Royal Eugene Lovejoy Jr, Fake SEAL Senior Chief, Fake Navy Pilot, Fake Master Diver, Fake Vietnam Veteran


06/13/2017 by tangomike147

Some people out of the great state of Texas sent us some very interesting wedding photos lately. They seem to show an Enlisted/Officer/SEAL/Pilot/Master Diver. Thats a lot to sort through. In the photo below he is wearing the Navy SEAL Trident on his lapel. I circled it because it might be tough to see.


Now to the wedding pictures. Lovejoy has a mix of things that took a bit to sort out. He may just be the victim of a Veterans Day Navy movie marathon of Top Gun, Navy SEALs, and Men of Honor. He is wearing the cover of an officer. He is wearing the uniform of a Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer E8 with 4 gold hashmarks. Each hash mark represents 4 year of service equalling 16 on his uniform. Above his ribbons is the SEAL Trident. Under his ribbons is a set of officer flight wings and a Master Diver emblem. He has 25 ribbons in between all of that.  The ones that can be seen are Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, Joint Service Commendation, Joint Service Achievement, Navy Commendation, Presidential Unit Commendation, Joint Meritorious Unit Award, Navy Unit Commendation,  Battle E, Good Conduct (1), National Defense (1), Vietnam Service, Afghanistan Service Medal, Humanitarian Service, and NATO Medal and marksmanship ribbons for pistol and rifle. The Ribbon at the very top that is hidden may be the Navy Cross that he claims to have earned on a job application shown below.




18157360_10154574758483657_8603085438806260754_nHere he is sporting a Saratoga hat and a Bone Frog shirt.


We managed to get some shots of a job application. He claims to be a veteran of the Vietnam War and a SEAL for 7 years.


Here he gives the dates of his service. A little early for the Afghanistan Medal he is wearing.  He also made Senior Chief in record time. Maybe because he was a secret undercover SEAL that flew F4 Phantoms off the Saratoga.


This is another application he had posted. We zoomed in on the best part below.

18447344_10211450686816556_6152869807982999460_n (1)

Here is his Navy SEAL E7 claim. He also claims the Silver…….Sniper Ribbon. Not sure what that is but it sounds impressive. It’s so special that it’s listed before the Navy Cross he claims to have earned. He also claims SEAL Team Six.


But wait, there’s more! He wants to form a foundation with his new bride.


On his Facebook he lists his college. It is actually hotlinked to this description. I am sure he is the go to guy when it comes to morals.


So there were so many red flags we just had to get the records. It seems that he spent a total of 86 days on active duty in 1974. He was discharged as an E1. He did earn the National Defense Service Medal so he is only wearing 24 ribbons too many at his wedding. Anyone could make that mistake. He was not a SEAL or Diver. He was not a Vietnam Veteran. He was not an officer which would of been required for him to be a pilot and fly F4 Phantoms.


Lovejoy Facebook

Dr. Lovejoys resume

64 thoughts on “Royal Eugene Lovejoy Jr, Fake SEAL Senior Chief, Fake Navy Pilot, Fake Master Diver, Fake Vietnam Veteran

  1. jeffery d monroe says:

    OH LORDY-First off how many grammar errors ? F Gold Stripes mean 4 Good Conduct Medals and this geezer is way to old for Afghanistan. The F-4 had long been taken out of service before 1974.

    • Troy williams says:

      Not quite correct the F 4 was in service till 96 for combat use and 2016 officially retired.

      • Brian says:

        ’96 Combat deployment end.
        ’16 officially retired. It was used several years after combat employmt as a dogfight adversary because of it’s speed and responsiveness. Additionally it was sold to several other countries that were our allies including Iran.

      • Elizabeth Zissa says:

        This is a relative of mine and he served less than 30 days in the army and hated it so much that he got released because he was deemed mentally incapable of functioning in the army.

        I am so ashamed of that branch of my family tree. At least he has not procreated and has chopped off that branch of the family tree.

    • Charles R Helms says:

      The F-4 Phantom II did not get taken out of the Navy inventory and service until the late 1980’s the last 2 Navy carriers operating F-4’s were the Midway CV-41 and Coral Sea CV-43!! In fact Midway was the last carrier to operate Phantoms!! So if you are going to attack the man who is a complete phony get your facts straight!! I worked the flight deck of Coral Sea in 76-77 and 79-82!! Retired ABHC(AW) here!!

      • jeffery d monroe says:

        I do apologize for that but I was mostly a surface guy TM and hunted submarines. I do apologize for my error, but still how does a E-8 Seal become a Aviator and also 4 Gold Stripes means four GC Medals. But anyway he had the whole 9 yards covered. I also got out in 1993 and joined The Alabama National Guard where I retired in The Infantry. I didn’t know I would in up in Iraq 2x.

      • jeffery d monroe says:

        HEY Chief No need to get mad. I assumed incorrectly because it being a Vietnam Era Jet and with the F-14 it had been removed from service. Hey thanks for your service. I served in The Navy and Army and retired okay. First off the guy never ever served and made a total fool of himself.

      • J Viles says:

        My dad is a retired ADCS and was in an F-4 II squadron on the USS Midway in ’74-’77. Either VF-151 or 161. Can’t remember now.

      • Graham Phuvanatnaranubala says:

        Did you notice the cover with officer rather than Chief Anchor? How could one’s be SCPO with only a few services hatch? To tell you the true, I am not much on recognizing ribbon.. but at his age, Afghanistan?
        Send this pretender direct to Briggs. He is a total disgrace …

      • BZ mate, like the truth also.HT2, USN 1974-1980, CLG-4 and AS-31.

    • Jim says:

      Was stationed at Atsugi NAF from ’77 to ’79 and the F-4 was the most abundant fighter I seen.

    • Daniel Last says:

      F-4 was flown well into this century.

  2. Chaz Fried says:

    Right up there with sniping his m79 past year…too stupid to get their lies even plausible is the clearest proof that they were never military…

    • jeffery d monroe says:

      WEW That M79 sure can go the distance NOT!!

  3. Dave Hardin says:

    Not the SILVER SNIPER RIBBON !!! OMG !!! A Senior Commander Chief nonetheless. Run for cover…

    • Jim Alton says:

      “Sniper” may be a Russian decoration. They use “sniper” somewhat analogously to “ace.”

  4. Mark Lauer says:

    I notice that he also has a Bachelors degree in Byalogy.

    • jeffery d monroe says:

      Yes Sir I caught that and the rest of his grammar errors. Was it his wedding or his daughter? Either way this guy is pretty old for both .

    • Lkohs says:

      Don’t forget his “medils” as a “Cheif”. But then again it only took him 15 years to earn his Master’s degree in Engineering from 1996 to 2011.

  5. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    I wonder how this delusional phony is going to break the news to his bride? I hate what clowns like him do, at the same time I pity the miserable SOB. Now, he has to admit to the world that he is just a loser.

  6. This dude is as screwed up as a truckload of broken football bats and as dumb as a bag full of of rubber hammer handles.

  7. Michael Maynard says:

    It’s obvious this clown isn’t a true graduate of any legitimate school of higher education. His spelling and grammar are atrocious. His lies go way beyond his military claims. He claims to have graduated from Rushville University, Indianapolis, Indiana. No such school exists. There is a Rushville in Indiana that has a high school named after the town, but no college or university. The idiot can’t even spell Purdue University correctly. The moron also claims to have been a psychologist with the “3surct” court in Indianapolis. There is no “3surcit” or 3rd Circuit Court in Indianapolis or anywhere in Indiana. Indiana circuit courts are set up by county. The one presiding over Indianapolis would be the Marion County Circuit Court. This idiot’s entire life is a lie. But he is a “Military intelligence recovery agent” who is “Authorized to work in the US for any employer,” so he does have that going for him.

    • jeffery d monroe says:

      Whew this guy had the whole poser game down pat to a science. This guy should be nominated for The 2017 Poser Hall of Fame Induction on NOV 11,2017.

  8. William Lee says:

    Resume is pretty full of errors for a Masters degree holder…

  9. […] folks at Military Phonies share their work on this fellow Royal Lovejoy who claims to have been a Navy SEAL for seven years, […]

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    There isn’t much to add to this, beyond the fact that he has embarrassed the living daylights out of that poor woman who was naive (desperate?) enough to fall for his twaddle.

    And I thought Hallowe’en is only held in October. My mistake.

  11. Rick Pater says:

    I am impressed that the writer can name all of the medals. I have a hard time remembering my basic 5.

    • Clayton says:

      Hell, i have only been out 11 years and can’t remember more than half of mine. I do have the triple platinum deluxe purple honor order of bullshit with 12 pecan nuts. At least i have that over this guy.

  12. Phil Millard says:

    Hot Damn, the Pilot, SEAL, Diver, Chief Officer hero of the Navy, is going to be the next CNO too? WTF is the uss seratoga? I won’t even go into his misspellings and bad grammer. A complete twatwaffle.

    • missalock says:

      This one especially irritated me when I saw him claiming the aircraft carrier u.s.s. Saratoga. My brother in law served on that ship when it was done with its 2nd overhaul in the 1990s. I have actually even been on the ship once back in high school and was amazed by the size of that small carrier. I can definitely understand why anyone who served would be extremely put out by people claiming they have served in ways they have no claim to. Thank you for providing this service.

  13. Phil Millard says:

    And that’s a Quartermaster rating on that Chief’s insignia…

    • tangomike147 says:

      It’s the SO insignia. Established in 2006

  14. jeffery d monroe says:

    What really gets me is he pulls the freaking sick stunt in front of The Almighty -UMM cant wait to hear what St Peter has to ask him?

  15. drbearz says:

    All a y’all need to lighten up on the cat. If your parents had christened you Royal Eugene Lovejoy, you’d want to make a bunch of shit up to distract from the fact that you have a ridiculous name!

    • Elizabeth Zissa says:

      He once went door to door in the town he was living int to buy flowers for his dying mother…she was not sick OR dying. He also once got a credit card using his father’s information (he is a junior) and racked up several thousands of dollars in merchandise…

  16. Paul Shanahan says:

    Scumbag Flog him

  17. Arthur Neel says:

    Setting the record straight. To be eligible to wear Gold Chevrons and Hash Marks, you must have 12 years continuous good conduct. You can have 6 Good Conduct Medals and still not be eligible to wear Gold. .ABH1 Skip Neel, U.S. Navy (Ret)

  18. jeffery d monroe says:

    Im sorry I cant on these pos terds. I was at Ft Benning GA today-I saw real Soldiers,USMC and Airman. Rangers,Infantry,Armor ,Medical, Supply Enlisted/Officer Retired young and old- I refuse to let up until they are all caught and prosecuted.

  19. says:

    To all REAL veterans, I want to thank you for your dedication, bravery, and service for my Family, and myself. Hooah from an old Army veteran and my family.

  20. K. Kesterson says:

    I’m just amazed at how these posers think they can get away with their phony medals, awards, uniforms, and claims. I will expose every one of them!

  21. In reading all of this man’s stolen glory, I also had the joy of reading stories of true heroes. Thank you all for your REAL service to your Country and to me and my precious ones. I know that most of went through things I can’t make up, and my prayers are with you all. God bless. Deb

  22. Giant Big Guns Bryan says:

    Geez, at least use spell check, if you don’t have a wife that can proof read. I can see all the HR managers just jumping in line for this guy. Echoing the ribbon bar mistakes, the history of the F4. Thanks to all my brother veterans for your service. GMG1 (ret) also know as the one whom couldn’t keep his mouth closed log enough to wear gold.

  23. SCW EO1 Ernest Gigaroa says:

    Hate when I see these kind of people getting praise. When some of us get hurt and are honest enough to tell the world how we were. Then have to fight with the VA to get a penny put of them. 12 faithful years as a Seabee only 8 till retirement and I had to limp away, head hung low, leaving my brothers and sisters behind.

  24. Mike says:

    He had me at “Conflict resolution HVAC design/drafting”

  25. Douche bag. A real Seabee said it.

  26. Mike says:

    real Chief never hold their covers by the visor.

  27. PATRICK Charles SANDOVAL says:

    Hope that this puke gets what is coming to him. Should publish all this information to discredit him for the ass he is. I’m a retired Senior Chief Petty Officer who actually served in the Mekong Delta of Vietnaml

    • dan says:

      I flew slicks for a Cav unit of the 1st Avn Bde. Flew out of Vinh Long, on Mekong river in 69-70 . Flew almost all over the Delta…hat off to you.

      It is sad, but funny, as to what links these imposters go through. Hope he, and all of them, are exposed completely, to all those they conned. Commanche 23 call sign

  28. I may be old and not up to date on things, but is it not a federal law, to not wear medals not earned, and or pose as a veteran when not one,…??? Where are the US Marshals with the silver bracelets for this dumb sumbit*h…??? If more of them were sent to Leavenworth, there would be less on the street claiming to be what they are not. (from a Gold Striped Senior Chief Vietnam Vet with 22 plus years)

  29. Turn him over to Don Shipley. This is the kind of guy, Don goes after phonies like this everyday like the shit bird that he is.

  30. Duke Yukon says:

    What a career! This man “flue” the F-4 “Fantom”. Being a SEAL, it must be supposed that he did so stealthily –no easy task in the F-4! Unfazed by the “trama” of combat, he went on to practice psychology despite possessing only a degree in “byalogy”. His “pashents” were lucky to have him. This was before he put his masters degree to work as an HVAC technician. Truly, he has demonstrated “extremely organized Expertise in troubleshooting [issues].”

    A fake SEAL, a fake doctor, a fake college graduate. He even fakes being the guy whose butt-crack shows while repairing your air conditioner.

  31. cyborg says:

    An asswipe loser of the highest order

  32. John Abbott says:

    Under Military Service it says…..”Comadation MEDIL Flying Cross”……did he earn that along with his Flying Rats Ass Cross too?

    USARNG 1981-2000 CPT(P) 66F

    • Elizabeth Zissa says:

      I wonder if he can be arrested for falsifying military awards. He contacted me after the first mention of his false records (he is my cousin) and told me to ignore the article…it was a “mistake”…

      • Jim Grindstaff says:

        I wonder if the local FBI office would have any interest. Anyone on here know exactly who investigates someone like this clown who has falsely claimed to be everything from a psychiatrist to a Navy officer?

  33. Tim says:

    I’m laughing my ass off at some of these comments and at this tard….Otherwise I might be tempted to don my Marine Force Recon/ Navy Seal/ UDT/Sniper/ Ranger uniform again to go make him a blood smear on the pavement! From a Real Marine…Not Recon though!

  34. I think it is the shoot em up glory hog movies like Navy SEAL’S and others plus the books and general notoriety that first gets them going.Hey I can be a Navy SEAL and no one will be the wiser, haha! oopssy.Then you get guys impersonating the Common Marine or Sailor that is pure desperation.

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