Almon Henthorne, US Marine, Force Recon, Combat Wounded, Blog of Shame (UPDATE)


06/18/2017 by militaryphonies

Almon Henthorne from Orlando Florida appears to make claims that he is a highly decorated combat wounded Marine from the Vietnam War.


Some of the Valor awards that Mr Henthorne was pictured wearing online are the Navy Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Medal, Combat Action Ribbon and the Purple Heart. 

He claims that he was a Force Recon Scout/Sniper who achieved the rank of Gunnery Sergeant (E-7).  


It certainly appears that he is wearing a Prisoner of War ribbon in that rack as well.  It looks to be a poor attempt as creating some kind of official photo.  He should have washed and ironed his sheet before he hung it up.

He decided to support his fellow veterans by starting his own Chapter of PATRIOTS 4 VETERANS


He seems to really care about his fellow veterans.
Almon Henthorne has a rather impressive wall of honor dedicated to himself.

“Gunney” Henthorne appears to be both Jump and Scuba Qualified…the hallmark of a fully qualified Force RECON Marine.

1st Force RECON claim.

He is a big advocate for telling the truth about military service.


We can’t wait for his “illustrations of a paper trial”.

We had reports come in for the last couple of years on our little buddy here but for whatever reason, it took a while to get an official response back from our FOIA requests. While we were waiting on his records we checked in on our “Gunney” from time to time. Try as we may, we can’t find any evidence that his claims might be true.

We do know there doesn’t seem to be any record of Almon ever getting a Navy Cross or Silver Star. Just one of the many places we checked was Home of Heroes for anyone with his name.  Nor did an exhaustive search of News articles and Press Releases from the United States Marine Corps reveal any mention of his heroism.

Of course he does not appear on any list of POW’s either.  We find that particularly disturbing.

Here are the results from our Freedom of Information Act request on his records:

His official records seem to be a mere 17 Medals short of what he claims.  They also don’t know anything about him being a Jump and Scuba qualified, rifle and pistol expert, Marine either.  22 months in the Navy.  He did spend a whole month on a supply ship, it might have even been underway for some of that time, its hard to tell.


For some reason he rocketed from E-2 all the way to E-1 and was sent to discover his land legs again.  During the time we have been waiting on his records we have had multiple reports of him claiming to suffer from the PTSD.  We have no idea what causes him to suffer from such a thing, but we know strange things can happen in Fan Rooms aboard ships.  Maybe something went bump in the night…we may never know.

In summary, his FOIA response has no Navy Cross, Silver Star, NMCM(equivalent to a Silver Star for heroism while not directly engaged with the enemy), Purple Heart, Prisoner of War Medal or any other award with the exception of the National Defense Service Medal.  According to his records he was on the opposite side of the planet during Vietnam.  No RECON assignments or training of any kind.  His records show he was most certainly not a United States Marine of any rank.

He was not on Secret missions in the jungles of Vietnam or any other place for that matter.  We are told by many veterans that its because of people like Almon Henthorne and the failure of Veteran Organizations to properly  verify military service that they will have nothing to do with any of them.

We see reports, now that he knows we are about to post a case on him, that its all a misunderstanding or some kind of Government conspiracy.

Plus, he claims to do all kinds of good things in the name of veterans…so maybe we should just look the other way.

Well “Gunney”, we decided people should know a bit more about your military career before supporting anything you do.


After our initial post we were contacted by a Beirut veteran.  He was going to visit Mr. Henthorne with other witnesses and informed us that he would provide the information that Almon was using to support his claims.

True to his word, he rode several hours to get Mr. Henthornes side of the story.  This is what Almon provided to him:

We have the right Name and Birthdate.
PISC Plt 169 Lima Company grad Mar 25, 1965
RVN 1965-1966
Bronze Star, Purple Heart
then 30 days leave in HI and back to RVN
1966-1967 Hill 55 with Carlos Hathcock
1967-1970 POW in Laos
Was about to be trans to Hanoi Hilton but was rescued by Army Special Rangers, he only weighed 109 lbs.
Was in various hospitals until discharged in 1972


After this meeting Henthorne was asked to post an apology for his deception, but in his first attempt he still maintained some lies.


I was going to go through the entire list of reasons why all of those documents and claims are utterly nonsense, but almost nothing on the DD214 is filled out correctly.  Some highlights, no such Sniper Command ever existed, 8541 was a secondary MOS and is never listed as the only MOS, the dates are…well…nonsensical, no way to even begin understanding what “Marine Corp SS SIG” means.  Anyone with a real DD214 can add paragraphs to why these are forgeries.

I called Mr. Henthorne, explained who I was and had a nice chat about what he should probably do.  I understand that after decades of deception Mr. Henthorne is making some attempt at admitting he had lied all these years.  I hope he takes this opportunity to come completely clean and move on with life.

I feel empathy for his family.  It must be devastating to learn someone you love had lied all these years.  Much respect to all of them.

Fake and embellished claims of military service are allowed to snowball into an out of control avalanche because people who knew better let it go on.  Veteran groups must do a better job of verifying their members.  The best of intentions mean nothing and all good deeds are for not if its all based on a lie.  People who suspected Almon Henthorne was not legit and did nothing about it, should hang their heads in shame.  This could have been stopped many years ago.

Semper Fidelis to my Beirut Brother who’s only intent was to get to the truth, his long drive in the night to defend or confront Almon is admirable.  I know his heart goes out to the family.

He did come out finally and admit that he is not and never has been a United States Marine.

We never advocate or support violence against someone, in fact we detest it and will report any knowledge of such an act to law enforcement.  As William Munny said, “Deserves got nuttin to do with it”.




41 thoughts on “Almon Henthorne, US Marine, Force Recon, Combat Wounded, Blog of Shame (UPDATE)

  1. GDContractor says:

    I’m sorry, did he say “GUNNEY”?

    • KillerB says:

      Yes check Almons pic and look for it…dick not only full of shit and pickle juice.. he can’t spell for shit either.

  2. Mike P says:

    “Gunney”? Bwahahahaha!!!

  3. Zippo says:

    Gunneys need luv 2…is that Gunney sacks..??..Maybe he meant Guinia..

    Fuck him

  4. He looks like a bag of smashed assholes in that uniform picture.

  5. Bob Crumpton Gunnery Sergeant USMC (Ret) says:

    This guy is a monumental puke! Anybody…..ANYBODY…..who ever served a day in the Marine Corps knows how to spell Gunny! This wannabe, vomit-inducing maggot wouldn’t make a bump on a real Gunny’s ass! What a Nauseating lump of amphibian shit!

    • KillerB says:

      This shit nugget is a sinker “Gunny” Bob..and the big flush is in play. Semper Fi.

  6. Wilted Willy says:

    Why do all of these gasbags have to be from Florida? What an asshole!

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  8. Pete Leonard says:

    I spent just over two years in VietNam as a radio operator in the 1st MarDiv. My only secret mission in the jungles was trying to keep my ass alive. Really do have a CAR, and Purple Heart. Hate these wannabe Marines or any other branch they choose. Wife just said he’s a nasty piece of ahit, I agree.
    Pete Leonard, Sgt USMC 1968-1972 Vietnam 69,70,71. Semper FI

  9. Jay says:

    I’m a REAL Gunny…retired Supply type. I went to Afghanistan once, spent 5 months on my ass at Camp Cupcake and left the wire ONCE. No shots fired in anger, no IEDs, no nothing. I still retired with my head held high and if anyone asks, I proudly say I was a Supply Chief. To be a Marine (soldier, sailor, airmen) is ENOUGH. Why try to embellish when so few serve already?

    • rosie says:

      And he wasn’t even a Marine. He was in the Navy for 22 months.

  10. Ed Avery says:

    He should have his ass kicked up around his neck so it will choke him to death. I.m a retired Navy Chief that has been called a Marine with a light duty chit. That makes me a US Navy Seabee.

  11. Graybeard says:

    Almon Frost Henthorne Jr. is a disgrace to Almon Frost Henthorne Sr.
    Almon Frost Henthorne Jr. never was a Marine.
    Almon Frost Henthorne Jr. is living in a fantasy world of his own construction.
    Almon Frost Henthorne Jr. served in the U.S. Navy, but was so high-drag/low-speed that the was discharged as an E1,
    Almon Frost Henthorne Jr. was a failure in the Navy.
    Almon Frost Henthorne Jr. is dishonorable.
    Almon Frost Henthorne Jr. is an embarrassment to his daughter.
    Almon Frost Henthorne Jr. has deceived his future son-in-law – who may want to disown him.
    Almon Frost Henthorne Jr. has lied to the community.
    Almon Frost Henthorne Jr. is now exposed as the fraud he is.
    Almon Frost Henthorne Jr.: sux to be you, but you’ve no one to blame but yourself for that.

  12. Toasty Coastie says:

    Wow! A real live Blue Waffle! (Do not google, if you do, do so at your own risk) lololol 😀

  13. Rick Mack says:

    Moronic Piece Of Shit …

  14. Marie says:

    This is Almond Henthorne’s step-daughter. Just a tid pit of info that you idiots have incorrect. Of course you’ryou’re not gonna find any info on Almond Frost Henthorne, Because Frost is not his middle name you dumb asses. Those awards you see him standing in front of are real, with his real name. He was a POW and he does suffer from PTSD. So before you go smearing someone’s name in the mud and trying to ruin there reputation as a Marine you might wanna research the right person, and get your fucking fact straight. Fuck you and have a fantastic day.

    • We did do our own research and found that the Tech. at the National Personal Records Center made a typo on his summary sheet.
      I would also like to inform that ALL POW/MIA’s from the Vietnam War are listed. Your step father is NOT on that list. But he can clear all of this up by simply producing his Military Retirement ID card. Have a nice day ma’am.

    • arhauptiii says:

      I’m sorry, but have to call bullshit on the POW claims. See, here’s the thing- there’s a list that goes back to at least WWII of everyone who is/was a POW- even if it was only for a day. Care to guess whose name isn’t on that list?

    • John Lawson, CWO-4, USMC (Ret) says:

      Hey, step-daughter – why isn’t he on the Department of Defense POW list? EVERY POW in the Vietnam War who returned from captivity is on that list. YOUR STEP-FATHER IS NOT. Why can’t we find a copy of his Navy Cross and Silver Star citations anywhere? BECAUSE HE WAS NEVER AWARDED THEM. And how many other men named “Almon Henthorne” have in the military during the Vietnam war? Kinda tough to get him mixed up with anyone else, with a unique name like that (oh, by the way, YOU spelled his first name WRONG).

      Wake up and smell the coffee. Step-dad is a fraud and a liar. He doesn’t have the cojones to defend himself here or at Quit defending him.

    • Jeffery Damon Monroe says:

      Why is he not on The POW list? Also how come he only served 18 years instead of 20 and we have his actual navy File . How did he go from E-1 navy and a navy hospital to a usmc E-7 also Force Recon and CAR came later and Force recon do not have snipers because a sniper rifle is heavy and force recon are basically are combination of light infantry and rangers. Don’t get mad with us that actually did serve honorably some us retired some didn’t but we never made up a damn story that can be verified -he should be totally ashamed and should be totally ratted out and publicly humiliated and go to jail my late dad was a usmc and went 3 x died of agent orange caused brain tumor and his little brother lance corporal Wilbur Dean Monroe USMC died in Vietnam on June 11,1968 and his name is on the Wall. I don’t really give a damn about you being mad at us it is your worthless lying pos garbage step-dad this you should be angry at?

  15. Chief_Nick says:

    First of all, Marines didn’t receive the Combat Action Ribbon (CAR).
    Secondly, unless this guy can come up with some really quick info, it is past time he was arrested and jailed for anything anyone can find on him.
    Finally, judging from the number of stars on his Good Conduct Ribbon, he should be carrying a retired ID card, so if you see him, ask for it.
    People like this make me sick. I did 23 years, 20+ active duty and a year in-country RVN. If he is living in Florida then he needs to be glad I’ve moved.

    • Chief, Marines are awarded the Combat Action Ribbon, as well as the coast guard, That being said this guy is a total fraud. He was exposed a few days ago and has done nothing to prove he is legit. If I was ever accused of being a fraud I could have it straightened out within 5 minutes.
      All I see is his misled step daughter, who has been lied to for years come forward.

  16. Toasty Coastie says:

    Hey Step Daughter!
    Suck it Fuck Tart…your knob wobble step-father is a pathetic fraud and a liar and should be ashamed of himself. He did indeed serve, but not in the capacity that he claims. So while he should have just been proud of the fact he served when most in his Era didn’t, he shyte all over it and thus, deserves every bit of the flaming and Google-Fu he and more that he’s getting. If you got any questions, go visit some REAL EX-POW’s at your nearest VA Hospice, or better yet, ave a chat with a REAL, Truth-Telling Vet.


  17. arhauptiii says:

    And suddenly his Facebook page has vanished, and his club has removed all traces of him from their Facebook page

    • Pete C Leonard says:

      Read his st=p daughters reply the other day and told her if she was so right, publish his DD214 and discharge, never even responded back to me. Must mean something.

  18. Wow, those forged documents though. So much wrong. Among other things the USMC never had Service Numbers above 2,800.000.

  19. USMCMSgt (Ret) says:

    All his documents are fucked up. The Honorable Discharge” certificate was signed by BGen R.W. Crossly – who is actually a retired Army General.

    His “promotion warrant” to Sergeant is fucked up too. His effective date of rank would have been February 1, 1966 – not the 21st. (To add, LtCol Donald N. McKeon was the CO of 1st Recon Bn during October 1966, not LtCol John E. Parker.

    …and there’s NO WAY the Commandant of the Marine Corps signed off on that 1978 certificate,

    Finally, his “Good Conduct medal” of January 21, 1972 is bullshit too. MajGen Nickerson was a Marine, but Good Conduct medal aren’t signed by flag officers. (Besides, MajGen Nickerson retired on March 31, 1970).

    • Nicholas Mottola says:

      No one can put it any better than that MSgt. Semper Fidelis my Marine brother. Honoring Their Sacrifice Comforting Their Beloved Left Behind Never Ever Forgetting each and every one that paid the price for our freedom. Combat veteran, OUF on Grenada and MNF Beirut, Lebanon 1993-84.

  20. KillerB says:

    Anyone else notice he claimed he was in Nam for 5 years?

  21. Robert C Zornes says:

    Hmmmm, rescued by Army “Special” Rangers, eh?

    That’s quite a new one on me.

  22. Marc says:

    Veteran groups must do a better job of verifying their members. That is the understatement of the Century. It is not just Florida.. I know someone mentioned that in a comment.. sortof as a joke.. But it really comes down to area’s with high populations of retired veterans. But in my area we have massive veteran’s posts.. Like they do in Florida. And they make a fortune in cash from fundraising and gambling. Alot of cash and alot of reasons for people to fight to be in charge of it.. In my area there are alot of frauds and they seem to get by because they are surrounded by other frauds.

    • Wilcox says:

      Good catch. BTW, what is a “LAGISTICS COURRIER”? Kinda matches the inaccuracies in his improper military documents.

  23. Mike P says:

    Wait, there’s a sniper battalion? Why do these fuckers always claim to be snipers?

    • Not to mention wouldn’t concentrating all the snipers together in a single battalion kind of defeat the purpose of what snipers are supposed to do?

      • Scott McGarrigle says:

        I read a book about a famous Marine sniper from Vietnam war, sorry can’t recall his name right now. Maybe Hathcock. In book he was part of a sniper unit but they did split up into different units temporarily but did remain a part of the sniper unit.

  24. V B II says:

    I hope someone is able to track how much donated $’s this guy took in … and …. how much actually went where it was supposed to instead of buying fake “certificates.”

  25. L Cpl Nelson says:

    Unless he makes a damned vest that says “I lied about being a US Marine to my friends and family. I suck”…….

  26. William Ryan says:

    Cpl. Ryan Nothing can be more humiliating than to impersonate and dishonor true combat veterans. The stain of shame is incomprehensible . Exposure of this type of fraud will forever haunt him and will be punishment enough. A real combat Marine is usually the quiet one in a room , he has nothing to prove. Semper Fi

  27. Kevin Winters says:

    So many things wrong here, all those “certificates” are just a little off. For the dates claimed the name would have been followed by the SSN then a / and then the the MOS. Usually when you see these posted they’ll have been redacted but that’s whats under the black mark after the name. The other thing that jumped out was the date of the promotion. Marine enlisted promotions are always either the 1st, or in the case of meritorious promotions the 2nd, of the month. But there are hundreds of things wrong with the documents, ink, fonts, format, etc.

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