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Peter Schlenker comes to us from Okeechobee Florida.  He previously lived in New York.  People that have listened to his claims repeat his tales of being “a lifetime member of the Purple Heart club”, “a highly decorated Vietnam Vet”, and a “lifetime member of VFW.”

Although we really cannot speak to the claim of club memberships, there were some interesting claims of medals that grabbed our interest.

He has also claimed to have been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Vietnam Cross of Gallantry.  These claims were supported by plaques that Schlenker owns and displays.



There are many more claims inherent in the display cases – Rank of E-7, Jungle Expert, LRRP, Special Forces, Airborne, Jump Wings, Pathfinder, EIB, Vietnam campaign, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, etc.

People were skeptical of the Vietnam claims based on his age, having been born in 1958.

Schlenker’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act request with the National Personnel Records Center.

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SCHLENKER-summary sheet



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Since there was very little to link the displays to Peter Schlenker besides his name on the second photo of the plaque, sworn affidavits were obtained.

affidavit one affidavit two affidavit three

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Records show that the only conflict he was involved with was not military related.


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Peter Schlenker got out of the Army as an E-1 after three years.  His claim of E-7 in the display case is not supported.  An E-1 is the lowest enlisted rank one could have.  After three years he should have advanced, so there is some suggestion of an issue that would have precluded him from normal advancement.

There is nothing in his military records that support his claim of service in Vietnam.  In fact, he entered the Army in November 1975, long after the US pulled out of Vietnam.

There are no Vietnam campaign medals.

Perhaps the largest issue here is that there are no Silver Star, Bronze Star or Purple Heart medals listed in his records.  How could there be since he served during a time of no military conflict?  The Silver Star and the Purple Heart claims put Peter in direct conflict with Stolen Valor laws, especially if there were financial gains from his claims.

Peter Schlenker’s military records do not support his claims.

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8 thoughts on “Peter Joseph Schlenker – Airborne, Special Forces, Highly Decorated Vietnam Veteran, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Blog of Shame

  1. Hack Stone says:

    I don’t want to be accused of being homonymphobic, but the correct phrase is “piqued our interest”, not “peaked our interest”.

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  3. barbara1126 says:

    59, today, is too young to have served in Vietnam back then.

  4. Joseph Offutt says:

    Sort of how Scotty got out of the military and still talks about the glory days. hahaha what a loser scotty is.

  5. SSG D says:

    Joseph offutt, you continue to dig a deeper hole. By bashing a vetted veteran, you show yourself to be an immature man. Man up, check your pants to see if you still have a pair, and apologize. I’m a 20+ year veteran of the army who just retired. You can do a FOIA request on me if you like, I’ll send you all the info. Scotty served his time honorably. Get off his ass for treating you like the douschecanoe that you are.

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