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08/29/2017 by hombrerana1221

Daniel Roberto Silva hails from Oxnard, CA.  Military Phonies was informed from a source about Daniel claiming to be a SEAL and a graduate of BUD/S CLASS 292.  He also states he was stationed at SEAL Team 4 from 2009-2012.  Military Phonies has no written or video evidence of the claim of being a BUD/S graduate and a member of SEAL Team Four.  Daniel was a personal trainer with a resume of being a Navy SEAL at a gym in Camarillo Ca.



Let’s look at Daniel’s background at the gym where you can get trained by a “Member of the elite Seal Team, how can you not just want to meet Daniel…let alone train with him?!”

That’s a very good question, we at Military Phonies would love to know just a bit more about Daniel.




Wow, I think getting trained by Daniel might be worth it since he is an Elite Navy SEAL. Let’s look into this just a little bit…

Wait, are those Navy SEAL cammies?




The source also states when Daniel was asked about his time in the SEAL Teams at the gym he was reluctant to talk about it due to it hurts to think about all his friends lost in Extortion.  This was reported by a few members that went to his gym.  (Military Phonies has no written or video evidence).  For those who don’t know Extortion 17  (Helo call sign “one-seven”) was the most tragic day in SEAL Team history.




Wait, how can Daniel be an Elite Navy SEAL stationed on USS Roosevelt and doing the All-Navy tryouts?  AKA Dangerous Daniels…..



After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Daniel Roberto Silva ever being or training to become a Navy SEAL.

Daniel Roberto Silva’s records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.



Based on Daniel’s DD-214 he did just over 3 years and 9 months, got out as an E-4, as an ABH3 and NOT an SO which is a SEAL rating.  No record of him going to BUD/S or being stationed at any SEAL Team.  He was stationed on USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71.



5 thoughts on “Daniel Roberto Silva – Fake Navy SEAL

  1. Adam Webber says:

    Got out with a ‘Good Conduct’ medal? Posing as something in the military without actually earning it or ever having been that something doesn’t seem like something becoming of someone who earned a ‘Good Conduct’ medal. I’d say this is sad, sad, conduct. What a way to dishonor, disrespect, and show how disingenious (sp?) he actually really is. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck – it’s probably a duck.

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  3. Jim S. says:

    These people make me sick. I wont say when, but BUD/S 292 graduated AFTER this Turd says he was assigned to Team 4. What an idiot.

  4. Wilted Willy says:

    Just another phony poser that isn’t worth the time of day! They should drop this turd in the middle of Syria with a pound of bacon and see if he can find his way home! What a total asshole!!!

  5. Ashamed of knowing this guy says:

    I knew this guy in high school personally. He went to Channel Islands high school. He joined the navy years later and told me he wanted to be a navy seal. The story from what he told me was that he went out the day before going to BUDs and got real drunk with some friends. So of course he was real hung over and sept in missing his ship date. He told me that his contract to go to BUDs was ripped in front of him because of this. So that’s when his Navy boxing carrier started after that. What a disappointment and disgrace. i never thought he would stoop low like this.

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