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Jeffrey B. Muise hails from Gloucester, MA, Military Phonies was informed about Jeff’s claims around town of being a U.S. Navy SEAL and from SEAL Team Two.



Jeff is an avid crossfitter and rower.  When Jeff is rowing a boat and has to keep the sun out of his eyes he must have a HUGE Trident on his hat.  We can only pray he is a strong swimmer because if he fell overboard that HUGE Trident will take him to the bottom of the river.  Normally that Trident is worn on Navy Uniforms and not on a hat, unless you want to announce to people across the river, “Hey I am a Navy SEAL, seriously look at my hat you just can’t get this anywhere!!!!”





Nothing better than fake press-on tattoos..



Jeff must have offset the weight of the HUGE Trident by adding a SEAL Team Two pin on the other side, it’s somewhat difficult to see but it’s there for his family, friends and strangers to see.

jEFF11jEFF11 - Copy



Oh but wait, you just can’t have a HUGE Trident on your hat, you have to have your “I shop online to purchase SEAL shirts” T-shirt on




A nice story was written about Jeff.  He must have fooled them because they state “Ex Navy Seal, Postman and all around legend”  He must have been a legend at the post office, I’m sure he can deliver mail like no other…



He has fooled all his crossfitters…





After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Jeffrey Brian Muise ever being or training to become a Navy SEAL.

Jeffrey Brian Muise’s records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.




In Conclusion

It’s obvious that Jeff never attended BUD/S and was NEVER a Navy SEAL.  He does not appear in the SEAL Database as having ever attended BUD/s, a prerequisite for all legit Navy SEALS.    Jeff did serve in the Navy for approximately 4 years as a Machinist Mate Third Class (MM3 – E-4).




Video below…

18 thoughts on “JEFFREY BRIAN MUISE – Fake US Navy SEAL

  1. jeffery d monroe says:

    Lordy Lordy man was a crap sailor E- after 4 years in a very tough demanding rating.

  2. Dave Hardin says:

    Nothing says “operator” like pussy paws. He served honorably when most Americans would not. He had every reason to be proud of what he did do…instead he leaves a shit stain on it.

  3. Skippy says:

    Sad why is it so hard to be proud of ones own service

    • jeffery d monroe says:

      MM A School is not easy. I also remember The Shenandoah I believe it was stationed out of Mayport Florida in The 80s-I was on The USS Holland AS-32 from 1985-87 and then the USS Jesse L Brown FF-1089 from 1987-1990 all out of Charleston, SC . The Holland was in Goosecreek,SC Naval Weapons Station . After that I joined The Alabama Army National Guard and deployed 2x to Iraq in The Infantry and retired . Just be proud that you actually did serve and stop with the SEALS,RANGERS,SF,MARINE RECON,SNIPER BS. .

  4. […] partners at Military Phonies share their work on this fellow, Jeffrey Brian Muise who claims to have served in the Navy as a […]

  5. Joleen says:

    He was in a bad place in his life. We all do things we regret. No judgement here

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      Piss poor excuse, how does being in a bad place make you live a lie for many years, he lied to friends, family, etc…

    • Marc says:

      Regret? So he is not doing it any longer? He has come clean and expressed contrition? Odds are he will continue to be a pretend SEAL in the future, he will just be better at it and not do interviews.

    • You can tell Mr LIAR Muise that he can bring his apology here if he is really sincere about stealing the Valor of men much better than he could ever be. ” No Glory In Stolen Valor ” ~ Scotty

  6. Jeff Muise says:

    By now a lot of you have seen the article about me on social media. And it is true. I’d like to apologize to my family, friends and the SEAL community and their families. I have no excuse, I let my lie spiral out of control. I know some of my friends messaged me saying some POS sent it to them. Sadly I’m the POS for being dishonest about my service. I am sincerely sorry for all of this and any harm that it caused.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      That is more than most posers will admit. Sad part is you didn’t do it until after you were exposed and everyone could see the truth for themselves. It is what it is, suck it up and move on with life. You had every reason to be proud of what you did do, try not to piss all over yourself in the future.

  7. Belle says:

    It was poor judgement but we were told and all kknew the truth. I have nothing but the highest respect for Navy Seals and any one who puts their life on the line for our country. Not that it makes it okay,but this has been posted by an X that is very good ever comes from that.

    • kbw83 says:

      This was not posted by an X. It was posted by Military Phony. When someone brags about military exploits, they develop a social media and internet “signature”. Google “SEAL”, “Ranger”, “Delta” and a wide range of other special forces terminology. It sends up a red flag. This is a mess, but it is a mess of Jeff Muise’s own doing. It sounds like he has taken ownership of it which is a good thing. But we thank you for your wild ass uniformed guess.

      • Belle says:

        Believe me all info was pushed through by a X with a Fatal Attraction problem. It was all put out there by her. We knew the truth,which was old news to us,and he tried to move on. I don’t believe for one minute she didn’t have a hand in this..she posted all over Facebook just to twist the knife in his back a little more. Now lets move on.

        In reply to Belle

        Well, you seem to be awfully forgiving. That’s very noble of you. You treat this like he burped and said excuse me so people shouldn’t make too much of it because it’s socially uncomfortable.

        Jeff wears the SEAL bling like they are campaign buttons but he, and apparently you, have no appreciation for the men that earned that distinction and lost their lives under the honor that they rightfully earned. Whether you have any deep appreciation for what has happened here or not, and apparently you do not, you continue to add insult to injury by proclaiming that Jeff has apparently suffered enough in your view when you state “Now lets move on”, like you’re the adult in the room.

        That is completely offensive and repulsive.

        Maybe you can tell grieving wives and mothers “Now lets move on.”

        Let me give you some advice – until you are personally affected by the very deep cuts that come from the transgressions of stolen valor, you may just want to express some remorse and move on, instead of trying to diagnose the situation and act like you’re in some kind of morally superior position to make a final judgment call. The only thing you were successful at was adding insult to injury. ~ Military Phony

    • Marc says:

      I am not affiliated with this site. But you really have no understanding of what he did or who was impacted or why it is such a big deal. Nobody cares about why he did it or who is happy that he was busted or who is not happy with it.

      If he told everyone around him the truth, why not ask the crossfit gym to take down all of the postings that highlight him and his great service as a Navy SEAL?

      He picked the wrong thing to lie about and at the wrong time.. This is the digital age, while bragging in a bar while drinking may be easy to get away with, having your fitness center post about your service will get noticed. And saying you are a Navy SEAL, that is probably the dumbest thing to lie about. Because it is one of the most common boasts made by frauds. And that is one of the most watched for claims, and it is very easy to verify whether it is true.

      If you really want to understand how fucked up what he did was,, go volunteer at a VA hospital, one that has a long term care facility attached. Help with bingo or arts and crafts. As your helping a patient who has no arms play bingo and drink water, who has spent most of their lives in a VA or Military hospital.. Ask him or her what they think of military frauds.. and ask him or her about the last time someone posted how great of a hero they were on social media.

  8. Toasty Coastie says:

    Nice insincere apology…you freaking F***Muppet Blue Waffle.

  9. Jeff Muise says:

    I find this very offensive and will contact law enforcement also my attorneys in florida will handle this website to the extent of being shut down i am very much a navy seal and have friends to back me up its sad when reputable sites falsify documents yo make another individual look bad

    • Ok, next time you wanna try and troll this site, you might want to read the other comments in this thread. Muise has already confessed to being a phony. There is nothing you can do, mainly because everything posted here is public information anyone can obtain, and opinions based off of that public information,,,but you go ahead and troll on!!

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