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11/07/2017 by hombrerana1221

Timothy Alan Clark comes to us from Brunson, SC, military phonies became aware of Tim from his Facebook profile and a few posts.  Tim states in his profile “16 year Navy Seal”  He even states he’s “retired, fun, loving, intelligent, christian, guy”.  For a minute there we at Military Phonies weren’t sure if this was Tinder or even Grinder and not a Facebook profile.


Below is a pic of Tim (So he says).


Tim Clark – looking for Bin Laden in Afghanistan in 2006.  The Tip of the Spear…


It seems like his friends are confused about Tim status serving in Afghanistan in 2006.  Looks like someone called him out on his patches.

Since things seem a bit odd, we’ll look at his criminal history — 22 Criminal Records, yes that is right, 22!!!!  We will only post a few below…

With some of these felonies, it’s hard to imagine the Navy allowing him to enlist, some of these date back to 1998.  Hard to imagine him looking for Bin Laden in 2006 in Afghanistan.

I say we look at his profile.  Since was a SEAL he must be in amazing shape.

Holy crap, what the hell did we just see?  Tim has to be 82.34% body fat, how in the world could you have been a SEAL?

Let’s look at one more pic


Ok, it looks like a Grinder profile… Good job, Tim.

So our question is how can he be arrested for crack cocaine and look like that?  We hear it’s a great diuretic.



After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives, the Naval Special Warfare Center and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Timothy Alan Clark ever completing BUD/S Training or being assigned to a SEAL Team.

Timothy Alan Clark’s records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.


The results of the FOIA shows that the Department of the Navy was not able to locate a service record for Timothy Alan Clark having ever served in the US Navy.

With all of Tim felonies should he really be posting pics like the one below?  We don’t know if the firearms belong to him, but the implication is certainly very strong…




19 thoughts on “Timothy Alan Clark – Fake Navy SEAL

  1. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

    I saw this bitch’s attempt to look cool pictures…looks like he eats well. Hey Tim! Wanna share some of that fat? I need to gain 10lbs ASAP

    • Mark Lauer says:

      I notice that he has an “Open Container” offence in South Carolina in November of 2006, around about the time he was in Afghanistan “looking for Bin Ladin”.
      I guess he was looking for him on the installment plan. One month on, one month off, one month on, one month off…….

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  3. doc570 says:

    I emailed Military Phonies and stated “To Whom It May Concern

    I would like to offer you my sincerest apologies for the things I said about your website. I accused you of being phony and not doing a thorough job at vetting. In my conversations with Dave Barnes I found too many inconsistencies with what he was telling me. If you allow me to comment on your website, I will gladly apologize publicly. Sincerely-Doc570”. Does this email from you mean I can now get on MilitaryPhony.com and comment on Dave Barnes page and give you a formal apology? -Doc570

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. doc570 says:

    I’d also be happy to give you my telephone number if you’d like it. – Doc570

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. doc570 says:

    Comments are closed on Dave G Barnes page on “militaryphony.com”. That is where I would like to apologize to you. In the comments on his page.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • ptbh says:

      We temporarily opened up the David Barnes page for you to post. Once you do we will shut it back down for further comments. We are especially interested in how he reacted and/or answered your questions about his military service. We look forward to your post.

  6. doc570 says:

    I’m very glad the apology got to you. I just wished the apology and comments I made were on DAVE G BARNES page. After lengthy conversations with Dave , there are too many inconsistencies in his stories. Dave was never a SEAL and I accused you of not doing a thorough vetting process on his page. Not this person’s page. I sincerely apologize for any and all negative comments I made about militaryphony.com.

    • ptbh says:

      See above comment about comments now being open on David Barnes page.

  7. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

    Accepted and thanks

  8. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:


    Please do share his reaction. So you know, another POSUER DALLAS WITTGENFELD, harassed the crap out of me just because I posted on TAH and here.
    BUT, after his threat to kidnap, rape and butcher my only grandchild all in one hour, we went 100% off the grid. That meant, no house, buying a RV, not staying in one place more than a week, going out by twos, carrying, never shop at same place, using cash only, no credit cards, bank accounts, etc.

    Bastards in jail for violation of a TRO by another HERO and his awesome dedicated wife and still my military friends say “don’t come out because he’s crazy”.

    The guys that out punks do such a great job and proud I’m accepted as a never served in the military but did serve my community friend. I’m safe because of them…

    • Mark Lauer says:

      He was going to try the same thing with me, but couldn’t locate me at all. Most of my records are in places that are not accessible by ordinary means, I have no bank account, and I have moved somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 times over the past 30 years, so I’m hard to find, even for my family.

  9. doc570 says:

    R Grace. I don’t know who Dallas Wittgenfeld is or TAH is. Dave’s reaction was to remove his account off of Facebook.

    • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

      Go to search above and put in Dallassclowns name or go to Thisainthell.us and search the name. Hus harassment is in Thisainthell.is a website in Iceland nobody reads…
      Call me Reb

      • doc570 says:

        Why do you want me to do that? I truly don’t understand. Is it because I asked who he is? I really don’t want to get envolved with anyone like that. More apologies to you if it sounded like I was trying to get in your business.

      • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

        I thought you were, my time to apologize 🙌

  10. Michael Spertion says:

    great job guys!

    Even from the far away land of Australia, where we have family who serve in the sandbox for their country side by side with our brother Americans, we are disgusted

    if this oxygen thief has any self respect or heart, he’d head for the nearest bridge – and jump!!

    his convictions should include theft if oxygen on gods great earth!


    thank u

  11. Patrick Behr says:

    Oxygen thief, love it.

  12. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Another Special SQUEAL Butt Sniper… with a “record”

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