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Our friends over at numerous sites like Green Beret Posers Exposed ,Guardian of Valor, and This Ain’t Hell  have been having a field day over this exposure. Hans Rudolph Gresham, former Sr. adviser to the VA Secretary of the United States has a embellished service record. For years Gresham has claimed to be a SF qualified operator from back in the day. Well according to his records, he is a little off with his memory.

First a little back story on our hero. Apparently he gained his notoriety and status by riding the coat tales of Lt.Gen William Yarborough (deceased). He somehow convinced the General he was a SF Lt. that had served with Yarborough back in the early days of the Vietnam War. Unfortunately the General, up in age now, believed him, and Gresham became the General’s aide. He preformed the duties of a aide under the guise of being a SF Lt. He escorted the General to different functions, and was the General’s go between with the press. Always ready to throw in a Rambo story of his own, his only validation of proof was a letter signed by the General stating that Gresham was who he said he was.

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Depending on who you ask that knows Gresham, he either retired as a LT., or a Col. and all ranks in between. Somehow with letter in hand Gresham climbed the ladder of who’s who in the veteran and SF world and started landing jobs in high places. He became a life member of the SFA. His stories eventually landed him the position of SFA/SOA spokesman, and he made it clear he was the final word on anything SFA.

Because of his status with SFA, a lot of doors opened for Gresham, to include Sr. Advisor to the VA Secretary, and a position with the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation. Life with his stories and letter from a General was being good to Gresham. Enter J. Thomas Burch, Burch was outed for his lies of being a SF operator from back in the day also. As karma would have it, Burch and Gresham were the big wigs at the NVVF, and once Burch was outed folks started wondering about Gresham. You can read more about Burch here: J. Thomas Burch.

Gresham’s ‘letter of proof’ could not protect him from the powers of the National Personal Records Center (NPRC) and his FOIA was requested. Seems his records do not match his stories, or his letter. His records show he was a Airborne supply handler, and a Clerk Typist PFC at time of discharge. He squeezed in  Rifleman, and Chaplin’s asst. in between. Not quite the Lt. through Col. SF operator from back in the day as he had people believing. Expert rifle, and a National Defense Service Medal is the only awards he earned. He never made it to Vietnam, or served under Yarborough. Seeing as he went from a 30 level to 10 level PFC at discharge, one has to wonder why?

This is just the icing on the cake, jump over to Green Beret posers exposedGuardians of valor, or Thisainthell.us to read more about Gresham.

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