Mark Tarbox; phony SEAL … legit criminal.


07/24/2017 by militaryphonies

Our friends over at posted Mark Ellis Tarbox from around Mount Pleasant, North Carolina.  Here he is at a recent church function:

A few years ago he came to the attention of investigators within the Stolen Valor community when the post below appeared online.  It seems he got the word about his ribbons being out of order since then, he just didn’t correct the fact that he didn’t earn any them except for the National Defense Service Medal.



The Navy says he rocketed all the way to E-1 in rank in his short of a year military career.

Of course he does not appear on the rolls of those who became a Navy SEAL but he does appear on records.


Source: Mark Tarbox; phony SEAL : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

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