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12/13/2015 by militaryphonies

Malone is a Quarter Master at Post 4412 of the VFW in Hudson, FL and a member of Detachment 567 of the Marine Corps League, Holiday, Florida.

Ken Malone came to one of our readers attention all the way back in 2010. During the Stolen Valor trial of Angel Manuel Ocasio-Reyes. Malone would appear at the proceedings as a Purple Heart recipient to witness justice being served. Ocasio-Reyes was on trial for wearing fake awards and military rank. According to an article in the Tampa Bay Times, Malone dressed for the occasion.


He likes to dress up as a Marine Non-Commissioned Officer.  We are told that in the past he proudly displayed his Purple Heart and a NMCM.  The Navy and Marine Corps Medal is generally considered the equivalent of the U.S. Army′s Soldier’s Medal, the U.S. Air Force′s Airman’s Medal, and the Coast Guard Medal.   For heroic performance to rise to this level it must be clearly established that the act involved very specific life-threatening risk to the awardee.



Since some of you might not be familiar with that award we thought it would be  a good idea to give an example of exactly what kind of hero is awarded that medal and why.

An amazingly heroic act and selfless dedication in an attempt to save another Marines life.  This award is reserved for those who demonstrate exceptional Valor when they are not engaged with the enemy.

At VFW Post 4412, they are more than familiar with Malone dressing up in his uniform and awards, including the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, during functions.

nmcm3nmcm4 nmcm6 nmcm7










Let’s take a look and see what the Department of Personnel Records has to say about our hero.


It appears his Official Records state he was discharged as a Private First Class. That is an odd rank to hold after 3 years in the Marines.  We thought that was so odd that we ordered his records twice, just to be sure.  He did serve in Vietnam, but the Marine Corps doesn’t appear to know anything about a Navy and Marine Corps medal.  They most certainly have no record of the Purple Heart mentioned in the article above.

Malone appears to have done his tour in Vietnam but ended his enlistment in the Marines on a bad note.   In fact, his records show that he didn’t earn that Sharpshooter Badge either, he has what some Marines refer to as a Toilet Seat for marksmanship. The only marksmanship award lower than that is…none at all.


According to the records we have, Ken should probably stop posting things like that on the interwebnet thingy.  Doing so could confuse people and give them the impression he is claiming to have a Purple Heart, which he does not.

We can’t identify everything on this vest of his, but if he is going to play dress up, there is nothing wrong with patches to honor your service.  Kenny should probably leave the Corporal of Marines Uniform, Purple Heart, Navy Marine Corps Medal, and Sharpshooter awards out of it.  See… he still looks spiffy without any of that.


We hope the VFW members at Post 4412 in Hudson, FL put an end to his parading around in a uniform he shouldn’t have on.  We have been informed that the Post was made aware of all this.  We were also told that they were given the paperwork from the National Archives and Records Administration.

It is our understanding that they chose to do nothing about it.  Private Malone is still the Quarter Master.  That fact, has some honorable veterans upset.  We find it unbelievable that Post 4412 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars would allow someone to put on whatever rank they feel they should have, spice up their medals with ones they did not earn and attend official functions dressed like that.

Maybe VFW Post 4412 has an explanation for keeping an embellishing veteran as an officer of the post.  We would most certainly like to hear what that is.  Maybe the members at Detachment 567 of the Marine Corps League, Holiday, Florida will look into this as well.

We hope Ken takes this opportunity to man up about his service and move on with life. He served in the Marines and did a tour in Vietnam.  There is honor enough in that for anyone.

VFW Post 4412 site

Ken Malone FaceBook page

VFW Post 4412 FaceBook page

22 thoughts on “Kenneth Allen Malone; Poser, VFW Post 4412, Blog of Shame

  1. Ken Sullens says:

    Malone (aka 5-Ton) is also a member of the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club International,and belongs to the Suncoast chapter in New Port Richey Florida.

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  3. Ken Malone says:

    First of all I want to reply that this info not totally correct. First of all these pictures are from 2009-2010. The issue with the navy marine corp medal was a misread of medals on my part which was corrected in 2010 when I was a member of the Honor guard at Marine Corp Leauge. 2nd the corporal strips were info that was givin to me by people at Marine Corp league saying you could wear the highest rank obtained which has also been corrected. My paperwork has been varified at the VFW the Marine Corp Leauge and Leathernecks all at National level. The person that has the most to say on this Ken Sullens was past president and member put out bad with Lethernecks LMCI his life membership at VFW taken away from him4 yrs ago for conduct unbecoming. The one sided opinions that a lot of people make about a veteran without all the facts is wrong. Further I was one of the members of the Marine Corp Leauge that did take Angel Casio to court but he was not a friend of mine nor did I tell a reporter I had a Purple Heart Ken Sullens told him that when he was interviewed. As a 100% Service connected Veteran I believe that have better info on what this asshole has been reporting on me. I am a Marine will be till the day I die anyone with issues with that can go fuck themselves…..Semper-Fi

    • Ken Sullens says:

      Yep you tell one story to cover up another, first off you borrowed the uniform second place you misread the dd214 no where on your paper work can anything be mistaken for a navy / marine medal , I guess you thought a marksmanship badge was a sharpshooters badge , you left the Corps E2 not E4 , I was put out of the VFW by Isaac King former commander who also knew you where a poser and the new post commander Dave Bear said you and King cooked up the bullshit charges on me, because you two low life’s could never look me in the eye for the way you railroaded me in the Lmci. I just called you out on your posing and took you off your high horse and now all the lies you have told are coming back on you, we’ll hang on Boy cuz it anit over yet. One more thing if your gonna call late at night when you got all your beer muscles be man enough to speak.

    • Ken sullen says:

      Hey Poser I thought I would put this link on here to expose another one of your lies about bringing Angel Ocasio to justice so everybody can see what a habitual liar you are especially all the guys I the Suncoast Chapter of the Leathernecks Mc in Newport Richey Florida.

  4. Ken Sullens says:

    Another lie about taking Angel Ocasio to court Alam Cohm of channel seven news busted him and got him talking on camera google the video,now your gonna fall back on your 100% that your uncle who worked for the VA coached through and helped you fill out the papers ….well surprise surprise that’s under investigation to. You Posing POS you couldn’t tell the truth if your life depended on it. And a lot of the LMCI know what you are to so expect a little chill in the air when you see some of the out of staters.

    • Ken Sullens says:

      Another lie about taking Angel Ocasio to court Alam Cohm of channel seven news busted him and got him talking on camera google the video,now your gonna fall back on your 100% that your uncle who worked for the VA coached through and helped you fill out the papers ….well surprise surprise that’s under investigation to. You Posing POS you couldn’t tell the truth if your life depended on it. And a lot of the LMCI know what you are to so expect a little chill in the air when you see some of the out of staters. Oh and I suppose I put that Purple Heart on your Face Book page to huh sport,and don’t send your wife to fight your battles ok ,I told her to have you sign a SF180 send it in so she could see for herself.

  5. SSGTUSMC says:

    I am trying to understand all this. Malone got busted to Private First Class but he was told it was ok to wear the uniform of a Corporal. He misread his medals and thought he had a NMCM. He was mentioned in a news article that he had a Purple Heart and posted a rack of Medal on his facebook that showed a Purple Heart. He also seems to think he was a Sharpshooter. I am trying to figure out what was posted that was not totally correct here.

    To Private First Class Malone,

    You were discharged as a PFC probably because of more than one NJP. The rule for wearing the highest rank held applies to those who received a temporary commission to officer and then reverted to enlisted ranks later. No way you didn’t know that. You misread a NMCM? You did not misread its order of precedence on your ribbon rack. Did you misread some heroic act that you forgot about doing? You knew that medal was for an act of heroism and probably had a story to go along with it. So this is the actual truth:


    Marines are authorized to wear the uniform they rate as long as they conform to Marine Corps Standards. You do not come close Malone. I probably won’t either one day. I will not put the uniform on when that day comes. Lose some weight, get a hair cut, shave, and put on a PFC uniform if you like. Just never wear a cover indoors unless you are under arms.

    We have a name for Marines like you Malone, we call them shitbirds. They were probably called shitbirds when you served too. If the VFW the Marine Corp Leauge know about all this and you are still some kind of officer in their organization, they are UNSAT.

    • Kevin Winters says:

      “The rule for wearing the highest rank held applies to those who received a temporary commission to officer and then reverted to enlisted ranks later.” This is partially right, probably because you are oversimplifying. There used to be temporary enlisted promotions too, not just commissions. The actual rule was “Highest Rank held HONORABLY.” If you were reduced for cause, your service at that rank was not honorable.

      • SSGTUSMC says:

        Thanks Kevin, that is true. Malone seems to play stupid to civilians who don’t know any better. The NMCM is not listed on the Stolen Valor Act. It should be. So should a Bronze Star with a V.

        I have no idea what a Quarter Master does at a VFW, but Malone shouldn’t be one and he shouldn’t be allowed into Happy Hour for a few moths either. Shitbird.

  6. Gunner says:

    Well I reported this Ass Bag to the Mike Armstrong Marine Corps Leauge post 567 Holiday Florida I went through all the proper channels and followed protocol, and they could care less what this poser does as long as he pays dues, also informed Dave Bear post 4412 Hudson Florida commander and like wise he enjoys having the poser at his post as well as Quater master of the post, you read these organizations mission statements and it’s all about Honor ,integrity Yada Yada and these Ass Clowns would not know Honor if it bit them in the ass. No wonder the real vets avoid these places like the plague.

    • Gunner says:

      Well here is the latest on Lord Ass Bag there was a hearing on the charges I filed with the marine corps league and you’ll never uses what happened…..the commandant of MCL 567 Mike Armstrong showed up to defend this guy. And of course nothing was done.

  7. David Bear says:

    I have tried to stay out of most of this madness but it seems I must say something here as with the last item I was forwarded, I assume again by Mr ( not comrade Sullens ), both myself and the Post are mentioned.
    I am the current commander of VFW 4412. The issues mentions are now some 6 years old or more. All have been addressed and corrected. Regardless of what any individual feels about the disposition. It has been disposed and like most things, you are not punished for life.
    Further, I tire of Mr. Sullens leaving partial stories out there to get good men and women riled up. Note he never mentions the FACT that he was removed from the VFW and other organizations for exactly what he is doing here and more. The FACT that although he brought the charges that required the hearing and voices so strongly in outlets such as this, HE could not even find the time or make the effort to show. Please note, nothing had to be said as without the complaining party Comrade Malone prevails.
    Though the Post and I as the Commander have been mentioned quite often the only correspondence I received was from Mr. Sullens. At no time has any of these web sites even tried to verify any part of Mr. Sullens stories. If they would I believe they would not even print it.
    I advised Mr. Sullens of the proper process, which he should have known anyway, but he continues to do as he wishes, when he wishes, how he wishes. It is Mr. Sullens that needs a reality check and to make amends with his past, which also note we do not bring up.
    It is with utmost sincerity, respect, and understanding that I acknowledge the concerns of people with respect to valor. That said, a single event does not make a lifelong sentence. What is next? Placing a friend or relative who puts on their loved ones medal on a site like this? Some would say that is nothing like what we are speaking about but I say we must draw the line somewhere and as one of the comments read, “it isn’t but it should be”. My friends, we cannot make everyone happy, we cannot make things right for everybody, opinions will always vary. Let’s take the time and effort to do what this site is intended for. To make those that continually and perpetually claim valor they are not entitled to accountable.

    With respect,

    David Bear

    • Gunner says:

      Well here we have again a Ass Clown who allows posers to hold office in his command,it doesn’t matter when it happen the fact is he is guilty ,his dd214 and the photos do not lie, you think you have won some kind of victory? This was not for me no matter how hard you try to make it look like it is,this was for all who wear/wore the uniform,and to bring to light the low life scum sucking slugs who try to play hero bellied up to a bar in some VFW full of booze proclaiming how many Purple Hearts they have , all true veterans know about these orginazations and that’s why they shy away from them, I am a combat wounded vet with a honorable discharge from the USMC, not a general under honorable conditions like lord ass bag Malone and though I was rail roaded you can never take that away. You Dave Bear are no better than the posing clown you allow to hold office because maybe it is not Legaly wrong it is Moraly wrong and you know it,so sell that shit to the civilians who buy it, you won’t get the real vets to play into your bullshit clubs. You came to my house and was glad I brought Malone to your attention and thanked me only to turn on me like the coward you are, and like I said in the email I sent you I will say this again to your face anytime any where,You sir are a lying son of a yellow bellied whore, I am at your service anytime.
      Ken Sullens

      • David Bear says:

        There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. The world is full of wrongs to be righted, all in due time i suppose. The difference here is i am able to remove the personal and emotional and deal with facts and abilites at hand. Otherwise Karma will supply all else.

  8. Ken Malone says:

    Here’s the the deal with the charges Sullens has brought against me for 5 years every Veterans organization he has dealt with has pulled his membership for contuct unbecoming. I have been checked out with every entity he has filled charges with and if he would tell the whole story he’s the the Ass Bag and not me. If Vietnam Veterans continue you believe this piece of shit with a one side story my shits good go fuck yourself Sullens. By the way if you had showed up at the Marine Corp Leauge hearing instead of acting like a little pussy and staying home you would have the real info to pass on to these Veterans.

    • Gunner says:

      I did Malone your dd214 I got your pussy here anytime any place and bring that leaky cunt you call a wife with you. One on one anytime gas bag.

      • Ken Malone says:

        You sure a a solid veteran when you will attact woman to justify your sick needs but why would anyone be surprised after you beat your last wife and she divorced you. In closing let me say I will take you up on your invitation except you won’t see me.

      • Kenneth Sullens says:

        Again COWARD have you put a gun to Carla’S head again lately, or pulled your shot gun on anymore kids in front of your house? How about pointing your pistol at people you say cut you off and telling the cops it was your cell phone, that works both ways you sissy bitch you pull something on me it better be chocolate cuz your gong to eat it. Come on Malone one on one In front of your whole chapter ok please 😀

  9. Kenneth Sullens says:

    Coward back stabbing sissy bitch, one on one Malone any time step up or shut your cock holster and sit down

  10. Gunner says:

    Just as I thought Lord Ass Bag has nothing to say he is the typical key board commando bad ass but face to face a punk ass bitch, we will run into each other sooner or later because of the life styles we choose, keep looking Ass Bag cuz one day when you least expect it it will happen, and I can ask you dance question is will you accept…Lmmfao. Hand to hand man to man .

  11. Gunner says:

    One more thing your even a fatter fuck now than when ya bought them blues Ass Bag so ya better get a new set try eBay,

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