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Richard Dana Arlington III is proud of the time he spent in the US Marine Corps. We’ve been told that he claims he had six confirmed kills during the US invasion of Grenada in 1983 – Operation Urgent Fury.

He wears a US Marine Corps uniform on occasion, proudly wearing a Silver Star, a Combat Action Ribbon and Armed Forces Expeditionary medal.  He also wears the stripes of a Sergeant of Marines.


He often wears “Croakies” with his uniform – a nice touch but we don’t think it is regulation. Neither is the belt buckle centered between the 6th and 7th button.

Arlington is an accomplished speaker as well as an author. He often touts his Marine Corps experience when promoting his seminars and book.


It is also advertised on his website that donations are made to veteran organizations.


Arlington goes on shows to promote his book.



In Richard Arlington III’s book “Why Not You?” he writes of being on enemy soil.arlington-why not you quote

Arlington’s military records were requested through the Freedom of Information Act.

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The USMC CAR database does not list Arlington as having a Combat Action Ribbon. However, that database is known to not be exhaustive in its listings.


Silver Stars are well documented across several available databases. Arlington is not listed as a Silver Star recipient for Grenada — or for any conflict for that matter.

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NPRC FOIA dod-mdc

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Arlington’s official military records do not support his claim of the Silver Star or the Combat Action Ribbon.

The records indicate that he got out as a Cpl (E-4) vs. a Sgt (E-5) as he claims by the rank worn on his uniform.

His records also do not support his claim of being in Grenada. Although the dates are redacted, no duty station he was with shows him as being in Grenada.

We would go into the uniform regulations with Richard, but since he clearly does not care how he appears in that uniform, what would be the point?  If you can’t secure the collar and you begin to buy the belt material in spools, its probably time to either step away from the buffet or stop wearing the uniform. Just a suggestion from us. 


Amazon lists his book saying, “Richard Arlington was a homeless man who built a multimillion dollar empire mowing lawns.”  Ya, well it appears to us he might have built that so called “empire” by using false military claims as well. 

He appears to be some kind of expert on “Slip Trip & Fall and Premises Liability“. We are somewhat skeptical about his credibility as an expert witness on much of anything.  We don’t have any experts on lawn mowing or snow and ice removal around here but we do have plenty of experience with people who embellish their military service.  Smells to us like Richard needs some assistance with manure removal.  Some unsuspecting person might slip, trip, or fall if they step in the crap he spews.   


Richard Arlington’s service claims are not supported by his official military record.

If Richard thinks its perfectly acceptable to sport around with a Silver Star that appears to be undocumented he should ask himself the question “Why Not You?”


We think most of you have something called integrity and honor… Richard seems to have removed most of that from his life as well.  An empire built on manure will always begin to smell, sooner or later. 

He should review his own website, in particular the Code of Ethics.


We don’t know who the Board of Governors are, but maybe they should consider revoking his Certification.   

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10 thoughts on “Richard Dana Arlington III – USMC Sgt, Silver Star, Combat Action Ribbon, Blog of Shame

  1. Number 1 tip off for posers is “Confirmed Kill” claims. The FOIA looks like its listing his delayed entry time and he actually went in in Jan 1983. He was still going through MOS training when Grenada/ Beruit went on. I wonder if the AL post he posed in front of knows of his asshattery.

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  3. M Bacon says:

    I am unfamiliar with USMC regulations about wearing the uniform as a former or retired member. I am retired from the Army, the only times I am allowed to wear my uniform (and only the blue service uniform no others) is to official ceremonies. I cannot wear it on any other occasion or to the VFW etc. I suppose if I wore it to a wedding no one would care but I do not just throw on my dress uniform for a photo op.

    • Damon says:

      The Marines’ regulations are similar to the Army’s. There are select few, and very specific occasions when a Veteran or Retiree can wear their uniform. I have nothing but pride in my service and would never try to squeeze my “retiree” teletubbie like physique into one of my uniforms, nor would I spend the money to buy one that fits me in my current shape. Out of respect for my service and for myself. Most of the Vets I hang around with don’t wear their uniforms. Some of the SF guys may wear their beret to a function, some of them wear the satin jacket of their service. None of them have shown up in “dress”, for any event. When I see it, it always makes me question the authenticity. Maybe that’s just me.

      • M Bacon says:

        Yes, my uniform would be a tight fit also. I just wear a US Army Retired pin on my lapel if I go to a function.

  4. KillerB says:

    We have a response from the American legion the he is giving a speech in front of. They are not happy… Nice job exposing this ass pimple guys, Outstanding job. Now we make him famous..Semper Fi.

  5. Warren G says:

    What a TURD!

  6. cds says:

    Funerals and patriotic celebrations. But you also have to follow the weight and grooming regs also. Pos. You don’t wear marksmanship badges with medals etc

  7. Richard King says:

    Marine Corps Regulations for none active duty also state you have to be in Marine Corps standards to wear the uniform (i.e. in shape) My Dress blues hang in my day I might fit into they again, but would not embarrass myself or the Corps by trying to wear them now. They are out there, find them, expose them…fakes and phonies.

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