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A Honorable Discharge that Chuck Foreman provided claiming enlistment within the US Navy. Claiming E-3 when he had previously been discharged from the Army as an E-4  

Grab a knee people, this is a loooong one.

OMG, where do I start?

Ok Mr. Foreman’s claims:

10 years in the U.S. Army with an

“Emphasis” in Special Operations

Highly decorated combat wounded

Medically retired

“Blackhawk Down”

Founding member with

Homeland Security.

Private Investigator

in the state of Texas

Well let us just take a look at a few things.


According to his FOIA he was discharged

an SP4 31C.

Not bad. He signed the blank check

and we acknowledge his service.

But there is something missing.

Magnifying glass please.

I do believe it would  state the

issue of how he was

“Combat Wounded”

Look at the documentation and you

make your own assessment of what

Mr. Chuckles has accomplished

during his military career.

So he started this little company

called CFSI.

A commendable company.

It is always a good thing to look for

exploited and missing children.

His company web site claims

to be a 501(c)(3).

Doesn’t that mean that the company

takes donations?

It states that Chucky is the founder,

a highly decorated combat wounded veteran.

By the way has anyone vouched

for his 501(c)(3) status?

Claiming “highly decorated” and

“combat wounded” to pray on

innocent people for

financial gain is referred to as:

Claims to be a founding member with

Homeland Security and also a

private investigator in the

state of Texas.

Now let’s take a look at where the

combat wounded comes into play

The above pic is a screen shot from a

video that he has on YoutTube for his


And if you read the above he was a

pretty accomplished soldier during

his stent. Special Operations, Dan Rather,

Republican Guard, Kurds,

“Blackhawk Down”

Whew, some people just don’t


We would like you to come to your

own thoughts an conclusions

on Chucky Boy.

But we here at Military Phonies

would call him:

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43 thoughts on “William Charles ” Chuck ” Foreman, U.S. Army, Decorated combat wounded, POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. Busted!

    • Lynn says:

      For additional documentation from the IRS, VA and Texas DPS disproving the allegations in this article please visit my page… https://facebook.com/hlynnwasmuth

    • Who Else ? Bob Brady says:

      PURPLE HEART ? if he does not have one that is STOLEN VALOR I SAY NAIL HI ASS TO TJHE WALL.

      • Bob says:

        How would you know truth from fiction I do know Bob Brady and for the record that is not his real name that is his radio stage name so wrong o stolen valor fans .

  2. […] folks at Military Phonies sent us their work on this “Chuck” Foremen fellow who is the founder of Center for […]

  3. looks legit to me

    Wait. Left off the time in the reserves
    Navy Seabees
    Coast Guard. That’s the Homeland security part
    I was in when the cut over happen

    And our non funded not for profit.
    Has contract recoveries getting close to 800

    Your website and the Maggots that write this up
    Disgust me

    • Navy Seabees ? Is that where you qualified as a Navy Expert Rifleman ? Do tell .

      • eric says:

        Its all true, everything he claims is true. I know this for a fact because I served with him. It was not long after I had been promoted to Major General-Captain-Sergeant-Major. He was wounded in action where I used military grade 550 cord and sewed up his wounds, thus allowing me enough time to use my ball point pen, shove it in my throat vein, and let it drip into his mouth so he wouldn’t die from loss of blood.
        The Blackhawk helicopter was shot, but while it was going down, he and I jumped out safely, that is how we were able to receive our 39th combat jump star on our Combat Action Badge.
        I was originally awarded 18 purple hearts, but the president decided that 15 Medal of Honor awards would justify my actions.
        If you look my name up, you will see that my record cant be found by any military service, because my missions were all Top-Top Secret. That’s Secret X two. I mean James Bond actually worked for me. So did Wesley Snipes, but he got a little too cocky, and we had him sent to prison for a while.

        Long story short is…fu^k this guy and pieces of Shat like him. I don’t give a fu&^ if you served or did not serve. You need your face kicked in while watching your first born get gang raped.
        I just want to kill something. AKA…stolen valor faggots.

    • RollingDognut says:

      You are “combat wounded” right? Which service acknowledges your Purple Heart Medal?

    • Jason Clark says:

      Saying you served in the Coast Guard because you were a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary is like me saying I served in the National Rifle Association because I was a member.

    • Jason Clark says:

      So, you’ve posted a Coast Guard Auxiliary certificate in an attempt to prove you served with the Coast Guard. A questionable Navy discharge certificate that you say is from the Navy Reserves to prove you were a Navy Seabee. You haven’t proved anything other than that this article is accurate.

    • Jason Clark says:

      I don’t understand the part about the “cut over” in the Coast Guard Auxiliary, or the Seabees, and certainly not the “combat wounded Black Hawk down” shit. What branch is your Purple Heart?

  4. Chris says:

    Do tell us all about the blackhawk wreak you survived!

  5. Harley girl says:

    Chuck has not lied about his service to his country! Please be advised he was in Navy reserves!

  6. Jason Clark says:

    Am I the only one who finds it odd that Chuck was in the Army until 2000 and has a Navy certificate showing a discharge date in 1999?

  7. Scott Cornett says:

    Looks to me before you go making
    Accusations you need to check your facts and you may want to spend some time researching more in depth.
    Before you post something like this.

  8. Jason Clark says:

    Combat wounded, shot down in a Black Hawk, Seabees, the only thing Chuck’s proved is that wasn’t in the Coast Guard.

    • Joshua Brown says:


  9. Joshua Brown says:

    So…first off……I fail to see how someone that you have proven to serve in multiple branches of the military is up for stolen valor! Also, perhaps I missed it but I didn’t see your name or your service jacket posted on here anywhere to show that YOU are a trustworthy or reliable source on this matter!! If anything this website should be called Stolen Valor because what you have done here is taken a Unites States Veteran and tried to steal his valor because you clearly have a personal problem with him. I am a veteran and feel disgraced by your cowardice to attempt to call out a proven veteran and not even put your name on it so that we can know who the person that needs to be sued for slander and defamation of character. You sir or ma’am are a disgrace for what you have attempted to do hear on this one!!!!

    • Who Else ? Bob Brady says:

      NO !!!! you are the disgrace . STOLEN VALOR is a Federal Offense and see ya would nolt want to be you for life at hard labor .

      • Who Else ? Bob Brady says:

        Bob Brady was a Navy Assault Boat Coxwain. He was on a PBR unit NOT IN A BLACK HAWK THAT WAS LARRY ( BOY ) HARE . Get your story straight .

      • Bob says:


      • Bob says:

        If you guys really want to have a field day go after Larry Boy Hare . He wears a SEAL TRIDENT on his hat , he has a CMH , 3 Purple Hearts , 2 Bronze Stars , 5 Silver Stars , combat action ribbon , and others . He stole a photo of a baby that never knew her dad , (KIA) and Larry stole it from A Grave site in San Diego and claims it is grand daughter . He has a base sticker on his truck that was stolen from a retired rear Admiral ‘s car and uses it as his . Larry has 2 WW2 Guns in the tool box of his truck he claims he took off a dead gook while in combat action , they actually belonged to his step dad , and he stole them from his mother . He has a phonied up DD214 that looks like a Chinese fuck story that he paid a Mexican to do for 100.00 . REAL STOLEN VALOR THIS IS IT . He served on the U.S.S. Talladega for 13 months of which the last 3 months was on bread and water in the San Diego Brig until BCD Discharge came up . So There is your REAL stolen Valor . That’s right our riverine force were PBR UNITS , LST’S , A LPD , various mike boats and others . The Askari , The Benewa were also up there . The LPD was the OGDEN LPD 5 . The LST’S were the Pitkin county , Snohomish county , the Caroline county all based out of comlanshipron 3 GUAM . The LPD was based out of San Diego . So now go after LARRY HARE ( TRUE NAME ) Lives in Pasadena and the VFW , the VVA , an d the American Legion will tell you he has stolen meal cards , Wal Mart Gift cards and others from those clubs that were for helping the homeless . CHECK IT OUT IN PASADENA , he was also arrested for lewd acts against other MEN at 24 hour fitness in Whittier and Pasadena check it out . I am done .

    • Bob says:

      Exactly Josh maybe we are seeing a phony with his instead since he has not posted any documentation as to who he is . PHONY ??? I THINK SO

  10. Jason Clark says:

    This clown just won’t quit. Still telling lies about being shot down in a Black Hawk, lies about an assassin. I think he’s lied so much that he believes his own bullshit!

  11. Robert Giffin says:

    You may want to be real careful on this one. I was in the JCSE during the same time and on the same operations. Although I didn’t know him, his FOIA matches his claim. I can easily verify his service in the JCSE and on both Desert Storm and Provide Comfort if I try. Did he crash in a helicopter? I don’t know but it’s possible. There were a lot of ‘accidents’ over there in Northern Iraq (I was in Zakho) that were never really cataloged. As a 31C he would have been in the Quick Reaction Company (QRC) and they indeed did deploy on, shall we say, interesting missions. JCSE is NOT a special operations unit but it is a joint communications unit akin to an Army signal battalion. And while it is not ‘special operations’ itself, it has the mission to support both the 4-star headquarters’ as well as their special operations elements (in this case it would have been SOCCENT). Everything he claims is completely plausible. Claiming ‘combat wounded’ is probably a bit over the top since I don’t see a PHM – and a PHM ceremony at the unit would have been quite memorable, I never attended one. We did, however, have three POWs who were taken from the US Embassy in Kuwait and ‘invited’ to Baghdad as ‘guests’ during the war. As far as the service in the Navy, can’t comment.

  12. Chris says:

    I was in the 160th SOAR during ‘Blackhawk down’, and can tell you my unit was the only Aviation unit to suffer any aircraft losses. I can 100% guarantee he was not on either of our Blackhawks. If he had been he would be dead right now, seeing as there was only one survivor.

  13. Robert Giffin says:

    He never claimed ‘Blackhawk down’ (as in TF Ranger in Somalia). He claims to have been shot down in a Blackhawk over Northern Iraq during Provide Comfort. I’ve verified his story with the Command Sergeant Major who wrote the above letter for him to support his VA claims. So, did he go to Northern Iraq during Provide Comfort? Yes. Did he participate in Desert Storm and travel with Dan Rather? Yes. Was he riding in a Blackhawk in Northern Iraq when it went down due to enemy fire? Yes. Did he support the French Airborne and the French Foreign Legion during Provide Comfort? Yes. Was he on the initial push into Kuwait City with elements of US Central Command? Yes.

    Was he a Special Operations Soldier? No. Was he in direct and indirect support of Special Operations Command Central and Special Operations Command Europe during Desert Storm and Provide Comfort? Yes. Was he awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal? Most likely as that was a typical end of tour award at the JCSE.

    I watched his interview. While it does seem that he can sometimes be a bit full of himself, who among us has never embellished at least slightly during a war story? If you tell me you haven’t I’ll call you a flat out liar. Finally, who appointed you all sheriff anyway? Just because someone’s service doesn’t match your perceived notion of what service should be doesn’t make you an expert. There are a LOT of units out there who are real quiet and perform missions that would sound like fiction to most of us. While a lot of it is documentable sometime after the fact, some of it is even today not public knowledge, and it should stay that way. You don’t have to be an ‘operator’ to have an interesting tour of duty. If you ask me you all are simply showing your own asses. The egregious assault of a Vietnam Veteran in the Charolette airport by three active duty Marines is a direct result of these ‘blogs of shame’ and ‘stolen valor’ rants. Get over yourself. Veterans don’t need to be causing problems for other veterans.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      I liked your comment. It really sucks when someone like this guy with perfectly honorable service gets called out. Like you, that video made me wince several times. The guy just went too far with his claims. Pushing the Wounded Warrior angle to raise money was over the line in his case.

      When it comes to embellishing war stories, well there is a difference between a bunch of people standing around drinking and letting it fly and putting that stuff in print for a cause. I completely understand that there are those who serve in some capacity that is not publicly documented. Making those claims public will always have repercussions.

      That assault on the VN Vet was exactly that, an assault. Sites like this one and others do not condone and speak out against any such action by anyone. I wish I would have been in that airport when it happened, it would have ended differently.

      Sites like this and others give people a place to report suspected cases of Stolen Valor. That is exactly what those guys should have done in that case. It only took people a few minutes to verify that man served and had at least one Purple Heart.

      You bring up honest and valid concerns. I suspect you will be seeing an organized effort by those involved with stolen valor efforts to become very aggressive in speaking out against attacking anyone or posting things without some research.

      • Bob says:

        Dave : this is all stupidity , we know what we did there , we know what if any awards , citations , medals or whatever we got , we don’t have to embellish the truth . Since 2013 when STOLEN VALOR was shot down , all the idiots and wanna be came out so let them talk . Sure it gives the real VN Vets a bad name but we can do nothing about it .


      • Robert Giffin says:

        Here’s my primary issue with any of this self appointed policing. It’s not conducted in a professional manner. I agree that IF he is collecting donations under false pretenses that he should be somehow called out for it. And for that we have a law, right? If he is doing this then our legal system says that he’s innocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law. But I have now way of knowing this and neither does anyone else but maybe him and his accountant.

        But reading this writeup here on this blog and on this ain’t Hell you would think that this guy is a complete bozo, embellishing all of his service. These sites seem to take pride in the unprofessional slander as if it’s just a bunch of fun.

        But it’s no ‘fun’ to just point out the facts, is it? We gotta call the guy a POSER and a PoS because, well, that makes it sound more legitimate, right? Simply point out the failing (collecting money under false pretense in tis case) and be done with it. Report the FACTS to law enforcement and IF he’s violating a law they will handle it.

        Chasing after homeless people because they are wearing a set of ACUs that you can buy at any military surplus store just shows how immature these people are, especially when they are using phrases like ‘my buddy died in that uniform’ to drive home the ‘point’. It’s just a set of clothes – GET OVER IT.

        If you want to cover and report ‘stolen valor’ then do it in a professional manner without all the hype. And maybe when someone, another veteran who can verify service, indeed verifies someone’s service, don’t threaten to ‘out’ the guy verifying the service (yea, I’ve been threatened for standing up for one or two buddies); modify the posting and remove the stuff that’s been verified, and STAY professional.

      • Bob says:

        Ya but you know what brother ? I could be a keyboard warrior and say anything and say I got this medal , this citation , this award but you and I both know that #1 it don’t mean shit and 2nd , I would be the biggest liar and violator of stolen valor that ever lived . I am just an old man former team member of Task Force 116 Riverine force 594 67 and again in 69 . Just a normal defender just like you and TO YOU WELCOME HOME BROTHER . RIVER RAT FOR EVER

      • Dave Hardin says:

        Bob, talk is one thing, using it for a purpose is another. People have a right to be full of shit…….to a point. The decision that shot down the pervious SV Act specifically stated that the community of veterans will shame these people publicly.

        This guy is on the border, but that video just pushed him over the fence for me. The new SV Act that is in force is specific in what a person can be charged for. My humble opinion is this guy didn’t do anything to get charged with a crime, but a little shame might be in order.

        Would have I posted this guy, I don’t know exactly what happened, maybe, maybe not if I had talked to him. VN Vets got a bad enough time as it was. I think they deserve to hold their heads high even if they served as an admin clerk. Semper Fi Brother.

  14. killerb says:

    Straight up Dave.

  15. Bob says:

    To- Military Phony : First of all sitting here looking at my DD214 “N” at the bottom it does state that information contained in this form Armed Forces of the Unit States report of transfer or discharge is confidential and intended for use “ONLY” by the individual who is discharged ” This document can only be duplicated by a member of the United States Gov’t with permission by the Dept. Of Military Personnel in St . Louis MS.
    Now , with Chuck , you have 2 DD214’s posted on him , one is filled out completely and the other is blank which tells me that you no one else phonied it up . You sent me an E-Mail asking me to fill out a report and send it to you ? WHY ? I gave you all the info you needed to verify what I said .
    In relation to Bob Brady and someone’s claim he was claiming disability and purple heart status and was part of black hawk down you are cracked . # 1 in civilian life the name he uses on air as a broadcaster is his stage name . # 2 , Bob Brady was part of Task Force 116 , Riverine Force 594 on the Delta in 1967 and 1969 NOT ARMY BLACK HAWK .

    Now , my question as was answered by the following Dept’s , DOD , Dept . of the Navy and Army and Air Force was SIR >>> you know as well as we do here in St. Louis and Washington D.C. anything having to do with craigslist or any forum related is phony .If this person is publishing this information give your info to me so I can verify and then we will do an investigation of our own . Yes stolen Valor is serious “BUT” a citizen cannot get someone’s info based on a request as a civilian NOT attached to a Gov’t facility and then if he is a Gov’t employee we will find out what computer it is coming out of .

    Finally and you requesting a form be filled out about the girl I told you about , if you were so high and mighty , there is no NORTH VIETNAM CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION !!!!! this is the holiday season she is tryin g to claim something that is not there and she is currently being investigated as she has done this every year for 20 years .

    Now , go back in to your computer because the hard drive can be traced as you have never posted any info on yourself so as far as a lot of us are concerned you are the phony . !!!!!

    P.S. CHUCK IS WHO AND WHAT HE SAYS HE IS . Quit trying to slander him and defame him , COURT could be just around the corner for you .

    • Jason says:

      Chuck’s full of shit, you and I both know it. His claims of being shot down in a Blackhawk in northern Iraq are bullshit. Combat wounded, bullshit. Served in the Coast Guard…..sure, the Coast Guard Auxiliary. I’ve encouraged Chuck to sue me, he’s threatened to sue me. So far, hasn’t happened. He’s a liar.

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