Leevon Ikuo Kuuleilani Otsuka aka Von Cruz, US Army Sergeant,Combat Wounded/Injured Military Phony , Blog of Shame


12/15/2015 by militaryphonies


FaceBook Account ; https://www.facebook.com/von.cruz.940



FaceBook GoFundMe page ; https://www.facebook.com/gofundmevon/info?tab=page_info


Total time served on active duty was for six months and eleven days. He never deployed from the CONUS. Rank upon discharge was Private ( E-2 ) 


MOSC 77W1O. Assists in water reconnaissance, site preparation, and setup of water treatment activity. Operates and maintains water treatment equipment. Receives, issues, and stores potable water. Performs water quality analysis testing and verification.

10 thoughts on “Leevon Ikuo Kuuleilani Otsuka aka Von Cruz, US Army Sergeant,Combat Wounded/Injured Military Phony , Blog of Shame

  1. Chris says:

    Well, in the history as I know it of Military Phonies this makes 2 waterboy wannabes.

    • von says:

      I dont effin know where all this came from, i never once stated i was a hero, sorry if it was taken that way. I seen that on my fb page that it says that i ETS’d out in 2005, that was my mistake i guess, i was just trying to put in that i was in the army at one time, as far as the sergeant, it was supposed to put in soldier (solidad) but wont. Sorry if you all are misunderstanding my posts, i was injured on duty but i never said i was a war hero. But i am enrolled in the VA. And do have a percentage because of injuries i have sustained when i was active, but never said i was a hero. Two different things. Sorry for the confusion.

    • killerb says:

      LOL both full of crap.

  2. Leevon Otsuka says:

    I read the Bio and why im on here. Om completely sorry about the misunderstanding. I had an agent write the bio for me for my go fund me because i didnt kniw how to set one up. We talked about my military background among several other things. I just seen it says i was deployed out during the early 90’s. I seen it on this website. So i checked
    On it. I am completely embarassed and sorry for that. It was NOT supposed to say that. It was supposed to say “I graduated and joined the army in the early 90’s where I suffered a few scrapes and bruises”. Im truly sorry for the misunderstanding. The Sergeant on my facebook was completely my fault, but unintentional. But like I said before, i never claimed to be a hero, or tried to take anything away from those who are, but i am enrolled in the VA due to injuries sustain while on active duty.

    • cecil stroud says:

      You have grounds for a lawsuit. Go to a lawyer with access to the internet. You served honorably and a lawyer with a judge will shut them down.

      • Let me know how that turns out for you !

      • Fuvon says:

        He doesn’t have grounds for shit! He knows exactly what he was doing. If anything, there’s quite a few good people who have grounds to sue his dumb ass.

  3. Family member says:

    To whom this may concern, I am a family member of Leevon. All I have to say is, he’s a chronic liar. He’ll do and say anything to get a free handout and it doesn’t matter if it’s a stranger, friend or a family member. He knew what was on the biography he wrote. Not some made up agent. If he has taken any of you for money, do something or he’ll keep leeching.

    • Family Member says:

      I agree with the family member that posted prior to me. (which I think I know who it is) I know the “history” behind Leevon for more years than you can count on your fingers and toes, combined.

      I agree, he is a Chronic Liar. I have heard many variations of the same “Lie” throughout the years. If you are “supporting” him, you need to stop, (ref: prior post)

      He just jumped over the 40 year mark in his life, with 3 kids, and as far as I know really never had a REAL JOB. (just leeching off of anybody he can) My biggest concern is for the KIDS.

      They are the innocent ones and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are taken away from him.

      If you are supporting him, you need stop and let him figure it out on his own .

  4. […] discharged as a Private and was a Water Treatment Specialist.  The saddest part of this is he was busted before.  Back in 2015 he was exposed and offered the following […]

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