Stafford settles ‘secret police’ lawsuit, Mayor John Spodofora made false and embellished claims about his military service.

08/19/2016 by militaryphonies

Retired Navy Master Chief Earl Galloway receives $34,000 in a case that was prompted because of false and embellished military claims.  We have published the case of Stafford Township mayor John Spodofora several times here and here.

The attorney representing Master Chief Galloway made the following statement:

“The Mayor of Stafford Township, John Spodofora, filed a false police report against Earl Galloway for the sole purpose of taking revenge on a critic and subjecting Mr. Galloway to public ridicule in an attempt to restrict Mr. Galloway’s right to free speech and to interfere with his employment and enjoyment of life. Further, the Stafford Police gained subpoenas for Mr. Galloway’s private information and informed his employer of the investigation despite having no probable cause that a crime was committed.”

It appears that the court has stopped either party from making much of a public comment about the settlement.  In fact, the court has put exactly the words they must use into their mouths.  That very well may be the case, but there is nothing stopping us from offering commentary about publicly available documents.  You can read them for yourself here:

Galloway v Stafford

So much for the legal blundering to restrict commentary on the case.  Let this be another example to those who believe their records of military service are somehow private and not freely available to the public.

There are several articles available online, Google is your friend here.  We appreciate the honorable mention of Military Phony in a few of them.  Getting the word out that using false and embellished claims of military service for personal or political gain will not be tolerated is the responsibility of all honorable veterans.

We would like to give our heart felt thanks to Master Chief Galloway for his fine example of how to  steadfastly stand up to counter attacks by those who make false and embellished claims about their service…Even if you have to fight City Hall in the process.  Evidently, you can fight City Hall if you are a Master Chief.

Much respect to Master Chief Galloway.

A local Navy veteran who sued Stafford Township for a “baseless criminal investigation” has settled for $34,000 in court.Source: Stafford settles ‘secret police’ lawsuit


Our friends over at published their own followup.  Feel free to visit them and enjoy the always lively commentary.


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