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Gary Erdmann Jr. from Cape May County New Jersey military claims are very elaborate. First and foremost are the amount of Ribbons and Medals that he claims are his. Counting everything would make it 72 awards as he calls them.




According to Gary Erdmann’s ‘About’ page on his Facebook account, he claims that he attended the School of Infantry ( SOI ) at Camp Lejeune North Carolina. He also claims that he went to Parris Island and attended Scout/Sniper school at Quantico, Virginia.  

7 Screenshot005

In the above photo, he claims that this is him in 1991 after completing a deployment to Iraq. Please note the air wings and scuba bubble. 


He was approached on Social Media ( Facebook ) and asked to vett himself. He claims to have been assigned to 2nd Force Recon as a 0321 for 10 years. ( Force Recon MOS is 0326 ) 

In regard to Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) Platoons, very similar to Recon units, they existed until shortly after the Gulf War. They consisted of Scout Snipers and Intelligence Marines.

A Scout Sniper Platoon is composed of 8-10 Scout Sniper teams, some of which are specially suited for night operations and fully capable of operating in almost complete darkness through use of night vision scopes and infrared laser equipment. Typically, each Scout Sniper team has two members. One sniper is equipped with a long-range, specially-made sniper rifle, such as the M40; he is also frequently issued an M9 9mm pistol. The spotter is typically armed with an M4 series rifle and uses a high-power spotting scope to spot targets and follow-up shots for the shooter. The shooter/spotter relationship is not always set; some platoons establish designated shooters, while others have team members switch off. Within a platoon, there are four Special Application Scoped Rifles (SASR), chambered in the .50 caliber, such as the M82, or M107. These can be issued to a team as needed to give supported commanders the option of taking out heavy equipment or heavily armored targets. Scout Sniper teams train to engage man-sized targets with the M40 out to 1000 yards, and can be effective at a range of up to 1.25 miles (2.01 km) with the M82, if the environment is right.

Simply being assigned to STA Platoon does not mean the individual is a school trained sniper who carries the MOS.  Just like being assigned to Force RECON does not mean the individual is Scuba and Jump qualified. 

Although just about anyone in an Infantry Battalion could end up in STA Platoon, we have no evidence that Erdmann was.  As well, there is nothing in his records that indicates he attended Army Airborne School or the Navy Divers Course.



We checked his information with the Department of Defense Manpower Data Center. The results are that Gary E. Erdmann Jr. served from July 10,1989 to July 13, 1993. ( Four years active duty.) 


We also checked listings for a Combat Action Ribbon, the Manpower database came back negative.


Headquarters Marine Corps sent the following dd-214. Although it is ink smudged very badly, we are able to see that his primary MOS was 2311 ( Ammunition Technician ) No other MOS’s are listed.


Erdmann’s military education shows the Ammunition Storage course.

Medals, Ribbons and Awards consisted of: Rifle qualification badge,  Navy Unit  Commendation, Meritorious Mast Commendation, Humanitarian Service Medal, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon ( 2nd award ), Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal. ( EIGHT total badges, Ribbons, Medals, and awards )




Gary Erdmann Jr. did serve one four year active duty enlistment in the United States Marine Corps. HOWEVER, according to the information we obtained,  he was never a Scout/Sniper or a Force Recon Marine. Plus he does not have the campaign ribbons for someone who deployed in support of Desert Storm.

We certainly have no evidence of him being awarded a Silver Star, Navy and Marine Corps Medal, Bronze Stars, Purple Heart, or a Combat Action ribbon.

His highest award appears to be the Navy Unit Commendation.

11 thoughts on “Gary Erdmann Jr. – US Marine Force Recon, Blog of Shame

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  2. Barry Davis says:

    Why would he have received a Navy Unit Commendation?

    • The Navy Unit Commendation (NUC) is awarded to units that display excellence during a deployment. It is not given to an individual but a whole unit. The award is not uncommon. During the time he earned his Sea Service deployment ribbons the unit he was with was awarded the Medal. There is no requirement that it be combat related in any way.

  3. Morgan ERDMANN says:

    Funny how you conveniently cut out the part of how my uncle CLEARLY STATES underneath his photo that he himself earned 8 ribbons and the rest were family earned you asshole. We come from a HUGE military family, my grandfather serving in Vietnam, my uncle served about 8 other people served. Unfortunately My uncle suffered extreme PTSD during his deployment. This is how you thank him, by going the extra lengths to humiliate him? what he posts on his Facebook, is just all marine associated not all of his pictures are of him or represent what he did. He just posts stuff and for you to go the extra length to humiliate a true veteran and somebody who still had his honor intact when he no longer served is disgusting just like your article. Prick. All that man does is paise the marine and I’m sure if you asked him today he’d go back and do it all again regardless of how he still suffers. You people are sick and should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Brandon Hartwell says:

      I served 21 years. My dad served 4. My brothers combined are at over 40 and still counting. Not once did any of us ever say “Hey, let’s combine all of our ribbons into one stack and see how badass we were!” So, I guess I’m sorry (not sorry) if you believe your uncle’s bullshit answer.
      The valorous decorations aside, your uncle has made a Force Recon claim among others. Already proven he’s full of shit. Stop enabling him and see it for what it is.

  4. Gee, where can you even start with this terd-grabbing ass-clown? First off, he puts up a picture saying it was “A” Company 2nd Force Recon, and right behind it is a Battalion Sign “3rd Battalion, 7th Marines”, Another unit he claims. It appears to have been taken in Okinawa Where 3/7 does Unit Deployments.
    If he was an ammo Tech he would be in H&S company.
    “Force Recon” is a completely different flavor than the Division Recon Battalion and the Infantry Battalion Scout Snipers. It takes a lot of Screening to even get accepted into them. It is a “company” sized unit which including support personnel probably number less than 250-300 at any given time.
    Just like todays Marine Raiders, there were probably less 500 actually active duty “trigger-pullers” during dipshits time in. I spent 20 years active duty and I met and interacted with maybe a dozen Force Recon Marines in that entire time. They pretty much do their own thing.

  5. Killerb says:

    Hmm… Claims Q-town for Scout Sniper School….I was stationed at MTU, WTBN, MCDEC Q-town for years. Was a member of the USMC Rifle and Pistol team. The “Sniper School” (that was right next door to the Team House and armory), was not your average “Sniper School”.. it was in fact a “Sniper INSTRUCTOR” school. They trained the Marine Snipers to be instructors at the Corps Sniper Schools. They also trained Army, Navy and even a few fly fly boys from time to time. Even allied nations would send a few troops to learn there when they could.. Well you ill-informed, buck toothed, micro dicked, infected crotch dribble.. looks to me like your number is up, time expired. Now we make you famous. I will spread this info as far as I can and as much as I can. By the way.. Ammo Company, 2nd supply BTN, 2FSSG shared a frigging barracks with 2nd Force Recon in the late 80’s early 90’s. I just can not help but laugh at just how STUPID you are and you actually thought you were just going to frigging walk through life pretending to be a frigging hero. You did an honorable tour in the Corps. Had a damn good and important fucking job. However you want to be more… well we got your fucking more for ya pickle dick. I planned on ripping you an asshole big enough to five a 5 ton through.. but instead i will vent that anger into showing this BOS all over the net. You are welcome.

  6. Tim Houts......two time Beirut vet says:


  7. NetherB says:

    This terd clown was a legend in his own mind! He also worked as a jail guard at cape may county. He walked around the jail like he was some big bad elite military man at 4’8 He was one of those guards who would wear his water pistol on his way to work just to stop at Wawa and hang out front drinking his coffee. Then he would do it on his way home too. Your supposed to change into your uniform at work!! We aren’t Cops!! He would even go to the car wash in his personal car and wash his car in uniform! If you wanted to be a cop then you should of tried to be one but the cops would have saw right through your fake military background and not hired you.

  8. dgh says:

    here’s one for you. never a Marine. Honorable discharge from Army after 6 weeks. medical discharge and it was not physical.

  9. Detroit Mike says:

    Its funny how so many of these guys want people to think they were Force Recon. Nine out of ten people wouldn’t have clue what the hell they are talking about. Were is the recognition for these imposters when they impersonate a group who go unrecognized? The young man sticking up for him has no idea himself what an outlandish lie was told. Even today most of them wont speak publicly about missions conducted during Vietnam. This is after most of the missions have been declassified. The wife of a Force Recon Marine may not even know the names of other team members if the marine is even operating on a team. Most of the time any service related photos of teams or team members will have blacked out faces. They are about as tight lipped as it gets. If you want to research about Force Recon, good luck. A guy just the other day told me he was a Force Recon Marine. He mentioned he was a Marine. After talking for a few minutes I told him about a close friend of mine. His response was “yeah I was that too”. I immediately knew he was full of shit by the way he answered. Thanks for the hard work you do and thank you to all the veterans for what you do.

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