Steve P Jeffries, Fake Navy SEAL, Fake Vietnam Veteran


08/30/2017 by tangomike147


Steve comes to us from Fresno California. He was noticed when he posted to a Navy Veterans page. He claims to be an SO or “Special Ops” Second Class Petty Officer. The Rateing “SO” is for SEALs now but it did not come about until 2006 and it does not stand for Special Ops. It stands for Special Warfare Operator.  Later in the post, he does claim to be a SEAL and a Vietnam Veteran.




He even has the hat.


We just had to reach out and get his story. What we found was remarkable. Jeffries claimed three and a half tours in Vietnam. He claimed a Navy Cross, two Purple Hearts, and 120 kills. Steve also claims to have kept his sniper rifle, M16 and an AK47 which he still has. Of course, he is thinking of writing a book.












The following is more claims of service.


He claims he was in Vietnam again in the following posts.



After carefully checking the SEAL Database for Steve Jeffries it was discovered that he never graduated from UDT/SEAL Training. A Freedom of Information Act Request was used to obtain his military records. The only Medal listed in his record is the National Defense Service Medal.


Steve Jeffries records do not support his claim to being a Navy SEAL or to have any of the Medals he claims. His records do not show any deployments overseas. There are no ribbons or medals for Vietnam service. The records do show that he served six years and was discharged as an E1.

But that didn’t stop him from creating a Vietnam Veterans Group on FB Central Valley Vietnam Veterans



7 thoughts on “Steve P Jeffries, Fake Navy SEAL, Fake Vietnam Veteran

  1. Casey Ryback’s mentally deficient older Brother?

  2. RM3(SS) says:

    Discharged as an E-1,Dickstepper no doubt. Interesting that his last assignment and place of separation was Bainbridge MD. When I was there, we had NAPS, Nuke school, WAVE bootcamp and RM school. It was an old WWII base with a lot of abandoned buildings. This was in 1972, as far as I know the base was deactivated in 1976.

  3. Bobby McKellar says:

    Always amazes me how these guys make all these wild ass claims seem to forget that the old paperwork trail is pretty damn easy to pick up!

  4. Zippo says:

    His Ass is a Cum Bucket

  5. Mark Lauer says:

    Three and a half tours in Vietnam after 1972….that would have been pretty remarkable for a SEAL. Or anyone else for that matter. That would have put him there in 1977.

  6. […] partners at Military Phonies share their work on this Steve Jeffries in Fresnbo, California, who claims to have been a Navy SEAL […]

  7. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    Amazing! There seems to be an endless supply of these lying asswipes. It is good to know that they are being rooted out and exposed for the useless shitbag they are. They all need to be flushed!

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