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“During my life I spent a lot of time deployed and in active combat zones.” —  Lenny “Doc” Sohn

Sohn - Dossier


Leonard Steven Sohn AKA Lenny “Doc” Sohn comes to us from Keller, TX.   He is 50 years old as of July 2018.  He used the last name ‘Kamp’ for a while.  He served under ‘Sohn’ for a while, and under ‘Kamp’ as well.  Kamp was the last name of a past spouse, and he took that on for a bit.

Lenny Sohn has competed as a bodybuilder.


In this world, he sometimes does interviews about his background.  The following text is an excerpted transcript from the video that eventually follows.


He goes on to talk about the time he spent as a paramilitary contractor with Blackwater and other claims, but that is beyond the scope of this writing.


In the following website promoting his business, Lenny claims that he was an elite combat medic for over 20 years.


SOURCE: http://www.swolematefitness101.com/our-story


Leonard Steven Sohn’s military records were ordered via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.  We accounted for both the last name ‘Kamp’ and the last name ‘Sohn’ when ordering the records.

. . . . .


DoD Manpower / SCRA


. . . . .










As shown above, there are no Combat Action Ribbons or Humanitarian Service Ribbons under either ‘Sohn’ or ‘Kamp.’  It must be noted that this resource has been known to not list 100% of all awards, so nothing can be derived from these results alone.

. . . . .


Sohn has lived all over the US and has had a little trouble with the law.  The following instance in Arizona.

sohn-child support

. . . . .



The military records do not support Leonard Sohn/Kamp’s claim of several things:

  • No designation of Hospital Corpsman identified in his records.  He appeared to be striking in the Dental field, but there was no entry of Field Medical Service School attendance.  Navy Corpsman and Dental Techs can attend this school, but there is no mention of it in Sohn’s records.
  • He was on a ship and that would explain the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon.  These are noted on his Performance Evaluation Reports citing “various ships in the Middle East” from 87-88 and “USS Kansas City” in 1991.
  • He appeared to be a Stinger missle gunner, and then tried to get into the Dental Tech field.
  • No Purple Heart Medal.  No Combat Action Ribbon.
  • No indication that he spent 20 years as an elite combat medic. He was in for about 5 years active duty and 14 months as Reserve.

On the FOIA Summary Sheet, it lists his rank as “R” which seems odd.  It could be a typo or it could mean ‘recruit’ meaning he got out as an E-1. Really can’t tell for sure.

We obtained a partial, clipped off version of a DD-214 that Sohn/Kamp had and cannot guarantee its accuracy.  It seems to mirror what the FOIA from NPRC states, other than a few things such as the rank.

kamp-DD 214

On this DD-214, it states that he took and passed the Dental Tech course for DT3 (E-4).  The ranks are redacted on the FOIA Performance Evaluations so the issue of his final rank may be left as a mystery.  He never claimed a rank so it may be a moot point.

. . . . .


Many of the claims attributed to Leonard Steven Sohn/Kamp were not supported by his official military records. 


If Leonard has used any of these unsupported claims to gain anything of value, including money, work positions, speaking engagements, medical benefits from the government or leniency from the court, it could put him in direct violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

The direct claim on his business website may not only be unethical, but illegal.

His records do not support him being in many of the military conflicts that he claimed.

. . . . .



. . . . .




thisainthell-sohnThis Ain’t Hell: https://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=80662

12 thoughts on “Leonard Steven Sohn (Kamp) – US Navy Recon Corpsman with USMC, Combat Veteran, Wounded, Blog of Shame

  1. Michael L Maynard says:

    The assholes interview is on Youtube. You can tell he’s lying by the way his eyes shift everywhere but to the interviewer. If anyone else wants to leave the asshat some ‘love’, here’s the URL.

    • dennis king says:

      So the article states he said he was wounded. During the interview he said his legs were injured and he had internal injuries as well. Nice picture of him but no battle scars. You disgraced yourself by claiming you were wounded defending this country and you stole the Honor of those who in fact have been wounded. You are a horrible little pretender who calls himself a man. You son of a bitch body builder or not I am 67 years old and could kick your ass from one end of this country to the other. You scum bag idiot POSER.

  2. EB says:

    Just a heads up, under the discussion section you refer to him once as Douglas Winn rather than Leonard Kamp/Sohn.

    Excellent research, as always.

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  4. William A Wright says:

    WOW Stinger DET. We had them onboard during Operations Earnest Will. I was in charge of the ships security team, we were capable of carrying nukes so it was a big deal. I can neither confirm or deny if we ever actually had them but 88 was the height of the cold war. I was doing an ordinary sweep of the ship after duty turnover in Bahrain and found the Stinger out on the main deck where anyone could open the case and fire one off. I was pissed, heads rolled but I do not remember any names. I bet it was this tool though.

  5. Harry says:

    I wonder if this roid-freak is the same one Shipley is about to bust over the next few days…if so he’s claming SEAL too.

  6. William A Wright says:

    Plus once again how do you spend this much time on active duty and never get above E-1. I guess up and down and end up that way but still. And I meant Stingers in my original comment.

  7. Lynn says:

    Asshat is a kind way to put it…lying sack of shit. He left a trail of women behind thinking he has the right to take whomever he wants. Disgusting prick. Blackwater? Anyone remember this guy being paramilitary? Or was he on a contract as a medic…civilian medic? He has time on contract. High speed or was he jacking off to the real men who are who they say they are?

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