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09/22/2017 by hombrerana1221

David Charles Hinyup hails from Metairie, LA.  Military Phonies became aware of David from his Facebook posts claiming that he received an “Iceman Iron man” Winter Hellweek award.   David also has other documentation saying he was a “SEAL.”



Look at the cute little Trident that David wears.



Wait, is that an Elite US Navy SEAL Team license plate frame that only real SEAL’s have?  No, no real SEAL would buy that crap, well at least the ones I know.  Cool ass sticker Navy SEALs 1 Bin Laden 0.


David talks about him being an “ex-navy operator medic”, that’s some very interesting wording.  BTW he calls himself Seawolf.




Let’s look at David’s online resume, he lists himself as NSWTC BUD/S 127 then (Boot Camp, Hospital Corpsmen, SEAL) on page 2.  He also mentions the HELL WEEK, ICEMAN-IRONMAN Award on page 3 and page 4 he just reiterates that same crap.  Seriously, this is a 6-page resume, after reading it and removing the redundant crap it could be a 1/2 page.


I highlighted the SEAL part for you.

DH11 DH13DH14

Then there is his Linkedin account.  After you read this it will become clear how ridiculous he sounds.  Now he calls it HELL WEEK “HONOR STUDENT’ ICEMAN IRONMAN Award.

He also states “File can be checked at Coronado, CA.  BUDS/SEAL’S Class 127, David Hinyup, Hospital Corpsmen”

Guess what, we have checked.


Below is a Facebook post started by David and he was called out, this is over 60 pages long, most of it is him rambling on about nothing and trying to justify himself, I only put a few because I guarantee no one wants to read all of it.



David talked about earning a HELLWEEK Trident, there is NO such thing as a HELLWEEK Trident.  You only get the Trident when you become a SEAL.  There is NO such thing as and ICEMAN-IRONMAN Award in BUD/S.

David stated that once we order his training record he would expect an apology…  He states it’s an Official Award.



After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of David Charles Hinyup ever being a Navy SEAL. 

David Charles Hinyup’s military records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.





David’s summary sheet shows he was on active duty in the Navy for approximately 3 years and 15 days and got out as an E-1, yes that is correct, an E-1.  Records show that David did check into BUD/S.  I contacted the NSW Center and they have no record of him classing up with 127.  I also contacted two SEALs from Class 127 and one instructor for that class, yes that all laughed when I mentioned the “HELLWEEK ICEMAN-IRONMAN Award” because they knew it was B.S. and they never heard of the name David Charles Hinyup.


David it looks like you owe everyone an apology.




And of course he wears that Trident pin on all hats and has a typical BUD/S shirt.


26 thoughts on “David Charles Hinyup – Fake Navy SEAL

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  2. Window Licker says:

    I checked out his LinkedIn page, at the very bottom of experience he put Navy Corpsman BUDS/SEALS class127….which begs the question, that if you show up for a few days and quit, before you class up; does that really warrant a bullet in your resume, and a mini Trident? What a complete piece of garbage. Wow, him and his buddy Webb. He dishonors the Teams and not to mention about 35,000 others who had the nads to try, fail and move on honorably.

    • Pete says:

      No sir it does not. I was at NDSTC in 97′. There was an entire EOD class that quit in the fucking locker room!! When the instructors found out a, Paissed off P/O came in and got them. A few did quit, after PT though.

  3. Wilted Willy says:

    Just another poser cocksucker! The only SEAL you could ever be is the one on tupperware!

  4. RM3(SS) says:

    Dickstepper extraordinaire. 3 years and change then out as an E-1? Sounds like a less than honorable discharge to me. Overcompensate much there “Iceman Seawolf”?
    Love to hear the rest of the story.

  5. mr. sharkman hell week iron man taco master honor tadpole says:

    BUD/S #127 + ‘made it to 2d phase diving’

    2d phase


    Keep up the good work MP

  6. Jaimie says:

    Sad. Clearly some need to be recognised. Self esteem issues here. Oh well now he has more, being shown as a liar is much worse than just being “ordinary” accept who you are mate and stop trying to be someone you are not, this kind of “outing” goes round the world, not just your dinner table!

  7. Jaimie says:

    Sorry. Fat fingers. Please amend my email and name.



  8. William Craig Short says:

    I was in BUD/S with David and it is true he did not graduate. I knew David well, and I graduated w/ Class 127. He did not, but he did ask me to comment on this page about his time at BUD/S.

    As I read this information, I was actually saddened. David and I encouraged each other through a very tough winter class Hellweek. He helped me make it, and I think there was only 11 original members that made it through to graduate, the rest were “rollbacks”. I don’t remember the numbers well – most SEAL’s forget details of BUD/S. It’s not important and once you make it to the Teams, no one cares…you are an FNG, again. I told David I wouldn’t comment because it was obvious he was trying to portray himself as a SEAL, but I changed my mind to set the record straight -due to the comments.

    The ground truth is David was a “fish” in the water, and at least average in the other physical stuff -toughed out Hellweek with the rest of us. He was an encouragement to me and I encouraged him. I don’t remember any “Ironman” award. I think it may have been something Chief’s Gill/Tullas/Donagan made up on the fly to screw with our heads. I don’t remember or care.

    What I remember vividly is during Dive Phase (2nd Phase) David struggled tremendously with the academic Dive Physics portion -Boyles Law, etc. I know….I spent hours with him on the weekends, rather than us taking a much needed break, sleeping, or going to the EM Club looking for ladies -we cracked the books and I tried to help him understand the math. To this day, I still remember the look of anxiousness on his face, because he just couldn’t understand it, nor get the sample problems right. I would show him, he would try it, and just struggled. We both felt helpless, knew what that meant after failing another test. I also felt very frustrated because I couldn’t help my friend. We tried over and over…it was simply very tough for him.

    David was academically dropped from Class 127. I never saw him, again. I don’t know why he left the Navy as an E-1, but it was probably due to his internalizing his BUD/S disappointment.

    That doesn’t justify his pretending to be a SEAL, etc. What I do know is becoming one was very important to him. He had made it through the first “physical toughness” screening, and it difficult for him to leave over some “math problems”. It was a hard pill to swallow.

    I don’t know why David did (or anyone) does fakes it, except maybe to feel a sense of belonging and self-worth? I became a SEAL when we weren’t even known by most. I also think it’s long-term hurt many people, because special forces folk tend to get their personal self-worth tied up in being a SEAL, Green Beret, etc.; and ultimately it is very dangerous because it’s a 100% let down later on…”is that it?” becomes the mantra. It’s quite possibly why service member suicide rates are so high….maybe we have forgotten humans are valuable beyond the measure of an occupation. I’m a SEAL, but that’s not who I am. At the end of the day, I’m a country boy from Nickelsville, Southwest VA. A guy that my BUD/S classmates called “Shoo-Howdy”. I learned to swim in Copper Creek, and had been to the ocean once before going to BUD/s. Now I work in the MFG Sector, and the only ones I want to make me feel special are my 2 kids; calling me Dad.


    William Craig Short
    CDR – USN (SEAL)
    BUD/S Class 127

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      Obviously you didn’t read this in the write-up above:

      Records show that David did check into BUD/S. I contacted the NSW Center and they have no record of him classing up with 127. I also contacted two SEALs from Class 127 and one instructor for that class, yes that all laughed when I mentioned the “HELLWEEK ICEMAN-IRONMAN Award” because they knew it was B.S. and they never heard of the name David Charles Hinyup.

      • Craig Short says:

        Well…let’s just trust the Navy and their wonderful record keeping ability, shall we…🙄; especially for Docs prior to electronic records. I think I’m on my 3rd Medical Record, now?

        What I stated was TRUE regardless what the Center shows or states. I’m a SEAL, I was there, and research and challenge me” on my credibility; none of the guys throwing rocks here were diving in SD Bay with Class 127 in 1983-84…I was. Nothing I said flattered / justified David’s actions. It’s just the way things happened. He was in that class with me.

        I don’t care what you or the NSWTC states.

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      I wasn’t sure how I was going to respond to your post but I felt I needed to. David is a horrible fake SEAL. His linkedin account, his FB account, his resume and his fucked up posts speak for themselfs. Putting SEAL allover the place, putting ICEMAN award everywhere, then having the balls to say it’s in his record. Then the turd tells me to apologize once we see it, he doesn’t have the balls to come here and do it himself. You might of remembered him but the others I contacted in your class didn’t know who he was.

      Just like in my class there were guys that could swim like a fish, run like a horse and were strong as an elephant but they didn’t become a frogman either.

      • "Shoo-howdy" says:

        I’m not justifying what he did or defending him. When I originally replied to his request to defend him, I said “David, I can’t do that because what they posted about you pretending to be a SEAL looked true”. He replied “I get it Bro…I messed up”.

        So, all I was doing was setting the record straight on what happened in BUD/S…he was there, I was there, and that’s what happened.

        I don’t remember anyone else’s name that quit, but I remember David personally. He was in my boat crew. There must have been 80-90 that’s quit whose names I don’t remember.

        Him lying about being a SEAL, he bears the consequence, the “Internet shame” and/or rocks thrown at him. He made that bed to lie in. I empathize some because he had the physical stamina, just not the intellectual to complete it. That can be even harder on someone to live with…it wasn’t “rocket science” or Calculus-1. He should have just let it go.

        What I stated was the eye-witness “facts”. I was there for it all. I’m sure it doesn’t ease his pain, regardless.

      • David c. Hinyup I apologize for wearing Trident, and ask for forgiveness says:

        The verbal award was given by INSTRUCTOR Christianson, not sure if spelled correct, given at Mudflats,and now looks like it was because of actions during Lyon loop, and it was our boat crew not just me who obtained award…Instructor Donagon…Chief Tullis, Chief Gill ….its was like fourth day of he’ll week .I want to biblically admit am sorry, and ask to be forgiven…I wore small trident,and shouldn’t have…but the award did happen….It was a class award, boat crew thing, Pat Harwood, Brian Rhodes, Kenneth K. Ellis, CDR. Craig Short all earned this..Again, please accept my sincere apology, for this ..I have the up most respect for the TEAM Guys and their sacrifice, to keep our Nation Safe..I screwed up, and ask for Forgiveness!!It won’t happen again! Sorry….David to piss off so many…

    • David c. Hinyup I apologize for wearing Trident, and ask for forgiveness says:

      Thanks CDR Craig Short for the truth about my class records. After I failed dive physics, Chief Gill Corpsman,moved me in BUDS Medical Dept. And I attended two medical schools, and had a recommendation to return and enroll in another class, after getting dive physics help,the recommendation was from Buds base CDR..Nolan, DirectorAmbhibious Warfare Dept.

      • hombrerana1221 says:

        Are you shitting us? Now it’s a verbal award, didn’t you say check my training record and apologize to me? Then you have the balls to say they gave you a small Trident. Your life is a lie, you can’t stop lying. Your resume, LinkedIn account and Facebook posts speak for themselves. You will forever be know as a fake and you owe every SEAL an apology for your lies. There was no verbal award

      • Construimus, Batuimus says:

        It baffles me why you felt the need to claim to be someone that you are not. You enlisted in the Navy to serve the country – that is an honor enough, for there are so many who cannot, and many who can but chose not to, but you did. But that’s not enough for you. You completed Phase 1, that by itself is already an achievement, for there are many who tried and didn’t even make it through Phase 1. Heck, tens of thousands of sailors didn’t even consider applying, for they know they don’t have what it takes, but you did. Yet that achievement is not enough for you.

        Like Cdr. Short said, you made your own bed. You should have been content with your achievement, and others would have been thankful for your service. I am not throwing rocks, but certainly doesn’t condone your action either. It’s a disgrace to the Navy itself, and brings dishonor to the real SEALs.

    • David c. Hinyup I apologize for wearing Trident, and ask for forgiveness says:

      Thank you CDR Short…

      • See, that wasn’t that hard. You did more than many others during your service, you should have been proud of what you actually did do. Prancing around with a Trident you did not earn will get you nothing but ridicule. How about cleaning up all the crap you have posted online. And, stop bothering Shipley he gets cranky when something gets in the way of his quality time with Paris Hiltons dogs and his gaggle of geese. The man tried to defend you, you owe him.

      • Skidmark says:

        David, If you’re truly sorry, where is the PUBLIC apology on your FB page?? It won’t happen, you’re not sorry…You’re like others that get caught doing whatever, they’re only sorry they got caught. Let’s see the apology on your social media sites, then and only then will some forgiveness be given.

      • David C. Hinyup says:

        “Ive read all the comments, but continue to see negative opines against me, even though Ive apologized. As stated, I no longer wear or have a SEAL Insigna, or associate with being one. I was not a SEAL. It was a mistake,its no longer in my resume, etc. That was all wrong, I freely admit it. We, all have do-over situations in life. I have regrets and I wish I could go back and do that part of life over. I cannot. If this apology isn’t good enough, then nothing will be. Please, continue taking shots at me if it makes you feel better about your own imperfect life. Again, I’m sorry, but Im done with this website and moving on. I want to Thank my dear Friend CDR Craig Short…I’m Proud of you and your legacy on the TEAMS…I Pray you are returned home soon, and that your family and you get the time needed ….GODSPEED SIR.. I Thank GOD for the SEALS that are fighting for our freedom, and the ones gone, but never forgotten…ever! Amen 127

      • A couple questions for you Mr Hinyup. Would you still be claiming SEAL if it wasn’t for this exposure? Would it make you feel better if we took this post down? You can’t expect people to just forgive you because you gave a one sentence apology. Sadly you brought all of this on yourself. We do forgive you but we will never forget. That is why this exposure and the comments section will remain open. Forever. Have a good day sir. ~ Scotty

  9. JH says:

    My father is a navy seal do not test me.Delete everything that you have said ,you do not know my father like me so get a job and get a life.This information is private and you took a picture of me and my dad so delete everything you jealous punk.

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      You do realize your father admitted to lying and was never a SEAL

  10. William Shultz says:

    I’m a retired US Army First Sergeant and In 22 years in the Army, all I ever did was my job, no matter what that job was or where I had to go to get it done. I am most certainly not a hero. These fake seals are getting boring. They have no imagination. I think there are more fakes than real SEALs. Can’t we see some other kinds of fakes??? Seals and other special operators such as Green Berets have my utmost respect. I served in Bad Tolz Germany when the 10th SF was there and I had a lot of friends in the group. I was an instructor at the 7th Army NCO Academy. Among many things, we taught integrity, and most of these folks don’t even know what that word means. Maybe if they posed as Secret Midnight Mess Kit Repairman they might get a little farther along in their fake lives. The real problem with these folks is their fakery does not hurt them, but it can cause damage, disappointment and heartache to the people who believed their lies. How can these fakes ever look their former friends in the face again. Beats the hell out of me..

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      If you have other fakes to submit please send them. Trust me if we had other fake Rangers, SF, PJ, etc… we would love to post them. But yes there are more fake SEALs than real ones.

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