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08/31/2017 by hombrerana1221

Timothy Earl Bean is located in Middleburg, FL and was reported to Military Phonies of claims of being a U.S. Navy SEAL.  Tim claims he was at… Yes you guessed it SEAL Team 3, but wait there is more, you will never guess what he did in the SEAL Teams.  How did you guess Sniper?  We are impressed with our Military Phonies readers to be able to guess that.


TB1 - Copy

That’s a sweet Trident on your vest Timothy, you definitely have to be proud to sport that around town.

Tim was happy to provide advice on becoming a U.S. Navy SEAL, we know it had to be accurate…



Thank God he doesn’t advertise being a SEAL, like putting a Trident on his vest while driving around town or going to bike rally’s or swinging by dunkin donuts…




Now that is some solid advice from a U.S. Navy SEAL 




And there is it, he was at SEAL Team 3 and a Sniper.  He was requested to give guidance to future SOF warriors, but unfortunately Tim declined because of his PTSD, he can’t be part of large groups and stories or experiences could cause a trigger.  We here at Military Phonies hope he’s OK.


We are glad that Tim would call out someone with Stolen Valor, I’m sure he wouldn’t put up with these types of lies.




There must be some pictures of Tim being a U.S. Navy SEAL, let’s look at his Facebook page.




Wait does that say SEABEES and that insignia doesn’t look like a Trident.  We at Military Phonies are pretty good at spelling and that doesn’t look like SEAL, then again Navy uniforms wouldn’t say SEAL.



After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Timothy Earl Bean ever being or training to become a Navy SEAL.

Timothy Earl Bean records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.





After reviewing Timothy’s DD-214 he did 8 years and 2 day’s, got out as an E-5, as an SW2 (Steel Worker rating) and NOT an SO which is a SEAL rating.  No record of him going to BUD/S or being stationed at any SEAL Team.


Tim was then confronted on Facebook about his claims, gets a bit interesting.  He states he’s a SEABEE (which is accurate) but states he wore the Trident in remembrance of a friend who died.  He was in BIAP in 2006 with Team 3.  That is interesting, a SEAL that was with Team 3 in 2006 jumped in to correct him since Team 3 was NOT in BIAP on 2006, they were located in other areas.  Needless to say he stopped responding to those questions.








15 thoughts on “Timothy Earl Bean – Fake Navy SEAL

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  2. Jayce Rodgers says:

    Wow!! I was in the Seabees with SW2 Bean. Actually, this sorry excuse of a human was the one that checked me into the battalion in 2005. He was always the one trying to be the cool guy, but didnt appeal to many because of his high level of douchery. It doesnt really surprise me that Bean pulled this kind of crap. Unfortunately, he lives just 10 minutes down the road from me now. I pray I never run into him. If I do, ill probably end up being a complete dick.

  3. Jimmy Lee says:

    I too was in NMCB 133 with this idiot. He was pretty much a shit bag, a wanna’ bee. I wouldn’t expect him posing as a SEAL, but he is a special kind of stupid. Conex box counsel his ass……

  4. Berry Jackson says:

    What a disgrace to the brotherhood of seabees as well as the teams. We had a guy in rnmcb 22 who claimed he was a swift driver. He never held the BM rating. Why wouldn’t you be proud of just being a ‘Bee’

  5. John Woolston says:

    What a rotten little shithead… I was actually in charge of a group of Seabees assigned to SEAL team 4 (NOT 3) in BIAP, (CSSD) in 2006-2007, and I never saw or heard of this frog hog on our compound. I’m pissed that a Seabee would sully our reputation by stealing valor. (I spent 3 years doing SPECWAR support for those guys, and this pisses me off to no end. Judging from his DD-214, he was a “Flee-bee” conversion from the fleet. Posing with an M-2 like a jerk no more makes you a SEAL than holding an electric guitar makes me Eddie Van Halen. I’m not saying I wish him ill, but if he was on life support, I’d probably unplug him to charge my iPhone…

    • Berry Jackson says:

      John don’t lump Bees with this dirt bag. We have as much pride as the Specwar crew.

      • John Woolston says:

        Believe me, I don’t lump us in with this earth sack at all! I wanted to be a Seabee since I was 10 years old, and was fortunate enough to wear the “bee” for 22 years. When it comes to combat, we can’t shoot and scoot as well as the SEALs, but we can hold our own. On the other hand, Seabees can build anything anytime anywhere, and most SEALs couldn’t build with legos! (I say this in jest! SEALs are cool and all, I just never wanted to be one!)

      • Berry Jackson says:


    • Angela Bean says:

      That comment says you would kill him to charge your phone… your a douche Bag!

      • John Woolston says:

        Your: Belonging to or associated with the person or people that the speaker is addressing, I.E. “Your husband is an oxygen thief.”

        You’re: Contraction of the words You and Are, I.E. “You’re not very good at insults.”

        I’ve been called much worse by much better people. Please capitalize the D in douche next time, as it takes away from the impact of your intended message.

  6. Brendan says:

    Timothy E Bean is a predator. He preys on women through Dominante and Submissive websites. His Wife Angela Bean was given a copy of a letter where he had a hand in someone’s suicide for what he did to her. He uses his “so called” military background as an excuse to abuse those in the lifestyle and thinks of it as ok. Apparently this guy has heart issues. Time for him to pay the piper a visit. Moneris should think about who they hire for projects with Bank of America!!!

    • Angela Bean says:

      Completely false recount of a converstation.. your lying to make him look bad… so much for confidentiality… seems your trying to hide something.

  7. Len Grindstaff says:

    Bean’s claims to have been a Navy Seal don’t surprise me. He was a piece of shit as a Seabee when he was in my platoon and apparently remains a piece today.

  8. Steve says:

    This guy is probably a poser as a biker as well.

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