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Daniel C. Matthews from Lockport New York claims that he is a  Retired Marine Sniper who worked recluse missions for the Secretary of Defense in Vietnam,Cambodia,Panama, Grenada, Falkland Islands, Colombia, Nicaragua, Lebanon, and Desert Storm.

His dd-214’s constantly get updated as time goes on.

According to his facebook claim. Everything that he wears is what he has earned. 





This is a card that he tried distributing at the Brotherhood of Marine Riders Breakfast trying to join them.


An online News Article featuring Daniel C. Matthews where he is claiming to have lost his spotter due to an enemy sniper in Vietnam. The name of the spotters name was removed from the news article as there was no way that person could have been his spotter.




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FaceBook Acct ; https://www.facebook.com/daniel.matthews.520



Having only partial information on him when we first filed for his FOIA resulted in no results found.


He was then approached on Facebook asking for him to vett himself at which he gave the following replies.


He was asked if he served during the year of 1985 which he confirmed. He also willingly gave us his complete service number and his complete social security number. Plus he sent us photos of his Reserve ID card from the Marine Corps. His Military Retirement ID card from the Army. And his Veterans ID card.





Using the single Record Request form provided by the Dept. of Defense Manpower Data Center. The results were negative when we entered his full name, date of birth, and social security number as having served on active duty after October 1, 1985.

Screenshot019 Screenshot005

We also checked to see if Daniel C. Matthews has a Combat Action Ribbon and the results were negative. 


Using the complete Service Number and Social Security Number provided by Daniel C. Matthews. We refiled for Mr. Matthews military service record and the results are as follow.

He spent exactly four years on active duty in the Marine Corps from Sept 1, 1971 to Aug 29,1975 being discharged as a Corporal (E-4).

He spent fifteen and one half years in the Army National Guard from May 26, 1979 to Nov. 6, 1994. Being discharged/retired as a Sergeant (E-5)  img023

His Primary MOS in the Marine Corps was 3535 ( Light Motor vehicle operator ) With a brief stay at Marine Security Guard School. He was also used very briefly as an 0151 administration clerk. They did use him as a guard at HQMC for a year ( Barracks duty ).The majority of his time served was at HQMC, Washington DC He did not deploy anywhere off of the continental United States.

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His Record of Service from the US Army National Guard  show that his MOS’s were 68M – Nutrition Care Specialist and 94B – Cook. No deployments. 



Conclusion ; The difference between what Daniel C. Matthews is claiming and what is on file at the National Personal Record Center (NPRC) using the service number and SSN that Mr. Matthews Provided. We can 100% confirm that Daniel C. Matthews never served in any foreign hostile conflicts while serving on active duty in the Marines and while serving with the Army National Guard. nor did he ever attend any scout/sniper schools in either service. There are secret missions. But there are no secret Marines or Soldiers.








9 thoughts on “Daniel Matthews Retired US Marine Scout/Sniper, Multiple Conflicts Veteran Blog of Shame

  1. KillerB says:

    Boom….You blew you decent, respectful career to pretend you were Rambo/Hathcock combined.. Stupid, just plain stupid.

  2. […] good folks at Military Phony send us their work on this Daniel Matthews fellow who put his DD214 on his motorcycle […]

  3. Bfv Mikegolf says:

    On the sidecar, “Falkland Island.” The Falkland Islands War was between Argentina and The United Kingdom, the US was not a participant. The MOS 68M, may have Aircraft Weapons System repairman (see 2-1) in the 1980s and the MOS later changed to Nutritional Care Specialist.

  4. Tim Houts......two time Beirut vet says:

    Another POS

  5. Barfield says:

    Perfectly okay military service record. Why embellish it? He could call himself a Marine and leave it at that. Most people don’t even give a fuck. Just don’t understand these guys at all.

  6. Benjo says:

    Wonder how the fuck he got service connected.

  7. Claude says:

    Guess you were never instructed on positioning of marksmanship badges in the Corps. Last I checked the pistol award is outboard. Then again, you need to “earn it” to know how to “wear it”. Bonafide shitbird right here.

  8. Bob says:

    I have met him.
    They should have a law against this crap.

  9. Lillian says:

    I got an email from this idiot stating he needed help transferring over $10 million overseas to an inland bank. Of course it’s a fraud. Either him, or a man proposing he’s him.

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