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UPDATE: Recently, there have been posts claiming that Military Phony issued an apology to Mr. Hudson. There was even a domain name registered in support of this fabrication. Why would a need exist to go to these extremes?  No apology has been given to Mr. Hudson nor will one be made.  Posers, scammers, valor vultures and the like will go to great lengths to divert the attention away from being accountable for their actions.  We stand behind our posting as published.  We understand things are being posted to the contrary.

We have better things to do than engage with Mr. Hudson or those who try to defend him.  

Background and Claims

Thomas Wayne Hudson ( The walking Veteran ) started a venture this past spring. He decided that he would walk from Las Vegas Nevada to Washington DC in order to bring awareness to Veterans Administration (VA) abuse. His goal is to arrive in Washington DC on Veterans day – November 11, 2016.

Mr Hudson started his walk on May 2, 2016. He has used a southerly route which takes him through Arizona, New Mexico,Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina as of this date (August 24, 2016). Does this mean he has covered ten states in 113 days? This is to include the many press stops and opportunities to speak at different locations along his way.


Several news agencies have picked up on his story from the beginning and have published different news articles pertaining to his walk.

They have reported everything from Thomas Hudson being a Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran, to him being a Air Force Vietnam Veteran and of him being a Disabled Veteran.

Mr. Hudson was also able to talk to Arkansas Congressman French Hill and Rep. Hill endorsed Hudson officially on the House Floor. We are 100% certain that Rep. Hill did not know the complete story behind Thomas Wayne Hudson.

Transcript of Congressional Record:

[NOTE: Military Phony has reached out to Congressman French Hill via his website contact form and signaled our intent to publish our findings on Mr. Hudson. We have not received a response.]


In the above video, Represenative Hill refers to Hudson as a ‘disabled veteran’.  Hudson has used this term himself and many newspapers carry this distinction.  As we understand it Hudson had medical issues after he left military service. Therefore he is a veteran and later became disabled, but they are not connected.  In other words, his disability is not service connected.

EXAMPLE: Somebody serves on active duty for four years. He did not serve during a time of war.  Fifteen years after serving he falls off a ladder and breaks his leg and it does not heal properly. He becomes classified as disabled. Now, he a veteran and he is disabled.  When he then uses the term ‘disabled veteran’ it creates certain assumptions. Perhaps not illegal and maybe not a slight of hand, but when you are raising money and presenting yourself a certain way, isn’t it your responsibility to make these distinctions? To the civilian public, the nuances of these choices of words are not so clear.

Stated another way — Hudson is a veteran, but he is not disabled due to his service. His disability is not service connected. Why he is being seen in the VA if his medical condition is not related to his service? Also, he claims he is a victim of VA abuse so why is he complaining about not being seen for these conditions if the VA would not treat them anyway due to him not being qualified?

Perhaps the VA wait times would be less for service connected vets if Mr. Hudson did not contribute to the problem by clogging up the system with non-service connected issues… then complain about that very same thing citing he is a victim of VA abuse.

There are many veterans with legitimate complaints about the VA. Mr. Hudson appears to be folding himself into their concerns with his own. Is this truly about them or does Mr. Hudson want to get special treatment due to drumming up media attention? Who can truly know a man’s heart?  The patterns he displays invites legitimate scrutiny, however.

Is there something else Hudson is being seen for that is service connected?  If so, his condition has not been given that distinction by the VA. Hudson has changed his statement on his website based on our criticism but he has certainly got some mileage out of it already.

hudson-disabled veteran

[NOTE: Military Phony is not associated with the Veterans Administration.]


Hudson has been capturing video of himself with mayors and governors along his trip, all giving Hudson their endorsement. Among them are Governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas and Govenor Bill Haslam of Tennessee. This list includes numerous mayors.


After seeing different discrepancies in the claims, we filed and received his Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) from the National Personal Records Center (NPRC). With these records in hand, Hudson was approached on Social Media (FaceBook) and asked to vett himself. He gave the following replies.


We felt that the questions that we asked him were respectful and not insulting in any form. Why he wouldn’t properly vett himself remains a mystery. Could it be that he was caught with his pants down?


Please take note that throughout Hudson’s journey he is depicted in multiple photos and videos wearing two different ball caps. Both of those ball caps clearly say ‘US Air Force Vietnam Veteran’. They also display the Vietnam Service Medal (VSM). Wearing these ball caps while promoting his walk gives everyone the impression that Mr. Hudson is a ” US Air Force Vietnam Veteran.”


Vietnam Vet


In a video posted to the Walking Veteran page on August 21 2016, Hudson starts the video with a closeup of the hat. We believe the purpose is to further reinforce the notion that he is a Vietnam veteran.

The Walking Veteran’s coordinator, Alice Sue Davis, also claims that Hudson is a ‘disabled Vietnam veteran’.



Once that Thomas Hudson was questioned on Facebook, he made the following post.

The way in which the words are structured seem to imply that “Palace Chase” was a secretive operation or program.

Palace Chase is a program for Airmen who are interested in leaving the active duty AF but do not have a separation date. The approval process for Palace Chase is determined by manning levels of specific AF career fields. The rule of thumb is that a member must have completed at least half of their enlistment contract by the time of their separation date.  There is nothing classified about ” Palace Chase “.

Eight hours in Vietnam does not classify one as being a Vietnam Veteran if that statement is in fact true. It certainly would not rate the Vietnam Service Medal (VSM).


Continuing the investigation into Thomas W. Hudson’s claims, contact was made with his former director of operations Brian Berg and former Public Relations Manager Kathy Owen.  They’ve had plenty to say and none of it is of a positive nature.












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Freedom of Information Act Results


Active duty in the US Air Force for two years and two months. He was discharged as an Airmen First Class (E-3). The National Defense Service Medal is his only award. Thomas Wayne Hudson did not deploy off of the Continental United States while he was enlisted on active duty in the United States Air Force.


A search of publicly available information reveals that Thomas Wayne Hudson was convicted of larceny in May of 1972, just a few months before he entered the US Air Force. This would have affected any possible security clearance that he would need to participate in any classified operations that he may be claiming.


Texas Dept of Public Safety – Online Criminal Database – Mugshot

We believe in second chances and the larceny conviction was many years ago – but should someone that has displayed a tendency to commit larceny be the best candidate to both solicit donations for a charity and be the spokesman for veteran issues in regard to the VA?  If you are a veteran, would you want someone like this speaking on your behalf?  If anything else, wouldn’t it be a distraction?  Is there not anyone else more qualified to get out in front of veteran issues that doesn’t have such a checkered past?

By checkered past, we mean there are many criminal acts he was charged with that are relevant to what he is attempting to do with the charity walk and the VA. These should cause great concern.

Bad Checks.jpg

Charged with passing bad checks.

Bomb threats

Corsicana Weekly Light 24MAR77

He even spent some time in the State Mental Institution due to some of his criminal behavior.

Bomb Threat Letter

Corsicana Daily Sun 11APR77

hudson-suspicious person
hudson-harrassing communications - dismissed

If you are a Mayor, Governor, State Representative or Congressman — is it wise to be so quick to lend your endorsement to Hudson’s efforts without knowing all of the facts of his military and criminal background?  Articles, photos and video last forever on the internet.

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Summary and Discussion

From the evidence collected from multiple sources, it appears that Thomas Wayne Hudson may have deceived the General Public into believing that he is a disabled US Air Force Vietnam Veteran. One or two media mishaps are understandable. Multiple media outlet mishaps without any retractions can only mean one thing — that the media has been misinformed about Thomas Wayne Hudson’s military service record. The wearing of the two AF Vietnam Ball caps are a prime example of the deception. There is not a law against wearing the hats but he does so when being interviewed so has to be aware that people are making that association. Plus the fact that his Former Support Team stepping forward and giving in depth detail of Thomas Wayne’s actions confirm this act of deception.

We would also like to point out that the distance Thomas Wayne Hudson has covered in 113 days would almost be impossible for a young 100% physical fit athlete to perform if he is in fact walking. That athlete would have to walk at least 20 miles per day, 7 days per week with no breaks in between in order to accomplish this task.

Mr Hudson does not have a 501c3 non profit business license. Or any other type of business license. Yet he is shown to be constantly begging people. Or having other people beg for donations to pay for meals and lodging. The one and only person who has benefited from this ” alleged ” walk is Mr. Thomas Wayne Hudson.One would have to question why he would post something like this on his facebook timeline. Pot calling kettle black ?



Adam Robison | BUY AT PHOTOS.DJOURNAL.COM Thomas Wayne Hudson, the walking veteran, walks with Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton about pulling his cart in front of City Hall Monday morning in Tupelo.

Thomas Wayne Hudson, the walking veteran, walks with Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton about pulling his cart in front of City Hall Monday morning in Tupelo.



One final point about The Walking Veteran…

We make the distinction between the messenger and the cause he is trying to get out in front of. We deeply respect all veterans and are sympathetic to veterans as they seek care through the Veterans Administration system.

As an example, someone could feel passionate about the concussion issue facing men that have played football in the NFL. If an individual off the street decided he would walk across America to raise money and awareness for the issue, our natural tendency would be to applaud the effort. Would this person be just as qualified to speak on behalf of those men that played professional football and have lifelong effects due to suffering a concussion? Sure, nothing stops that.

The public may feel differently if they found out that none of the money was going to the ex-players but instead was going solely to the man raising the money under the umbrella of the cost involved in ‘raising awareness’ i.e. hotels, batteries, food, etc. The public may also feel differently if the person was claiming to have played NFL football and suffered a concussion during his playing years and later it was revealed this was not the case.

This does not mean that the cause is not valuable. It just raises the question of whether the individual is the best suited to be the face of the cause – or the messenger. In the end, the overall cause may be damaged due to the distraction of the man out in front of it, especially when some light is shone on his background in contrast to what he is claiming.

Please keep this in mind as the critics of this blog will paint it as an attack on the cause when the efforts are clearly centered on bringing light to the individual.

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Social and News Media Sources

FaceBook Account ;

GoFundMe account ;


Mr. Sinise’s image continues to be used on the GoFundMe page after they were asked to remove it and was still there as of 9/16/2016, implying  endorsement:


This was the response received from Stacy Wolfe, the Public Relations contact for Mr. Sinise and the Gary Sinise Foundation:


Air Force Vietnam Veteran, disabled claim:

Disabled Vietnam  Veteran claim:

Disabled Air Force Vietnam Veteran Claim:

Air Force and Army National Guard Claim:

Marine Corps Veteran Claim:

Vietnam Veteran Claim:

Vietnam Veteran Claim:

Disabled Veteran who served in Vietnam Claim:

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thisainthell-hudsonThis Ain’t Hell:

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37 thoughts on “Thomas Wayne Hudson – The Walking Veteran – US Air Force, Vietnam, Disabled Veteran, Blog of Shame

  1. Skippy (my dependa does not speak for me) says:

    How in the Hell is this clown getting services from the VA if he is not even service connected holy cow what Congress man did he cry to in Nevada to get a free pass while we have all these vets with service connected issues ? ? ? that need help… This is 1/3 of the reason why the VA is so messed up ass holes like this fileing false claims or trying to get some freebies
    What a shame

    • Samantha Yarbrough says:

      Well you don’t have to file a false claim to be covered for a non service connected disability, just be unemployable due to that diaability. It is called a VA Pension you ass! And just because you came home safe doesn’t mean you don’t have the same rights as every other service member that signed on the dotted line! And

    • Samantha Yarbrough says:

      Was at Houston VA with Thomas and he is non service connected VA Pension due to cancer. And you do not have to file a false claim to get a VA Pension.. Just be a wartime veteran with unemployability due to that disability. My husband also received a pension. And just because you made it home safe does not mean that you don’t have the same rights as the next soldier that signed on the dotted line!

  2. Mike Hanrahan says:

    I am a veteran as well. I am also a retired Police Officer. I am also disabled with Parkinson’s Disease but that does not make me a Disabled Veteran, nor does it make me a Disabled Police Officer. This disability was NOT service related in either of my fields of employment.

    • Brian Tse says:

      It could be service-connected if you even spent one day on the ground in Vietnam. Just saying.

      • Mike Hanrahan says:

        Wasn’t in Vietnam, however, I handled many 20 mm rounds in the Gulf in the late 80’s and am researching depleted Uranium ammo effects on the body

  3. wischeez says:

    What a cheesedick! I was in the Air Force, and used Palace Chase to go to the Air National Guard toward the end of my first enlistment. I guess that makes me a Super Secret Squirrel too! I am also a service connected disabled vet. Can I kick his ass now?

  4. Broadsword says:

    Phony MF’er is wearing a small purple heart. What a useless douche.

  5. Another “Tin Cup” fuck face. Scumbags like these, who aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed figure they can play fast and hard with facts and take advantage of people caring about veterans. The dirtbag is basically getting a free, all expenses paid trip across the US, getting food, lodging and a chance to play the hero along the way and flap his cock-holster to the press. I wouldn’t give him the sweat off my balls if he was dying of thirst.

  6. Mike P says:

    The old “what I did was classified” defense. Secret squirrel, space shuttle door gunner stuff right here.

    • Hack Stone says:

      I was handpicked for a classified mission while waiting to start school in 29 Palms. It was Operation Manure Shovel. The cover story was that I cleaned the MWR horse stables, but in reality, I whisked away to the Vietnam-Cambodia border to assassinate high ranking NVA Generals.

  7. Troy A Webb says:

    If he has been exposed…why does the farce continue?…. He is the most dangerous of liars from what I have read from this article…laws and penalties should apply to these kind of people claiming to be something that clearly they are not. Obviously he has some kind of mental issue going on. True hero’s have no need to brag….he shouldn’t be aloud to finish this fake quest….

  8. David says:

    His site keeps deleting my posts about this and the link to this article.

  9. carl adams says:

    This story runs so deep that it would not surprise me one bit if it just blows over. This would embarrass so many people from Sheriff’s, Mayors, Governors, Congressman etc……This piece was put together perfectly with the details laid out so clearly that it should get huge traction but in today’s world of sweeping things under the rug I dont expect it to. I do so appreciate all the time and effort that this group puts towards exposing people such as this and I hope it continues as this needs so much more press than it is getting. Thanks again for yet another informative story.

    I have passed this on to all the folks I know in the DC area in hopes this gets maximum distribution before this scam artist makes his appearance there.

  10. sandmanin says:

    I firmly believe he ran up a bill with the VA, and now either can’t pay it, or won’t pay it, and has come up with this scam about vets being abused at the VA, couple that with his bogus walk, and it looks like he is trying to cause a stink big enough some congressman will ask the VA to forgive his debt.

  11. […] folks at Military Phonies sent us their work on this character Thomas Wayne Husdon. He’s walking across America to shed […]

  12. Kathy Owen says:

    I can easily comment on his remark about him saying that hotels are expensive…really Thomas..when you weren’t the one paying for all of them!! Your X team members booked your rooms, either for free or reduced rates. Some hotels offered to let you stay for $20 a night. Most of these rooms were free, not a dime out of your pocket! Why..because we got them to sponsor you! Then most of the time..your X team members paid for your rooms when you cried that you were hurting from your short walks. Most of all..your X team members called ahead to book you these rooms, and free meals. You carry a tent with you in your maybe used that tent 2 times that I can count of..the rest was motels and hotels.
    Walking Veteran? really? I remember the night you spoke with me on the phone..asking me if I would be mad at you if you started getting rides instead of walking. Are you going to call me sick and insane for saying that? like you do to everyone else who calls you out on your bullshit? You told me flat out..after I had to listen to hours of you crying over the phone about how hurt you were, how much pain you were in..and it was hard for you to walk.
    Then your X team found the Patriot Guard Riders, got you several rides through several towns. Then you discovered that it was so easy to grab your cell phone and call the Patriot Guards yourself and beg for rides..which you did!! I have the pictures to prove that.
    The reason you kicked us off your because we started to have doubts about your so called mission, we started to unveil your you kicked us off the team. We were leaving anyways..why? because we got tired of funding your vacation..a trip around the states…all on the back of disabled people who are worse off then you!
    Brian Berg..your main guy..head of everything..he was taking money out of his own expenses such as his rent money, bill money and food to pay for your motels, food and what ever else you needed when you cried. What happen to Brian now? Yeah..common know.The man is now homeless..Iraq war veteran, disabled, homeless and on the streets because he funded your cause. What are you doing to help Brian? Not a damn thing..but you threaten to sue his ass because he got tired of your shit and spoke out against you. Oh..big man Thomas! How about Mary Beth Matthews? Paralyzed from the waist down, confined to a wheel chair for the rest of her life..constantly wired you money for hotels, food and extras..hundreds of dollars she really couldn’t afford. But you gladly took her money..and without ever saying thank you for saving your butt once again! You never once said a kind thank you to any of us for what we did..none of us. I wasn’t about to give you a damn dime of my money..didn’t have it to give anyways. My husband is dying, won’t be long now and he’s gone. But you didn’t care that I spent endless hours behind my computer working for you..while I neglected my husbands care and health. I did everything for you..scheduling meetings with mayors, governors, senators, newspapers, tv stations, radio stations..everything. You don’t think that took time? I contacted 100 senators and 50 governors for you…all for what? not even a thank you! I even did your routing and mapping for you, which you never stayed on course..oh no..had to make all those side trips on greyhound buses to go visit friends, screwing up all my appointments I made with city officials, newspapers and such. Hell..lets just take a vacation! While in the meantime my marriage was on the rocks because of my devotion to you. God I was such an idiot for believing in your cause! Don’t get me wrong…I fight for our veterans! but your just the wrong veteran to be representing out nations veterans..your a scam artist at best! The only reason I was doing this..was for my husband..Yes..served during Vietnam era..stationed in pearl harbor, Hi.But he loaded ships with the Agent Orange..he got drenched in the chemical while loading he’s dying as a result..and the VA doesn’t give a fuck about him. I did all of it for my husband, I did it for my brother…been in the army for 30 + years..Top that Thomas! Was in Iraq before it started and was the last one to leave..but he keeps being sent back to help the troops still over there..can you top that Thomas? Don’t think so. My father WWll Army..and many of my other family members and friends all served or are still serving this great nation. That’s why I did it..that’s why I helped you..because I believed you would do something which turned out to be nothing more than a dream that my friends and family would receive better care from the VA because you would get the word out. Damn…the fool I am!!
    You Mr. Hudson had absolutely nothing to do with the help Sharon got..that poor woman! I was the one who made the contacts to the house committee on veterans affairs long before you left for Muskogee..I already had to ball bouncing and the case open long before you headed towards muskogee, ok. The VA even told you when you arrived that her case was already being looked at and why she was denied 3 times. It was because of me you stupid ass! But who took all the glory? who took all the credit? You did!! and i was kicked to the curb for my hard work!
    You let everyone know on your facebook page that you did all the were the hero for Sharon getting the help she so much deserved. When I comment on facebook that I made the contacts and got the ball bouncing for deleted all my comments!! You wouldn’t even allow me to take just a tiny ounce of credit! Selfish man you really are! Not even a thank you was given..even though it was in order that you should have.
    Go home Thomas..your not representing these veterans. You were homeless before you started this cause. Homeless in Las even told me that. This journey is just a way to keep a roof over your head while these veterans foot the bill. Go home Thomas..your washed up!
    Sorry this is so long guys..just had to get this off my needed to be said on here..because when I told him all this by email..all he did was down grade me, call me names and said i was crazy and sick, like he did to all of us who question him or tell him off…he’s a loser!!

    • ... says:

      I am unfortunately one of his children and I am just shocked by all of this. Wow!!!

    • Don’t sugar coat it, hon; tell us what you REALLY think.

      God bless you for the obviously good person you are. Kind acts are never wasted, even if they are bestowed on the undeserving.
      When my father died, we had the funeral schedules printed on a card that had the words; “”The Good Man Walks in the Light of God’s Favor”. I would like to change that to; “The Good WOMAN Walks in the Light of God’s Favor” in your honor.

  13. HONEST GUV says:

    One should be rightly suspicious of the arrival on the scene of a David Pierce with a fresh Fakebook profile who supports his fundraising scam
    David Pierce i tink he do good thing for the vetrin communite..
    Like · Reply · 9 hrs- Facebook
    David Pierce
    7 hours ago
    tom iwent to donat but i does not whant go fundmy to take a percenighe. how can i send you to the emony,,god bles you and all thet you does,, GoFund ME
    This profile has all the elements of being false.
    Would it be a surprise that such dirty tricks arise the moment Hudson gets caught?
    Not to me it isn’t and I suppose it wouldn’t to most of you

  14. Jon says:

    His FB page is: He’s pretty diligently deleting any negative comments about his stolen valor, but if enough people hit it up he’ll lose that battle eventually.

  15. Kathy Owen says:

    You right..there is no way that he could make that long trek in 113 days..and he didn’t do it by walking.
    You also have to take into consideration that each major city he came to, he stayed for a week or more. In Albuquerque, NM he stay for well over a week. Because he bought tickets to attend Mr. Trump’s campaign rally. Then in Amarillo, TX, that was about 1 week. Same with Oklahoma City, OK. He went sight seeing while there, picture of him at the memorial for the Oklahoma City Bombing, went to the state capital where he met with Gov Mary Fallon. Then from there he took a greyhound bus and went further up north from Oklahoma City to visit with 2 friends, one of whom kicked him out of her house. Then he spent at least 2 weeks in Henryetta, OK. with Sharon C. Howard, attended meetings, gatherings, free breakfast..they rolled out the red carpet for Thomas there. The Mayor even gave him a check for $150, I know because he took a picture of the check and sent it to me to see.
    Then he stayed a week or more in Fort Smith, AR. with his personal buddy Dr. James Pollock.
    Took extra trips off course/route, spending a few days here and there.
    So for him to walk across America in 113 days? Yeah..that’s a bunch of crock!
    There is no way he could have made it that fast..not with all the extra side trips and staying longer in each city he came to…impossible! Proof right there he was taking rides. From the Patriot Guards, and also his team was working on “State Rooms” where we would have new team members from that state work strictly on the assignments in that state. He is hitting up these new team members for rides, hell..I remember some of his followers even offering rides to help out.
    Yes..and I will admit, there were times that the highway would end, and he wasn’t allowed to walk on the main Interstate, and I had to arrange him a pick up point to give him a ride to where he could walk again. But that was from mile marker to mile marker…I mapped out everything, and it would show me gaps where he couldn’t walk on the Interstate. But he wouldn’t stop on that exact mile marker to continue..oh no..he would get a ride all the way into the next major city.
    Once he realized that hooking up a ride was very easy..he took advantage of it.
    He flat out admitted to me that walking was very hard for him due to having swollen legs, then why not throw in the towel and call it? Why continue when your not physically capable of doing so.
    I just want to also add before I forget..Mr. Hudson didn’t just have 1 Go Fund Me account..he had 2, one for The Walking Veteran and the other for Help-AVet which is a Facebook page he also has. You can look it up. But he has since deleted the Help A Vet -Go Fund Me account. He has collected a couple of thousand dollars on the Help A Vet and he’s at the last time I checked the Walking Veteran Go Fund Me $2,245.00 Which he claims pays for his personal expenses. How is that when the majority of his trip is sponsored or donated.’s true that the amount shown on the go fund me accounts is not the actual amount in the account, which that money has been spent already…it just shows the amount raised. But what he fails to tell you is the fact that his team, followers and supporters can also wire him money via Facebook, that goes straight onto his debit/bank card or a prepaid visa or mastercard, which can be transferred by clicking a button.
    Which many have done so he can receive the money right away without having to wait like it does for go fund me or paypal which takes up to 10 days or more to transfer. Going through Facebook to send money he can get within 15 minutes.
    Is any of this money going towards veterans causes or charities? No..not one dime!
    It all goes into his pocket to pay for his travel expenses..lodging, food and buying a bunch of junk for his wagon, which he does need..and he already complains that his wagon is too heavy to pull..I told him to downsize on his stuff in that wagon…he wouldn’t.

  16. iraqwardoc says:

    To Kathy Owen,

    I ( Dr. James Pollock) am just now hearing ( reading ) much, if not all of what is being said about Thomas Wayne Hudson. The FIRST time we communicated was general conversation on Face Book, & the first time that I EVER met Mr Hudson was when he arrived in Ft Smith, Arkansas to MEET ME.

    I ( JP) went to Iraq & am proud to be decorated as one of the 2-3 main Surgical, Tent Hospital Attending Physicians for AEF 7-8 ( late 2005-early 2006). I am PROUD ( documented in every possible way) to have treated ” hundreds of the most severely injured patients ( mostly troops) of the battlefield” as my Medal states ( 332nd TENT HOSPITAL- 20-28 Traumas /day in transition to Germany ) In my ” OPR” that year, I was cited as being the 1st Family Practice Certified Physician in the history of the USAF to be a SURGICAL, COMBAT, ICU ATTENDING , yet only received an ” Achievement ” medal b/c someone decided ( as I was told) , ” We have to cut back on awarding so many Bronze Stars” compared to the combat ground troops of other services AND giving you a ” Meritorious ” medal could bring criticism to the USAF for staffing an ICU with a Family Physician ( even though I was/am highly trained as a ‘HOSPITALIST’ most of my career.

    My father, who retired after 3-4 years in the USMC & about 17 in the USAF told me, Son, you got screwed, but at the end of the day, it is what you DID that matters…in your heart….” ( Like most troops we all have ” I was screwed stories “. Upon return as an Executive-Physician at Wilford Hall, I was promoted in duties & asked to help 6-7 other FP Physicians BUILD only the THIRD ( at that time) Family Medicine ‘Residency’ for the USAF…I accepted & went to Nellis AFB.

    At Nellis AFB I served again with pride & honors ( ALL EXCELLENT OPRs, LOEs , MEDAL CITATIONS & CC LETTERS during my ENTIRE career in the USAF after leaving a GREAT POSITION in Florida to VOLUNTEER after those bastards brought down the towers. I grew up a USAF ” Brat” via my SMSgt Father, & actually spent most of 1988 as an Arkansas USAFA APPOINEE by VP GHW Bush ( SR.) ( left, coming back to the University of Central Arkansas = UCA after I realized ” PRE-MED” was NOT a good option at the USAFA. My point is, my WHOLE LIFE has been spent conned to the USAF/DOD in a direct or indirect way, including the Academy, working a winter at Ft Knox as a ‘ Contractor ‘ & my ” ACTIVE DUTY” years in the heart of the Iraq War ( OIF) … Served TWICE in Iraq.

    The SECOND time that I served was in 2008 when SOCOM literally came to Nellis, took me in a closed room & said, ” MAJ. Pollock, you have a STELLAR reputation which has spread b/w services. We would like for you to work with us first at FT BRAGG & then in a HIGHLY CLASSIFIED mission in IRAQ based in LSA ANACONDA.”

    My dream of cloning the ranks to multiple STARS on my shoulders , with multiple Combat / WAR missions on my record along the way appeared to be happening; I prayed to God to help me, allow me a 30 year DOD career & rise to the TOP.

    Unfortunately, with heavy daily mortar fire, & one mortar that landed very near me, a series of cascading events occurred leading to a TBI evaluation, CXR, etc…. where a ” Highly suspicious spicy later mass” was discovered on my lung requiring ASAP biopsies back CONUS. I will CHERRISH the many weeks of Ft BRAGG training & SOCOM Medical work for the rest of my life & was given an ‘UNCLASSIFIED’ LOE from my CC within SOCOM declaring me a victim of ” Instramentality of War” in ” Combat” & my ‘SOF UNIT was awarded a ” UNIT MERITORIOUS MEDAL” as I am told.

    Upon return, one issue led to another ( including political “Officer BS” — We all know what that men’s) & I was deemed ” Non-Deployabal ” WHITH multiple wounds, officially made a USAF ” WOUNDED WARRIOR” an pushed out the gate of Nellis AFB with my dd214 in hand and LITTLE ELSE because a lack of proper saving & costs of taking care of my mother who had a STROKE in Las Vegas drained my accounts; no job to go to either. I did like most Wounded Warriors/VETS & applied to all the usual places for help with little help. After struggling on every level for 13 months, I discovered my TRUE CALLING IN LIFE = NATIONAL VETERAN’S ADVOCATE with my stellar resume & titles to get my foot ” in the door ” farther than many / Most.

    Then, 4 1/2 years ago, I made the mistake of utilizing the MIAMI VA for a service related revision surgery, but during this minor surgery, I developed “ANTERIOR CORD SYNDROME ( non-ischemic)” at T7-8 & went PARALYZED ( motor) from the waist down for 29 hours !

    It was ONLY after the great Neurosurgeons at Mt SINAI ( I called 911 to have myself transported there !) across town decompressed my spine, did my MOTOR in my spine partially come back.

    After MONTHS of laying in Neuro-rehabilitation beds, daily therapy & CLEAR EVIDENCE of both TRAUMA to me while under anesthesia that day at the Miami VA & subsequent COVER-UP/WHITE-WASHING by ” Everyone VA”, did I turn my case over to the FBI, PIs & others who are STILL building the picture of what happened to me ….& clear VA Reprisal attempts ….all leading me to understand so many verses of the Bible which were only words BEFORE.

    NOW, I work VERY HARD in many ways to utilize my 360 degrees of wisdom, resume’, ideas & earned respect to discuss issues with Congressional folks, DOD LEADETS, Veterans & other entities in an attempt to help ” FIX THE VA ” ( can be done, but….in my opinion, starts with ACCOUNTABILITY, REMOVING THE $$$ PUPPET STRINGS OF UNIONS & HONEST LEADERS WHO KNOW MEDICINE, A WAR, VETERANS, WOUNDED WARRIORS & EXECUTIVE MEDICINE at the helms.

    I said ALL OF THAT because I feel that I earned a slight correction from the term you used to describe me above as ……his “BUDDY DR. JAMES POLLOCK “.

    I treat everyone on Earth as HONEST & with GREAT INTEGRITY unless they prove me incorrect. I, like you and all the Congressmen , Governors & Mayors probably assume the SAME.

    I was asked by Thomas only recently to be a “Co-Administator” of ” VETERAN’S MARCH” ( Founded by Thomas Hudson ) , but have been slow to my administrative duties due to worsening back pain & an illness. I did this after letting Thomas stay at my Ft Smith Arkansas house for several days as a “Hub” for him to meet the Mayor, reporters , Veterans & others.

    I FULLY UNDERSTAND he points that you & the good folks are stating , but I also understand the desires of ANY MAN ( Person) who has major Heath issues, including Cancer in wanting to ‘rectify’ or ‘atone’ in his/her final years = human nature.

    After reading your words & the items laid out, I can understand why many would throw Thomas to the curb. I would not criticize them & I may 100% separate myself too……..after several days of thinking & praying for God’s guidance.


    1. If everything is 100% accurate in that laid out him this article, should I ( & everyone) simply throw Thomas to the curb as he approaches DC ( no matter how he got there)? I base all of my answers like this on : What would Jesus do ? —– I need time to think & talk with him ( I have been ill myself)

    2. Does Thomas have HUGE, BREAKING SCANDAL VA NEWS that should STILL be RELEASED BY HIM TO CONGRESS/MEDIA & talked about ? Based on what was shown to me & given to others ( Legal Firms, Media, Other Vets, etc…) , the answer is 100% YES, because it would probably SAVE MANY LIVES. Can I ” Verify ” everything currently in their vaults? ANSWER = NO … ONLY CONGRESS CAN DO THAT ….therefore, this point ALONE may/should be reason for him to STILL testify before Congrsss ( If not him, then him sourounded with Veterans without major issues in their life ).

    3. What about Thomas’ GREAT IDEA to transform the VA into a “Federal Co-Op”, with a Federal starting point, but State level PRIVATE administration & Accountability on levels 2-79; my idea also. ? Answer … I say LET CONGRESS DISCUSS IT. If Veteran groups & Congress TRULY wanted to ” Fix the VA”, they would have done so long ago; Union $$$ stop it = The Truth.

    4. What if Thomas Wayne Hudson answered every single question posed to him in GREAT DETAIL, admitted any shortcomings ( We ALL have) & then finished his 30 minutes of discussion before Congress , despite his faults ? Should it hurt anything considering those running for various political offices this year ? ANSWER = To me … NO, may even lead to incovering MORE TREMENDOUS FRAUD, WAIST & ABUSE to ” FIX”

    Final, I politely ask you KATHY OWEN ( or anyone ) , out of respect for ME personally, to comment saying, ” Dr Pollock, I am sorry for using any choice of words that IMPLIES ill intent on YOUR ( JP ) part in this issue & should have referred to you as Veteran James Pollock ( MAJ. / Medically Retired – pro-rata formula for pay = Earned ) who met Thomas Huson for the first time in Ft Smith & provided shelter, $300-400 fiscal aid & prayer ( for he & ALL VETS) ” …….& ALSO consider the points which I am making above.

    Please remember in the Bible when Jesus was on the Cross flanked by two people who had been judged as doing wrong, ONE repented & received ETERNAL SALVATION & the other did NOT. ….. this lesson is at the CORE of what I consider ” GOOD”.

    God bless ALL on this thread & ALL discussed in this thread = my final thought.

    Veteran James Pollock [ I am WAY MORE PROUD of my title of ” Veteran” than ” Dr.” ]. ……JP ( elect. EncSaved – F107-27082016)

    • kbw83 says:

      The case of Thomas Wayne Hudson was put forth with the best facts that we had available to us and is all publicly available information. We just added value to that publicly available information by organizing it and presenting it in a logical fashion. We believe this is pertinent to the nature in which he solicited funds and raised media attention. It appears that there may have been an attempt to let people’s imagination fill in the blanks as Mr. Hudson carefully chose certain words such as “disabled veteran” and wore clothing during media interviews that clearly implied he was a Vietnam veteran. Even if it was true that he was only in Vietnam for eight (8) hours, that does not earn him the right to be called a Vietnam veteran and allow him to promote himself as having earned the Vietnam Service Medal (VSM).

      The issue of the cause vs. the messenger is addressed in the final paragraph of the blog. It seems like there are continued attempts to create a straw man argument and suggest that somehow this is all targeted against honorable veterans that have legitimate ongoing issues with the Veterans Administration. This is intellectually dishonest to keep suggesting this but I can see how it is an advantage to try and deflect from the issue at hand – that Thomas Hudson did not serve in Vietnam by DoD criteria and he did not make the distinction that he had a non-service connected disability until challenged about it.

      You should be thankful that this all came out now. How damaging do you think it would be if Hudson gained more traction and spoke before Congress when it is found out that he was committed to a State Mental Hospital and several claims that he made about his military service were found to be not true? Think about that.

      Did you receive a Purple Heart as a result of your wounds in Iraq?

      • iraqwardoc says:

        Sir, please don’t point any more implying questions of ill intent AT ME. The clear answer to your question is NO, I am an OFFICIAL DOD/USAF “Wounded Warrior” but NEVER WAS AWARDED a ” Purple Heart ” because ( as I was told ) ” WE DID NOT FIND SHRAPNEL IN YOUR BODY, SO THEREFORE NO LASTING PHYSICAL INJURY” …..despite a TBI WORK-UP THAT DAY……. Yes, I have asked myself many times, ” WTF ???”, but at this point in my life, I simply say ” F*ck it “, I am PROUD OF MY 1. OPRs 2. OTHER MEDALS 3. CC APPRECIATION LETTTERS , 4. LOEs ( including 2005-06 AEF 7/8 & 2008 with SOCOM ) …… & MOST IMPORTANT , THE AMERICAN TOOP LIVES HELPED IN THAT CRAP HOLE DESSERT …..Very proud. ……again, please consider my thoughts ( previously stated ) ……. God Bless ALL = what TRUELY COUNTS AT THE END OF THE DAY .: JOHN 3:16-18 …. JP. r-Y-08.

        You wrote: “Sir, please don’t point any more implying questions of ill intent AT ME.”

        Whoa! Pump the brakes a sec. I’m in the best position to know what motivates me.

        I just think it is odd that a man of your stature had many professional colleagues in theater and nobody was willing to sign off on your wounds/injuries as worthy of a Purple Heart? I can’t help but think that there were multiple opportunities along the way to be reevaluated. You can also petition the medal and collect statements from those around you the day of the incident.

        Are you now saying that it is the VA’s fault because they don’t consider it a wound related to combat? If so, I’m saying that designation should have occurred long before you presented at the VA. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about this. I have seen medals be awarded after the fact and it almost always involved getting statements from direct witnesses and your Commanding Officer at the time. If they did not feel it was warranted, then the hill that you have to climb is a lot higher with the VA.

        I’m not associated with the Veterans Administration.

        ~ kbw83

      • Kat Owen says:

        But you see Sir, we had no clue to who you really were during our volunteering for Mr. Hudson. We are his “Old Team” not his new team. We were unaware of your presence. With all of Mr. Hudson’s surprises..we were only told (and I swear by this) that he had a “surprise” for all of us. and he did this alot, more than you know. But the others that use to work for him, and the ones that are new can vouch for this…it was always a SURPRISE and we wouldn’t really know anything until he actually arrived at this SURPRISE. Then we would find it posted on his Facebook page The Walking Veteran.
        The only thing..and I repeat..the only thing he said to us was…
        I got a Interview with a “Doctor” who happens to be a “Whistle Blower” on the VA.

        and when we asked Mr. Thomas Wayne Hudson of your name..the only name he would give us was…

        Dr. James Pollock- He’s the Whistle Blower at the VA.

        That Sir is the only answer we got.

        He never ever posted anything on you on The Walking Veteran until after he had got to Fort Smith and personally met with you.

        Before that took place..we were long gone and not working for Mr. Hudson any more.

        But during conversations on the phone, he would only say..and I quote…

        Dr. James Pollock, my friend, my buddy…I cannot wait to hear what he has to say about the VA.

        ..and that was it.

        So please..really..we knew nothing about you were one big secret to us.

        We didn’t know of your military background..nope! he never told us..always he used the phrase..Doctor and Doctor only.

        So shouldn’t be the beef you have with his old volunteers, it should be with Mr. Thomas Wayne Hudson. We only know what we were told about you.

        That is why I only stated that he stayed with you while in Fort Smith, because I knew nothing more. We all knew nothing more.

        So my with Mr. Hudson about that one..don’t point the finger at us..we were just volunteers.

    • Kathy Owen says:

      Veteran James Pollock, now that I actually have a much better title for you, for which I would like to state, that I salute you Sir for your service to this county. It’s an honor to know you.
      I would like to say that Mr. Hudson never gave you the recognition for the service you have done for this county, as Mr. Hudson only referred to you as Dr. James Pollock.
      This is all we learned of you. All we were told is that Mr. Hudson was going to meet up with you in Fort Smith, and that you were a whistle blower and had some stories to tell about the VA.
      His team members as well as myself were never fully informed of you, and you can see that not much was posted about you on the Walking Veteran facebook page until after you two met.
      We were basically left in the dark about you…only letting us were the whistle blower.
      Thomas doesn’t really like taking the spotlight away from him, as his main purpose was to keep the spotlight on himself.
      I merely stated that he had spent time with you in Fort Smith where you reside, meaning he spent several days and not staying on schedule for the other things his team had planned and appointments that were set up along the route.
      This is what made our his team so very difficult. Not knowing what Thomas was doing, where he was going, unplanned extra trips which threw us off, making us scramble to set new plans at a last minute notice.
      When these new plans came as a surprise to us, and we started to question his actions he became upset with us.
      All we ever heard from Mr. Hudson when he would call us on the phone or have us call him was..”I have a surprise for all of you” well these surprises turned out to be nothing more than being thrown off course or throwing a unscheduled trip in there to place us all in total panic! having to call city and government officials to reset appointments and put all of them on hold.
      The one I got a laugh from is when one of his surprises was him video taping himself with Governor Mary Fallon, which wasn’t a surprise to me because I am the one who made contact with her staff personally before he arrived. I was keeping in steady contact with them and keeping them updated of Mr. Hudson arrival.
      But the thing is..Mr. Hudson took all the credit for this meeting with Gov Mary Fallon. I did not receive one ounce of credit for setting that appointment up.
      None of his team receives any credit, not at all does anyone who works behind the scenes receive any credit for their hard work.
      We are the ones who make the calls, emails and what ever it takes to arrange the appointments for all these city and government officials…he takes the credit like he just walked into their office and they just opened the doors and welcomed him with opened arms.
      It was the surprise he all gave us like..”Look what I did” like he did it all by himself.
      Nope..not at all.
      Without his team..he would be just a homeless guy walking. nothing more.
      I later said to the team that I felt we created a monster, with all the exposure and media attention we gave him, he was much larger than us, and treated us as such.
      But once we started to question him or revolt against his actions, he turned on us like a Pitbull in a wrecking yard, and kicked us off the team.
      I am so sorry Sir that you got involved in this mess, it shouldn’t of happen. But please rest assure that nothing was ever said anything out of text about you. We didn’t know anything about you, just a Doctor who use to work at a VA Medical Center and you had some horror stories to tell of the VA while you worked there. That is all we ever knew.
      We all hated being kept in the dark about anything, and we asked Mr. Hudson to be up front on honest with us, and about the people he was meeting and extra plans. But that never went according to plan.
      I would know first hand about all of this…I was his Public Relations Manager. I made all the contacts with Senators-100 of them. 50 Governors, newspapers, television stations, and who ever else I could throw in there.
      After I got kicked out by Mr. Hudson because I wouldn’t be a circus animal no longer. His new team that came on board as volunteers were put through the same torture.
      This has all turned out to be nothing more than a dog and pony show.
      We all prayed and hoped that Mr. Hudson would do good for the veterans of this nation, taking the word all the way to Washington DC and helping each and every veteran out there that struggle at the hands of the VA. Trust me..this is the only reason I came on board.
      But now that Mr. Hudson has received the “Hollywood Red Carpet” his head is swollen, his ego has grown, and he thinks nothing of anyone but himself.
      He has lost track of what he why he is out there in the first place. He just wants that exposure and to have his face of the front page or television screen.
      Can anyone honestly tell me if any red cent that was raised has gone to any veterans charity? Nope…never will.
      He claims for “His Expenses” but when his team is the ones making the calls getting hotels to sponsor him, people to give him free meals, his team members digging into their own pockets and wiring him money so he can eat, pay for his rooms, etc.
      We are all out thousands of dollars, money we really didn’t have to give in the first place..but we did. Sad part of it all…Not one “Thank you” ever came out of his mouth.
      On another note before I part…we all have our own physical problems, many on his team either had or have many physical illnesses and many that are a result of serving this county.
      I never served, though I tried to enlist in the army after my first marriage, I was too over weight and they wouldn’t take me. I’m sorry..I had just had two children, I wanted to join so I could get back in shape.
      But as of today, which Mr. Hudson knew this..but he didn’t care. My husband who serve during Vietnam War, not in the actual war, but was stationed in Pearl Harbor and loaded the ships with cargo including loading Agent Orange onto the ships that were heading over there. My husband didn’t get “sprayed” with the chemical..he got bathe in it. Soaked from head to toe when these barrels were leaking all over him. Does he get to claim “service connected”?? Nope..not at all. But he’s dying, Congestive heart failure, diabetes, stage 3 renal failure, stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver (due to congestive heart failure and kidney failure) and many other illnesses that would take me a long time to list all of them. It’s a miracle he is still alive. I have 3 doctors that claim it was due to the agent orange exposure, they even noted all of it in his VA medical which the VA has since deleted because they don’t want him to claim service connected.
      We too are whistle blowers of the Phoenix VA, the worst VA hospital in the nation and the heart of the scandal. He was one of those veterans on the “Wait List”
      I am currently fighting the VA and I will not stop until I have got them by the balls.
      So you see Sir..we ALL are fighting our own battle with the VA. The war didn’t end when we came home from continues to this day, as each and every veteran struggles to get the proper care they so deserve and earned.
      I thank you Sir for your service, I thank you for you being a doctor and helping our veterans too. I have absolutely no negative thing to say about you. I also hope that you understand our cause and why we have come forth with this.
      The people who gave up their lives to stand behind Mr. Hudson cause and fight, only to be told we are all mentally sick and have problems and to be betrayed by him.
      I hope and pray you understand…but Mr. Hudson is not the one who should be representing our nations veterans.
      Please feel free to find me on facebook so they we can talk personally and share thoughts between the two of us.
      I would like to better know you, and not by what Mr. Hudson has only told us of you.
      Thank you

      • Kathy, please do not waste any more of your time on Doctor Pollock, as he does not want to know the truth. I was calmly trying to lead to him to the truth about Hudson and he blocked me. It’s a shame to throw away any dignity and respect one has trying to defend someone like Thomas Hudson.
        That being said, please do not let this situation stop you from continuing to help others. I can refer you to a great veteran attorney who has never lost a BVA case, if you want. I sent a friend request on Facebook, just message me there.
        Please thank your husband for his service and thank you for yours as well. 🙂

      • Sorry, my name is Tanya Boozer. Not sure why it shows up as mountaingrannys, must have done it that way long ago. I don’t comment on these threads very often.

    • sbalm says:

      Hey iraqwardoc, that was extremely painful to get through. It was nice you don’t want to make it about you… before you make it about you. OK, you got screwed out of a Bronze Star and Purple Heart but the fact remains that the DoD did not see fit to award you those medals. You covered every topic under the sun and now it looks like Jesus is on your side.

      Does your attorney know you are using his name to threaten people with law suits? Please list his name here so we can make sure that he is aware. Won’t sit well with him or the bar association.

      The comments area is for people to make comments about the case presented. They are entitled to their opinion. If you have something relevant please post. Mentioning your service briefly is fine, but Jiminey Cricket! I’d rather not hear about your personal exploits. Write a book, you have a good head start. Appreciate your service but not the place.

  17. sean butler says:

    This whole story is sick to read. Does Mr. Hudson have any kids that could vouch for his story?

    • Side Kick says:

      Yes, his whole family has disowned him. His daughter knows all about him and what he has done in the past, and present. He threaten to cause bodily harm to her for shooting off her mouth about him.

  18. iraqwardoc says:

    1. My “Commanders” told me that I can’t get a “Purple Heart” unless PERMANNENT , PROVEN PHYSICAL wounds …hence why many Veterans with certain ailments from the war don’t get ” Purple Hearts”…. ( Different subject; If I were POTUS, all DOD DEFINDED Wounded Warriors from PTSD, Depression or TBI , even if tests can’t prove it to be “Permenent” or “Physical” … to me = BS, but that is life. Also, the “Purple Heart” is mostly DOD, not VA in most cases; I never pressed for the “Purple Heart”, because I did/do not have the strength to fight for it = LONG process, especially when Highly Classified+++.

    2. Thank you Cathy for the apology- accepted – LOL to you.

    3. Did Thomas ever get CONVICTED of Larsony back 40 YEARS ago……TWO MONTHS before his MANDATORY, OFFICIAL BACKGROUND FBI & OSI review stamped as ” Clear ” ( Entering USAF AD) ? — myself & the entities/agencies which I am affiliated with CHECKED THAT TODAY— let’s just say, “Good news for one Thomas Hudson” living in that town & bad news for another …..hummmm’.

    4. Has anyone checked to see if Thomas Wayne Hudson’s REAL children & wife ( not any non-adopted step children with typical stories) ever DIED in car wrecks & of CANCER loving him to the end ?


    5. Does everyone know of all the OTHER very significant things he did for Veterans during his life? I do .
    6. Does anyone know his age, the major ailments that could take his LIFE ( A life of a Veteran brother = 1-4% of U.S. Population) & have empathy for what he is trying to do with his GREAT IDEAS at the last segment of his life ? I try to help Veterans when not sick myself or doing my ‘duties’. Again, we ALL have faults & remember what Jesus told those flanking him on the cross. Under the ‘logic’ of the blog post, what should now happen to Hillary Clinton or so many others beyond fair proceedings ?

    7. Final, to the “VFW” LEADER who posted a negative thread about Thomas showing his name on a TOMB STONE….. do you realize that is not only hard on a man in Thomas’ condition , but could be considered illegal ? Also, why has the “VFW”, the larger “Service Groups” & ” Congress” never ” FIX THE VA ” ( gets worse by the month ) ? Could it be that their membership roles would DROP if not needed as ” RATINGS OFFICERS”. or that many in Congress would not get shush money…. I mean campaign donations…. from the LARGE % of VA Union Employee Bosses? …….hummmm’. Please ask your VFW superviser those questions when discussing the TOMBSTONE PICTURE ( highly recommended )

    8. I ALWAYS end public writings by stating ” JOHN 3:16-18″ , because that is what counts at the END for all of us.. including me. ( Does not make me a religios zealot or “racist” ) GOD BLESS ALL. ….JPr-Y-08. / ENC REC. OA-30-082016./ –END —

    • sbalm says:

      iraqwardoc – What are you blathering on about? 1) Your denial of a Purple Heart (we’re back to that again?) 2) Hudson’s family (the blogs do not involve family members) 3) good deeds that Thomas Hudson has done for veterans (does not justify his behavior) 4) age 5) tombstone (no reference here that I can see other than you bringing it up) 6) scripture

      Stay on point. This blog is about Thomas Wayne Hudson soliciting donations under the false impression put forth that he is a disabled Vietnam veteran.

      We don’t care about the rest. Pay attention and focus.

    • kbw83 says:

      iraqwardoc wrote: “3. Did Thomas ever get CONVICTED of Larsony back 40 YEARS ago……TWO MONTHS before his MANDATORY, OFFICIAL BACKGROUND FBI & OSI review stamped as ” Clear ” ( Entering USAF AD) ? — myself & the entities/agencies which I am affiliated with CHECKED THAT TODAY— let’s just say, “Good news for one Thomas Hudson” living in that town & bad news for another …..hummmm’.

      As I mentioned to you, the information that was gathered in this case is publicly available. You can check online with the Texas Department of Public Safety and search their Criminal Database. It has more recent mugshots. Isn’t this your hero? Now he has you to thank for bringing even more light to all of this.

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