Antione McNeal was never a Navy SEAL and most definitely was never awarded a Navy Cross


11/07/2017 by Military Phony

For some reason people were getting the idea that Antione McNeal was a Navy SEAL that had been awarded a Navy Cross.  We decided to look into the matter ourselves.  We found some things posted on the interwebnet thingy that might have something to do with it.

Looks like he was in the Navy in that picture.  But then we found this too:

And this:

Not sure what to make of this:

We looked at the Navy SEAL database and talked to a few Navy SEALs, we got nuttin.  No listing in any SEAL/BUDS database and nobody seems to have ever heard of him.  So we decided to look at his military records obtained through a Freedom of Information request submitted to the Department of the Navy.

It appears that Antione D. McNeal was a Gunners Mate Second Class (an E-5) with thirteen years of service. It seems a bit odd that he spent 8 years as an E-5, but who are we to judge.  Maybe he and/or the Navy decided he was going nowhere in a slow way and thought he should move along in life.

In any event, he did serve honorably in the Navy but he was never a Navy SEAL or anything of the sort.  The Navy doesn’t seem to know anything about a Navy Cross being awarded to him either.

He served when most others wouldn’t…one would think there is honor enough in that.  We are glad to help Antione McNeal clear this misunderstanding up.

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Somebody over at tried to help poor Antione clear up all this confusion but it didn’t seem to be appriciated.

A simple “Thank You” is all we ever expect.

8 thoughts on “Antione McNeal was never a Navy SEAL and most definitely was never awarded a Navy Cross

  1. HARRY J DILLON says:

    BRAVO ZULU to the one that dug this up.

  2. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

    What? No thank you? I sure wouldn’t invite any of them to attend “The Like We A Shit Parade” ungrateful assholes. That’s just my opinion😛

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  4. John says:

    Looks. To. Me fake. Navy SEALs. Always come from military. Maybe. This should be addressed. In military different. Branches why. Best thanks everyone. For. Serving. 🇺🇸

  5. RollingDognut says:

    You’re keeping your Lapua in Maryland? Damn. That takes balls.

  6. Mark Lauer says:

    How can you be so bad to a guy who distinguished his self so high as to get the Navy Cross by a meritorious action that made is mission success of 100%?

  7. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Another person that served and SHIT all over his service with his lies…

  8. Window Licker says:

    Dude, took down Public Enemy Number 1…….Dr. Evil? Sauron? Wow, real stud! But hey, I think I was an E-5 for 8 years of my 32 year career, best times of my life!

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