsin, INC.


  10. Wanda says:

    This just boils my blood. I am a Navy Veteran and to see someone get the news coverage and isn’t even a Veteran. just gets me going. Her face needs to be plastered all over.

  11. Mason says:

    Wish I could say I was shocked. Her story reeked from the word go.

  12. […] folks at Military Phony sent us their work on Carol Ann Badoni.  Badoni is 50 y/o as of the time of this writing and lives […]

  13. Dean A Hoffman says:

    First, it was Nurse Maggie rappelling into the jungles of Vietnam to aid the wounded, now it’s a faux 20-year vet “sprinting” toward gunfire to aid a helpless victim. When in blazes are the networks going to vet these stories before airtime?

  14. Carlos Long says:

    Just another POS looking for attention, well, now you got it. You will live forever in infamy as a low life poser. CNN is your master now.

  15. HMC(FMF)Ret_87-10 says:

    It should come as no shocker but if you search this taint-faced vermin, links to MP do not show as of right now on Google or DuckDuckGo… however MP link is #1 on Yahoo.
    I would guess that there has been an “unintended” algorithm error……hmmmmm.

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