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11/01/2017 by hombrerana1221

David Grant Barnes comes to us from Newbury Park, CA.  Military Phonies became aware of Dave when he was calling out other phony SEALs on Facebook.  You’ll love the posts below, a fake SEAL calling out another fake SEAL.  Don’t worry, we will deal with the other fake SEAL at a later date…




On his Facebook page, Barnes has a few SEAL pics of Tridents and one of the old SEAL Team One Patch but he calls it “My old VN Patch!”




Of course, he’s trying to play it cool and talks about how he loved the damn jungle…




One of Dave’s friends was impressed since all these years of knowing him she didn’t know he was a SEAL.  I guess after this blog she’ll go back to realizing not only was he NOT a SEAL but an elite fake SEAL that has become famous on Military Phonies…




In the picture below he says he’s in China Beach, Vietnam, stating it was during a cease-fire on Christmas Eve in 1969 (remember that date!!!)  He states that he’s taking a break from the war.




Nice Trident hat Dave!!!





Very interesting comments Dave, the way it looks like in Coronado?  You’re getting sore just looking at this?  I’m getting sick to my stomach reading all your crap.

SPOILER ALERT: Dave was in Coronado in 1969 after failing Radioman “A” School and attended Coxwain School in Coronado, CA.




WTF, did he just say Team 2 was in Florida?  Holy crap…



After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives, the Naval Special Warfare Center and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of David Grant Barnes ever completing BUD/S Training or being assigned to a SEAL Team.

David Grant Barnes records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.




Based on Dave’s summary sheet, he did just over 3 years, 11 months, 9 days of active service.  Dave was discharged as an E-4, SK3 (StoreKeeper).  His service record shows No BUD/S, no SEAL Team.


So if you remember how he stated earlier about being in China Beach on Christmas Eve in 1969?  Let’s look at his record, on 10JUL1969 he was in Treasure Island San Francisco in “A” school for Radioman (which he failed) and then was sent to Assault Boat Coxwain school in Coronado, CA for 3 weeks of schooling.  He didn’t go to Vietnam until 16MAR1970 Naval Support Activity: Danang, Republic of Vietnam (navsuppfac crb for navsuppact danang)



23 thoughts on “David Grant Barnes – Fake Navy SEAL

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  2. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

    Fake Barnes said 11-1-2017…I was a Navy Seal in DaNang 68-72…BULLSHIT

  3. doc570 says:

    Melissa Shinall
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    11/01/2017 at 16:23
    This page and administrators owe this “Dave Barnes” a sincere apology both on this page and Facebook. He is DAVID G BARNES
    3/69-2/73 USN SK3
    Class 223 boot
    Class 40/41 BUDS
    UDT/ASB-mike boats.
    Vietnam 1969-1970
    SEAL TEAM 1 Bravo battalion
    1972-73 Vietnam
    The statements made on this page and on Facebook are egregious. Please do more research.

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      Too funny, so which BUD/S class? Is it 40 or 41? BTW those classes were in 1967, plus SEAL Teams don’t have battalions. Looks like you failed to do any research

      • doc570 says:

        No. You failed at doing any research. Have you gotten in touch with him personally? Do you know how many Dave Barnes’ there are and how many were in Vietnam. If you are an administrator on this page I would urge you to do so

        (to doc570 from Military Phony Admin)

        Dave Barnes lists his exact birthday on his Facebook page, along with where he lives and his hometown. Along with his email address. How many Dave Barnes with that EXACT birthday, EXACT email address, relatives with the EXACT same names, live in Newbury Park, California? We already know the answer to that but thought you may want to take a crack at it. Nice try, but we do our research.

  4. doc570 says:

    Also I appreciate the fact that y’all call fake military personnel out on their bullshit. You have this one TOTALLY WRONG

    (to doc570 from Military Phony)

    What is your relationship to David Barnes? To be fair and with full disclosure, you should be willing to be forthcoming about this.

    Your reaction is not atypical and is certainly not random. You most likely know Barnes if you are not related to him. We get this all the time. You sound exactly like someone that was taken in by his stories and believed him for years.

    Please listen carefully and consider what I am about to say to you. Please do not confuse candor with maliciousness.

    There is nothing wrong with trusting somebody. If that trust was misplaced it is not your fault. Have you stopped to ask yourself why you are here defending Mr. Barnes and Mr. Barnes is not offering anything up in his own defense? Why is he letting you get out in front of this issue? Furthermore, if the facts that we have presented here are correct, why would he let you go out on a limb for him when he knows that he wasn’t a SEAL? What kind of friend or family member would do that to someone that they care about?

    As I said, we have seen this many times before. Your reaction is not atypical. If you have a lot of questions, you should be asking him. Better yet, he should mount his own defense and provide relevant documents that prove he is a SEAL. He can’t because those documents don’t exist. Please be careful and consider how much you are willing to get out in front of all this.

  5. doc570 says:

    I see you have nothing else to say on the matter

    (to doc570 from Military Phony admin)

    You draw your own conclusions about a non-timely response. You are all over the place here with your posts and they do not appear to be focused. If you have something relevant to add about David Barnes and his military service, please post it. Otherwise, you will be restricted from posting to this page. The facts were presented. If you have specific information to the contrary, then please provide it instead of questioning techniques.

  6. doc570 says:

    Is there a way to leave photo in comment section?

    No, not if you are not an admin. You can posts links, however. – Military Phony Admin –

  7. doc570 says:

    If anyone knows of a way to leave or post a picture on comment section, please let me know. Thank you

  8. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

    His FACEBOOK with his pictures… Yes they pay $20 for each FOIA request for DD214….
    DAVE needs to man up and apologize to YOU because he bullshitted you and made YOU LOOK THE FOOL

  9. doc570 says:

    I spoke with Dave at great lengths about him being a Navy Seal. He first said he got in contact with his Company Commander and the his CC along with other Navy Seal buddies told him to ignore it!!! I replied “IGNORE IT?!!!!” That doesn’t sound like something “The Navy” would advise you to do! Then he backpedaled and said he reported it to the local police for “cyber bullying “. I said that it wasn’t cyber bullying, that it was defamation of character if you were reporting to police. I also pointed out he let saying “they”. They did this. They said that. I asked who “They” were since he told me previously that whoever was trying to contact him on Facebook he “blocked “ and ignored. AND since he blocked and ignored people trying to contact him or that was “messing” with him what names did he report to the police for “cyber bullying “? LOL. Another words he didn’t contact the police. He didn’t contact the Navy. He changed his name on Facebook. I asked him why he changed his name on Facebook. He went into a long speal about “going dark” so “they” wouldn’t be able to find him or make him harder to find. I called him out on everything and said changing his name was a chicken shit move. That is the short version of a long story of many conversations between Dave and I.

    I apologize to the administrators and militaryphony.com for saying you did not do a thorough job vetting process I also apologize for any and all negative statements made to you or about militaryphony.com. Please accept my apologies. – Doc570

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      I do appreciate you coming here and contacting us after finding out the truth. We know for friends and family members it can be a shock. This shows your true character to do what you did and I appreciate your post. We at military phonies take these types of cases like David’s seriously and do our homework to expose their lies.

      • doc570 says:

        You most certainly do your homework and I appreciate you for that. I also appreciate you exposing fake military phonies. It was a GREAT SHOCK! I’m very disappointed. However, very greatful to know the truth! Thank you!

  10. doc570 says:

    Thank you for opening up this page for comments and allowing me to post my apologies and letting me tell you my story.

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