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He packed a lot of military training into 3 short months.

Caraway - Dossier


Dustin Lynn Caraway, who sometimes goes by “Doc” or “Otis”, claims to have served in the US Army.


We are told that he goes around claiming to be a US Army Staff Sergeant and deployed to Iraq with a Ranger Regiment and 101st Airborne as a combat medic, but we can only go by these photos which display jump wings and a Combat Medical Badge.

caraway-airborne-combat medic


It’s hard to tell from the following photo, but the cover he is wearing says he is an OPERATION <indistinct> VETERAN. The ribbon is a GWOT-EM, or Global War on Terrorism – Expeditionary Medal.


This Victoria Advocate article, the local newspaper, says that Caraway is a 2006 graduate of Calhoun High School and spent seven (7) months as a firefighter. That would mean that the only two operations that he could have been a part of were Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq) or Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan).

Dustin Caraway’s official military records were requested through the Freedom of Information Act.

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Caraway - DoDMDC-selected

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NPRC FOIA dod-mdc

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With only three months in the US Army according to his service records, Caraway would have had a difficult time completing boot camp, advanced training and a service school – let alone deploying to a combat zone.

In light of this it is certainly ironic the Army-themed and other motivational graphics that Caraway posts to his Facebook page…


… and this irony rings true in the following one especially.


Caraway has also an extensive criminal record and appears to have done something worthy of probation. This activity would have impacted his ability to serve in the United States Army.


Dustin “Doc” Caraway’s claims are not supported by his official military records.   

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https://www.facebook.com/dustin.caraway  (now shut down)

https://www.facebook.com/doc.mayberry (now shut down)







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This Ain’t Hell: http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=67258

8 thoughts on “Dustin Lynn Caraway – Army Ranger, Combat Medic, Blog of Shame

  1. Mark Lauer says:

    He should really read his Bible. Mathew 5:5 reads; “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”.

    In other words; be humble.

  2. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    Grow up and get a life, loser. You are just a phony. You wouldn’t make a pimple on a real Combat Medic’s ass!

  3. […] folks at Military Phony send us their work on this fellow, Dustin Lynn Caraway, who tells folks that he was a medic in the […]

  4. John-Michael says:

    Let me start by saying I am his cousin and I am outraged that he is still pulling this shit. Back in November I was informed that there was a go find me page to help cover medical expenses for his cancer treatment ” because the VA won’t cover everything”. Here are the messages between him and I concerning his go fund me page. Me: I don’t know if you have cancer or not but if you don’t either correct your go fund me or delete it I’m going to find you then turn you over to the cops for STOLEN VALOR. Your a lying sack of shit. You never even finished training you pussy. And you damn sure never went down range.
    Him:Dude I did not set that up set that up I have already tried to straighten it up I do have cancer but that whole damn thing is a fuck up
    Me:Well I sent your shit to the FB page for the stolen valor act so I would suggest you start getting your DD-214 and your diagnosis from a doctor together. Stolen valor is illegal and it’s complete disrespect to the servicemen and women of this country that have earned the right to say that kind of shit and wear the fucking uniform. Ever since you got kicked out you’ve done nothing but lie about your service to everyone. Unless you Already forgot me seeing you at cactus canyon on Halloween wearing an army beret with the PT shirt firefighter cargo pants and boots bragging about your service and you were wearing a PC at the family Reunion with 3 chevron’s and a rocker. Can you tell me what that is.
    Him:The family reunion I told you I was doing medical with state guard and that’s all volunteer and as for cactus I don’t know what your talking about bc I was working there I wor acu bottoms a fake bullet belt no rank no insignia at on a pT hat and a black shirt and face pait so I think you have the wrong person and I was not kicked out FYI I have a medical discharge and a dd 214 I finished basic I also worked for a contractor don’t confuse that I’m talking a oil companyAnd I have already gotten go find me taken down
    After this mast comment he blocked me from FB.
    He also has a FB page under Doc Caraway.

  5. Johnmichael says:

    This is his cousin once again with a beautiful little piece of information that was just brought to my attention. In the county where we grew up we do a thing called warriors weekend. There are thousands of volunteers that take wounded Warriors fishing. The Warriors fly in to Houston from all over our great nation and are transported by bus to Port O’Connor Texas here in Calhoun County to come enjoy some of the fishing in our local bays. If you go to their Facebook page and look at a post from December 9 of 2015 he was given a free mattress box Springs and bedsit by a local furniture store. I’m not sure if that will count as stolen valor so he can be brought up on criminal charges but Lord I hope so. As a veteran I am disgusted and outraged and I hope to see him at the family reunion so I can kick him right in his pussy. And I also understand that he entered the army as a tank mechanic not a combat medic

  6. xaviera says:

    Doc is worthless claiming he has cancer too get out of paying dues that is owed to others. Hey is very fake. Those that share opinions may want to research who this person is before u make a statement. My boyfriend took his cancer shit serious and when he did he got used and stolen from. He doesn’t deserve no more then the lies he spits out his lieing mouth. He will pay for his convictions all in good timing for her holds his cards. What comes around goes around. Can’t wait to see that day. Hey is a genuine scumbag.

  7. SSG D says:

    As a 91B, now a 68W/68D, this guy needs a throatpunch, badly.

  8. Killerb says:

    Fat turd needs a flushing. Make him famous and watch his fat ass swirl down the crapper.

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