Jesus Albert Esquivel – not a Navy SEAL


09/23/2017 by hombrerana1221

An article published in July of 2017, states that Jesus Albert Esquivel “Enraged retired Navy SEAL, 63, shoots dead AAA technician, 38, who took too long to show up at his home to fix his car battery”  Our partners at This Ain’t Hell received information from Don Shipley that Jesus was not a Navy SEAL.  That’s right folks, Jesus was not a Navy SEAL.



We are not sure how the article received the information about Jesus’ military background but it doesn’t look they did their homework.

It looks like Jesus did have a criminal history prior to this incident.



We know that Don Shipley verified that Jesus was not a SEAL, Military Phonies felt it was necessary to request his military records through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).




Jesus’ summary sheet shows that he did 7 years, 8 months, 21 days of active duty.  He was prior Enlisted and was discharged as an Ensign.   We have no record why he left the Navy as an Ensign (O-1E) but from the summary, it shows that Jesus was not a SEAL.

3 thoughts on “Jesus Albert Esquivel – not a Navy SEAL

  1. barbara1126 says:

    You killed a man, because you believed he was _late_?? Un-fu**ing believable. Die and go to Hell, Esquivel. You had no right!

  2. MSSA John M Albaladejo Sr says:

    Hoo boy, what a numbskull! All mad and hating life cause after 7 years in da Navy all he got was an Ensign rank and a crummy Tee shirt! Okay, let’s go rampaging and kill an innocent Mechanic. That’ll make it all better. Uh huh. Nut job.

  3. […] folks at Military Phonies went ahead and got Mr Esquivel’s military records. Not surprisingly, he wasn’t a Navy […]

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