Joseph Harwell, US Army, Operation Desert Storm,Combat Wounded Officer, POSer, Blog of Shame.


05/31/2015 by militaryphonies

Joseph Harwell had an excellent enlistment within the US Army. He served on Active Duty from Feb. 1989 to Aug. 1992. And he did deploy in support of Operation Desert Storm.

 But that wasn’t good enough for Harwell. Back on the block, He can’t make up his mind if he was a LT. or Capt. in the Army. Nor can he make up his mind if he received one PH or two. It makes no sense because he would qualify for PTSD anyway. Another perfect enlistment flushed down the toilet.  1 2

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9 thoughts on “Joseph Harwell, US Army, Operation Desert Storm,Combat Wounded Officer, POSer, Blog of Shame.

  1. Amber says:

    It’s funny how you had to friend request me to have access to my pictures to cut and splice YOUR lies together. You talk about facts??!! You better make sure you get yours straight before you try and put someone on blast. Military…. Who is the phony now?? You make me sick!!

    • I am curious. could you go into some detail about what military phonies got wrong?? do you have a copy of his REAL dd-214??

      • Skippy says:

        The Dog ate it didn’t you know. But on the flip side his ex wife is laughing her ass off on a other site LMAO ! ! !

    • Skippy says:

      Lying about being a officer can send you to prison, NO JOKE ! ! ! !
      I use to be in the 1-221 Cav all be it short I still know a ton of people there
      Officers all the way down to PFC. There are a lot of people the are still there from when he was there and they are calling BULLSHIT on his story you need to hire a attorney and come clean because you done fucked up ! ! ! !

      That’s all
      (Ret) SSG KELLY

  2. […] folks at Military Phonies send us their work on this Joseph Harwell who claims that he was wounded in Desert Storm when he […]

  3. kristy says:

    Skippy any more word from his old unit?

    • Skippy says:

      There is a joe that worked with him at SWA a while back that called him out and he disappeared after that I’m going to e-mail the admin the thred and he and post it two former 1st Sgts have no idea who he is a former commander does and and e-mailed me saying he was a little crazy and was shown the door

      • Kristy says:

        Hmmmm… keep me posted. Are you on facebook? Find me kristy pittard kimsey. Would like to work with you all to prosecute this clown.

  4. Kristy says:

    Wondering when to call tv station. I figured I would wait until I get the report back from dmv on his purple heart plates.

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