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05/30/2017 by hombrerana1221

Paul Puccillo comes to us from Wheeling, IL.  Paul was a SEAL mentor on a facebook page where young impressionable men that are striving to become part of one of the most Elite units in the world gather.  Paul would give advice on workouts, on the life of a Navy SEAL, etc…  Military Phonies was contacted by someone inquiring about Paul’s SEAL claims.

Paul had a post regarding HIS SEAL platoon during September 11, 2001, it’s a long read but worth seeing where his mind is at:



In the post above he refers his platoon as “naval commandos”.  Paul, we have some bad news for you, SEALs do not refer themselves as naval commandos.  That is the kind of thing unknowing people use on TV. 






Paul’s story gets a bit deep…





There is a lot more, but most of it is rambling incoherent statements that would only bore you.   If you managed to suffer through the posts above then BZ because he was killing us with all that crap.

In the posts below from the Facebook Mentors page, members speak about Paul being a SEAL.




Paul is asked if he is a Navy SEAL, I’m sure each of you can guess his answer because he’s a humble man.  Of course “one a SEAL, always a SEAL.”  We know he meant “once”



Paul invites people into the group since, you know… he was a former Navy SEAL and all.




One of the members was kind enough to screen shot a conversation with Paul. Paul was starting to become our hero…sarcasm is just a free service we offer here at Military Phony.   




Paul loves to wear SEAL shirts, some from SEAL Team Four, plus nothing says sexy more than going on a date with your wife wearing your standard mail order U.S. Navy SEAL shirt.




Then you tactically take cool pic of your kid, not forgetting to get your SEAL Team Four shirt in it!!!!  He’s a regular Ansel Adams…but more colorful. 




This is how we really picture Paul



Good thing Paul votes and encourages others to do the same. He was questioned about being a SEAL and he states he was in Class 230.  



Paul seems to give advice on being a SEAL while disrespecting the Air Force and Coast Guard.  We can tell you one thing, every Frogman respects ANYONE that is and has served their Country, regardless of serve or MOS/NEC!!!!!

And he tells someone to refrain from speaking on things that they know absolutely nothing about, we think Paul needs to follow his own advice!!!





Paul likes to demonstrate his motivation and leadership skills. 





Poor Paul, he can’t make it through American Sniper, not sure why…  but we certainly hope PTSD isn’t causing issues.

pp32 - Copypp33pp34pp35


Paul was nice enough to show off this Dog Tags, these must have been ordered on Ebay because the military does not put the members unit let alone UDT/SEAL.




Paul made a video regarding Memorial Day in 2016.  Of course he has an American Flag flying, to included a Navy SEAL flag.   What a tool, he actually sounds like an idiot.  We guess when you are making up crap it just comes out like a rambling fool!



Then Paul makes a video after a SEAL Trainee died in BUD/S.  Again, he’s wearing a SEAL Team Four shirt.  He has NO clue what he’s talking about, he’s pulling crap out of his butt…

They are NOT lowering the standards Paul and SEAL’s don’t do water drills. If he is going to make up stuff…we expected better than this. 




After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Paul Puccillo ever being or training to become a Navy SEAL.

Paul Puccillo records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.


Try as we may to find his records, the United States Navy seems to have no idea who he is.  Oddly, neither does anyone else in the Navy SEAL Community.  


According to the National Personnel Records Center and the United States Navy, Paul NEVER served in the military, was never a US Navy SEAL, and he’s never seen combat.  He lied to his family, he lied to many young men looking to become a SEAL.  

Paul has made himself out to look like a fool and will always be known as someone that has never accomplished much of anything other than a fabricated story. 

After Paul was exposed in the group he contacted a SEAL to post this in the SEAL Mentors page, you’re only sorry once you get caught…





So he says he’s dying from a incurable disease, what a lie,  unless being a moron is a disease.

It also appears that he didn’t give all of his shirts away because this is a new photo








27 thoughts on “Paul Puccillo – Fake Navy SEAL, Blog of Shame

  1. Jeffery Damon Monroe says:

    What incurable disease lying and bs. Dude while we celebrate and remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice you makeup a complete lie, you should be arrested and thrown in jail and fine.

  2. M. Bacon says:

    Truly amazing how much time and effort these guys put into these fake profiles. What is the point? They are eventually caught and embarrassed. I wonder how his family feels about his lies; does his wife look at him differently or did she suspect all along it was little more than a fairy tale. What a douche.

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  4. Mark Lauer says:

    Most folks that I’ve known who had an “incurable disease” didn’t go around trying to convince anyone that they were super heroes. In fact, they spent their time preparing for the day they would leave the family they loved.
    This guy isn’t dying of anything except mortification that he was caught.

  5. Jeff says:

    What an idiot. I was so disgusted by this wanna-be John Wayne, by the time I scrolled down to the videos posted here, the thought of actually hearing anything out of this losers mouth was just too much to bear.

    Thanks to you folks here for doing the heavy lifting, and sparing us all the disgust in exposing these phonies.

    I’ll be watching for him on “Triathlete Phonies.” and “Incurable Disease Frauds”.

    Also, if I was a gonna order a drink where they put a cherry in it, I would leave the SEAL shirt at home. (I wasn’t a SEAL)

  6. Jeff says:

    I wonder if this mug shot in Illinois is the same Paul Puccillo. I got the impression here that he was involved in the insurance business.

    If so, these charges are pretty amusing.

    Alleged Violations and/or Charges

    • arhauptiii says:

      Y’know, that does look an awful lot like it could be our phony SEAL

  7. Tony Jones says:

    Easy way to spot and procure a Navy Seal or any fake person who does this ask them to post a screenshot of their DoD record, since they are so eager to divulge to the public on FB.
    Also, I think this guy is wearing a Mighty Oaks wrist band for wounded vets. I’m about to report his name to my brotherhood to find out if he’s been there with his B.S. If so I feel sorry for this guy. He won’t have to worry about any apology letter.
    Anthony Jones
    91 Bravo-Combat Medic

  8. No true operator would diss the other services in public. Sure we might joke amoung ourselves but truth is, most special operations deals are joint things these days. Sure..joke about the Air Force until you need those PJs or the Combat Controllers that are imbedded in most SOF units. This penasaurus probably couldnt make it thru a week of Air Force basic..or any other service.

  9. Robin Hood says:

    His wife is Amy ******** and is aware. Might be separated. Not sure.

    He works at a place called Salsa 17 in Arlington Heights. Might be a family owned place where he bartends.

    His cell # (847) 977-****

  10. Bill says:

    He works at little villa now on wolf rd. Off of rand rd. In des plaines. Works friday nights for sure.

  11. Nic says:

    I was in the aspiring seal group on Facebook. Quickly became friends with Paul, but became very skeptical because he was very vague with his “service” and had no deployment photos. The dog tags were a dead giveaway though. Very disappointed in paul for doing this, and really wish he didn’t fake but you can’t truly fix being a POS because habits follow you no matter what. I feel very betrayed by Paul for mentoring me on stuff he had no idea about. I’d like him to meet some REAL SEALs I know down here in Virginia Beach.

  12. Dennis o says:

    Fucking lying piece of shit. You disgraced all who haved served and died for this country. And all men and women who serve now. You are a low life and will be found out there as you were found out here. Anywhere you go the brothers will find you.

    • Robin Hood says:

      He has changed his name to Paul Miser on Facebook. Sneaky shit.

  13. Scarlett says:

    Hey I’m just a gal in the UK who is blown away with this website. I really can’t believe that someone would lie about something that is easily verified. I have nothing but respect for the military. It takes a special person to give their life for their country, and these brave men and women have a piece of my heart (it’s a big one)
    I have nothing but contempt for the piece of crap I’ve just been reading about. And have watched in disbelief as he mumbled incoherently about hugging your dog, grandpa, grandad, mother, father and family dog. And all of a sudden he’s got an incurable disease, and I think I know what it is, it’s called Small Penis Syndrome. I say no more!!

  14. Byron says:

    This guy is a real loser. I used to work with him and his stories always seemed strange and the military terminology just didn’t jive. He used the same bullshit that I just read. I have two brothers that served and literally wanted to know after reading his bullshit where he lives. Does anyone know where he lives in Arlington I know a few people who would like to speak with him. How could you fake this and think someone wasn’t going to catch on. Sooner or later it will catch up with him. He got fired from our place of work and I found out after he was fired that he said he served for 15 years when he interviewed and was an ex navy seal. What a joke. He always used to brag about being like an old school Italian mobster also that would have a wife and girlfriend. He thought he was someone living in the movie goodfellas It was very off the wall bullshit. He said he was screwing his neighbor since he moved into Arlington Heights last year, meeting her at hotels and bars when we got off work and used to brag about it all the time, saying how easy it was to get away with it. Never would mention his wife and child though. I bet his wife and neighbor would love to have coffee sometime. I wonder if that his girlfriends boyfriend or husband knows if she is married of his and her actions. Does anyone know of his whereabouts in Arlington. I wanted to bitch slap him before we would close up and clean up and he would brag about meeting her on Thursday and Friday’s and couldn’t wait to meet up with her, Being happily married for 5 years and about to have my second child that would make me sick to my stomach knowing how much I love my wife and family and would like to know what he was feeding this women to fool her like he did to everyone else. He used to say how he deserved to be someone with special treatment for what he said was for being a hero and a seal to the end. A hero, You are married and have a child why even risk losing your family and or getting an ass beating from a real hero. That’s what I call a loser and his wife should know. I hope he gets what he deserves especially with everything going on in the world today. He never spoke once about any disease or injury other than he worked as a bartender most his life after being discharged. They should have laws that just the act of pretending to be someone who served our great country should be prosecuted whether they profited or not. What a loser. His videos are a joke and where did he come up with these stories he deserves to be punished and a real seal and soldier to explain how things really are out there and not in his fairytale land.

  15. I am slow at getting around to this story about the douche bag piece of shit named Paul. I recently moved to Boston and was floored but not to surprised when I received a text from someone I know back in Chicago about this website. His take on the day of 911 is really sad and all his story’s. Dirtbag wanna be poser there is a million names for this bonesmoker! I can’t believe this joker pretending to be a seal and luring people into thinking your a hero. I worked with this piece of shit the summer of 2016 with this fuck face. He acted like a bad ass to intimidate people. What a pussy he needs his ass kicked by someone anyone that can find him. He lives in Arlington Heights, Illinois and is renting there someplace. He is not from Wheeling. Not sure where he works I am coming back to Chicago in a few weeks and will have a surprise for Mr Poser. What about the mentors page on FB misleading these individuals into thinking he was someone that can help them but knew nothing more than how to tell a god lie. He also is lying about having a disease that other than he has shit for brains. Someone commented about him having a girlfriend that was the only thing that came out of the posers mouth that sounded legit sad to say when he would ramble on about his pathetic life with a fat ass bitch wife. He said his wife was a fat bitch that gained weight since they first met and can’t stand her for always accusing him of cheating so that’s exactly what he does and would laugh. Ramble on he was screwing the neighbor who had a disabled husband and was easy as walking in the back door while he was sleeping so the comments above are probably true also. Only consistent thing in his story’s were fucking some neighbor and his wife was a fat bitch. Parked his car down the street and would sneak in after work while husband was sleeping, said he couldn’t afford hotel rooms anymore so they took the next step. This bitch deserves a beating also. His Afghanistan story’s didn’t seem like it was something you would tell people. I know of several groups that deal with people like poser Paul. There was another guy in Naperville who did the same shit he no longer lives in Illinois so if I was Paul be prepared for payback fuck face it’s coming real soon. He won’t know what to do once the shit hits the fan. His fat ass bitch of a wife as he would say will have some questions for him and I hope his cheating thing is exposed with the neighbor. I am so glad someone caught this imagine the lies he would of continued with hurting people and acting like an actual soldier or hero like the ones that actually serve and are away from their families I don’t get pieces of shit like Paul Puccillo the problem is there are many like him out there. thank you military phony for exposing this piece of shit.

    • John says:

      Can I contact you privately please?

      • Brady 18 says:

        If your first initial is an A everything above about him cheating with neighbor is 100% true no doubts, he is a loser piece of crap who is bad for his community and untrustworthy with any family or friends, he has diseases it called con artist and liars and a wimp. I can guarantee it is all true if this is who I think it is lose his ass immediately. He is lying to everyone even his girlfriend, There are a lot of people looking for him who know where he lives snd works now. Pauly better be ready his dog and pony show is over.

      • John says:

        Yes, first letter A. Please email

      • John says:

        Brady the goat please email

  16. John says:

    PLEASE contact me at

  17. John says:

    Email me at please

  18. John says:

    Paul doesn’t work at little villa anymore. He’s at venutis in Addison. Works Fridays, saturdays and mondays. No longer lives with his soon to be ex wife either.

    • Brady the goat says:

      Hi John can you check your email please. Thanks

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