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07/24/2018 by hombrerana1221

Benjamin Eric Williams comes to us from Palm Beach Gardens, FL.  Military Phony was notified by retired SEALs in Boca Raton that Benjamin is running around claiming to be a US Navy SEAL and he conducted numerous special missions.  


Military Phony located a few pics of Benjamin sporting a US Navy SEAL Insignia (Trident) and a SEAL Team Four pin.  BTW, these pics are from his wedding, guess he needed to let everyone know he was a SEAL from SEAL Team Four.



BJ4 - Copy


This is the SEAL Team Four pin he is wearing.





After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives, the Naval Special Warfare Center and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Benjamin Eric Williams ever completing BUD/S Training or being assigned to a SEAL Team.

Benjamin Eric Williams’ records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.




Based off of Benjamin’s DD-214 it shows that he served on active duty in the US Navy for 3 years, 11 months, 29 days (2008-2012) and was discharged as an AM3 (E-4) Aviation Structural Mechanic.  Benjamin received a few medals/ribbons and was stationed at Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Seven in Norfolk, VA.  After 2006 the SEAL Teams obtained their own rate Special Warfare Operator (SO).  Benjamin did NOT attend BUD/S, did NOT receive the SO rate, was NOT stationed at a SEAL Team and was NOT a SEAL.  Looks like he’ll have some explaining to do to his newlywed.

8 thoughts on “Benjamin Eric Williams – Fake SEAL

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  2. Another piss ant….however, finding thes guys is becoming easier cause they all dress themselves up like recruting posters !!

  3. Wilted Willy says:

    Here we have another phony Tupperware SEAL! Talk about a great way to start off your marriage by lying to your new wife about what a badass you are, when in reality, you couldn’t blow a walrus! I hope you enjoy your new Google fame there asshat? I truly hope a real SEAL finds your useless ass and beats you into a small puddle! Please come on here and explain how you were hacked and all this false information was posted about you? How can you claim all of your heroics and stand in the blood of real SEAL’s when you are nothing but a lying pussy??? I hope you choke on a bag of dicks!

  4. Zippo says:

    How novel… A dick head with a crooked foreskin wrapped around his head.. Sporting a badass Pizza Box shooting badge… LMMFAO

  5. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    Hey, Benjamin…what will you tell your lovely bride when the news gets back to her that you are just a phony? Why were you not proud being the real sailor you were? You have been outed now and must face your community. Time to man up! You need to make it right. U.S. Navy Seals have earned the right and respect that doesn’t belong to posers. Shape up !

  6. Cliff Paul says:

    Maybe he was inadvertently encouraged!😬I taught a women’s self defense class a few years back. I told the women to park near my vehicle when they arrived. I asked if they parked near my vehicle and they said “Yea! The one with the Navy Seal plates!” My Navy Veteran plates read “PN1”😂😂😂I was tempted to roll with it but nah😂

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