Richard R Patey, Fake SEAL


06/26/2017 by tangomike147


Richard comes to us from Jamaica. We believe he lives in Jacksonville, FL but he claims Jamaica on his Facebook page. He has made claims to being both a Navy SEAL and a Special Warfare Combat Crewman. We did find his picture in a cruise book.  Page 410 of the USS Saratoga (CV-60) 1984 Med Cruise book. An E-3 after three years.


Here he talks about being on SEAL Team 2 and giving his input on SEAL Team 6


He also talks about the special brain training he went through



He also claims to beat people up because he is a badass SEAL.  It seems like he is still as fit today as he was in the SEAL Teams, he must have had that super secret “kickassing ” training.


This is the claim of graduating BUD/S and declaring himself a Frogman.  He must terrify people with being a physical specimen and the killer look when he says “I will kill you.  No words no discussion”  and no breaks in-between meals.


More pictures to pad te claim, he must have visited the Navy Exchange and/or Ebay.



It seems his Linkedin claims US Navy for 23 years 3 months.


Here is the SWCC claim. Maybe he just got confused.


We also found this.  Guess he forgot he was haze gray and underway….


We checked the SEAL Archives and we could not find his name listed as a graduate of the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL school. That is a requirement to be a SEAL. We requested his records to see if he did serve. We found that he did serve for three years and two months from August 1981 to October 1984. He was discharged as an AOAN which is an Aviation Ordnanceman E3.


It looks like he spent his service on the USS Saratoga. No SEAL training, No SEAL NEC. We can only conclude that he is not being truthful with his claims of being a SEAL and/or SWCC.





Patey Facebook 1

Facebook 2

Facebook 3

Patey Linkedin


Twitter 2







8 thoughts on “Richard R Patey, Fake SEAL

  1. Johnathan mathes says:

    Tango Mike 147 your the best lol stay groovey

  2. Wilted Willy says:

    Another phony ass poser in Florida! Why do all these shitbags have to be from Florida? This fat ass couldn’t be a pimple on the ass of a real SEAL! You are a worthless piece of shit poser, I hope you rot in hell you ass hamster! Enjoy your google fame asshole! Remember the internet is forever fuck stain!!

    • Jeffery Damon Monroe says:

      Damn freaking Florida again!! What is up the Fred G Sanford Junk Dealers Convention Shirt and 2 Bottles of Red Stripe? Doesn’t he know they sell RS in American Convenient Stores?

  3. Todd Davis says:

    I’m not a SOF guy. But even I know that the trident isn’t issued upon completion of Buds I think you have another year of follow on traing before it awarded to you. If I’m wrong someone correct me . If he’s wrong about something a real Seal should know then it’s another reason to say he’s a phony

  4. Adam Webber says:

    I don’t know if he’s a phony or not – other than no records in the BUD/s database that he graduated or even attended. I know I attended – 2x. 1st time I dropped in Hell Week – lacked focus on my goals. 2nd time I knew what I wanted and I succeeded. I believe it was approximately 10 months after I graduated BUD/s before I was awarded my Trident – at ST-2. Jumpschool, or waste of 3 weeks of life school, took up a month of that. Looks like he was an Aviation Ordnanceman for his active duty tour. Spent he time aboard an aircraft carrier. I spent a small amount of time on a carrier – as a rider – but not more than a few days at a time. I also spent 2 weeks on a submarine but – I’m not a ‘submariner’ 😉 You are what you are and you’re not what you’re not. Just be yourself and tell more stories about being a lazy dude in the USN – you’re not alone as I met mmmmmmmmaaaaaannnnyyyy like you.

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  6. RCAF_Chairborne says:

    More of a manatee or walrus than a SEAL

  7. steve says:

    Please post someone else so I dont have to look at this ugly fuck everytime I pull up this page…

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