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Gaylord Martin Surratt, who goes by the nickname “Marty”, was the featured guest speaker on 11 Nov 2012 for Veterans Day at American Legion Post 331 in Omaha, Nebraska. The Commander of Post 331 wrote:
“On Veterans Day, Nov 11 we had Marty Surratt as our guest speaker. Marty gave us some great information about being a Marine Sniper, assisting in the “United Nations Peacekeeping Force, and being injured in Lebanon at the Beirut International Airport in 1983. He was promoted to Sgt E-5 and received a “Purple Heart”. Marty, Thank you for your service, being our guest speaker and hope you recovery is quick.”





The Marine Corps has no record of him ever serving.


Since the USMC has no record of military service for Gaylord Marty Surrat, this also casts a lot of doubt on him ever being a sniper, him ever serving in Beirut in 1983, him being awarded the Purple Heart, let alone Marty achieving the rank of Sergeant of Marines.
We were not able to contact Marty and ask him about his claims.  He came to our attention in the fall of 2014 but while awaiting his FOIA results, Marty’s life took a downward turn on Christmas Eve/Day of 2014.  Marty shot his mother, who survived, before taking his own life.


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  1. Warrior0369 says:

    If he is dead why do we need to beat him up? Granted he’s a phony but posting this now serves no purpose to anyone. Stick to the live ones.

  2. […] folks at Military Phonies send yet another phony by the name of Garlord Marty Surratt who told a Veterans’ Day […]

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