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06/17/2013 by militaryphonies

UPDATE 12/3/2015

It appears Megan is still taking every opportunity to grab a photo op;  you know, because if you are a fake survivor of multiple helicopter crashes, broken bones from firing artillery, and an entire combat flight crew, you get opportunities like this.




But that is nothing new, she does that at every opportunity it seems.


She just loves to be in the spotlight.  Never made an attempt at an apology or admitting she embellished her career in the Marines beyond recognition.  Some of these people will just never stop.


Oh, and the ultimate irony is…………wait for it……………….

It seems she was front and almost center when she took this picture of POTUS signing the new Stolen Valor Act.


Read on if you are unfamiliar with this case:

The claims found in the video that her records indicate can not be true:

8 years in the Marine Corps Operation Enduring Freedom
CH46E Crew Chief
CH46E Mechanic
Aerial Observer
Aerial gunner
Combat Veteran
50% Combat Disabled Veteran
2 Helicopter Crashs
Antipersonnel Mine in Hum V Attack
Years of physical therapy
Would never have children because of injuries
Would be able to walk but never run because of injuries
Suffered a broken back
Only woman to serve in combat with 5th Marines?
Mixed Martial Arts Training with 2/11
Pulled the cord (lanyard I assume) on howitzer and suffered 2 bruised ribs and a broken wrist.


Job Description: Aviation supply specialists are required to perform those aviation unique functions necessary to provide logistical support to aviation activities. Their prime objective is to satisfy valid customer requirements. They perform all functions related to providing aviation peculiar supply support, to include financial management, inventory management, material management, facilities and storage management, personnel staffing, and requisitioning procedures. Duties include validation of customer requirements, processing requisitions, submitting requisitions, initiating appropriate follow-up actions, and processing and delivering material in accordance with all government regulations and procedures. In addition, aviation supply specialists have an understanding of acquisition procedures, provisioning and requirements determination, material handling procedures, and fiscal accounting and purchasing procedures in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations.
Job Requirements:
(1) Must possess a GT score of 100 or higher.
(2) Complete the Marine Aviation Supply Course.
(3) Must have a basic understanding of PC operations/applications.
(4) Meet the requirements to obtain a state drivers license







Never a 6172 Helicopter Crew Chief 



Never a 6172 Helicopter Crew Chief on a CH 46E

This Ain’t Hell Article











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61 thoughts on “Megan Morse , Marine Embellish-er / Combat Wounded POSER Blog of shame

  1. Anonymous says:

    I didn't know they carried M-16s in Iraq

    • fred says:

      M-16 were carried in Afghanistan in 2008 by the navy and POG army units but beyond that I havent seen any

      • N/A says:

        The Marines still had the M 16 A4 platform in Afghanistan in 2012 when I was there. The Marines just decided to change out of that platform to the M4 this year and said because it soot better in their test. I know I know for the most part the 16 is better at distance but USMC did test and said M4 was better. Also all the Marines we were attached to in Iraq had M 16 A4 and they were mostly Combat Engineers and Infantry with RCT-5.

    • Shannon says:

      I did… don’t judge her off that…. judge her off all the othet bs

  2. Eric Myers says:

    This is a Very Shitty thing to do. I was a Marine, and she was a Marine, and this is Bullshit!!! Get a Friggen Life!!!

    • The Grunt says:

      so it’s ok to excuse her bullshit just because she’s a Marine? Yeah why don’t you just go f*ck yourself. Being a Marine is not a license to lie about your career. It should be enough of an accomplishment to earn that title but for some, like this twat waffle, it’s not enough. Now please leave the adult conversations to the adults.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, M-16s were carried in Iraq in 2003.

  4. Scotty H. says:

    I am a Marine Veteran also. and it is a very shitty thing that she did. She could have remained honest & said I worked in supply for the Air-wing. Instead, She chose to embellish. And That is BULLSHIT !!

  5. Eric Myers says:

    Well I don't believe what you are claiming at all, but for the sake of argument, I guess you have judged her guilty(of a war story, not being a Marine) and decided the penalty for her should be to lose her career now!!! Really bro??? A single Mom trying to make it in a rough world, and what about her kids??? This makes me sick dude!! Its quite obvious she was a Marine!! So much for Semper Fi!!!

    • Shannon says:

      She was a Marine… clearly.. HOWEVER she did not do the things she claims and yeah single mom or not.. alot if us females served honorably and DIDNT embellesh what we did!!

  6. Scotty H. says:

    I didn't claim it. She did. I just confirmed that she was lying. I never said she wasn't a Marine. I said she is lying about what she did in the Marines. Don't try to put the guilt trip on me. The guilt belongs to the Marine who embellish-ed. She should have thought of her children & career before she lied ! Honorable Marines respect ” Semper Fi.” They don't abuse it.

  7. Eric Myers says:

    I have said what I wanted to Say Scotty. Just remember, words mean something dude, and was what you posted, even if true, worth what the possible consequences could be?

    • The Grunt says:

      lemme put this in words a simpleton like you can understand Eric…


      Now how about you go f*ck a knotty pine board and leave the adult conversations to the ADULTS.

      • Berlyn says:

        Why don’t you go sit in the corner, Grunt. You’re misbehaving. And while you’re at it, wash your fucking mouth out with soap.

  8. Scotty H. says:

    You basically didn't say anything. Other than the fact that you support someone lying about what they did in the Armed Forces in order to enhance their career. No Honor or Glory in Stolen Valor.It was her choice & she has been exposed. ” Semper Fi. ” means something to me. Be proud of the fact that you earned the title. But don't lie about what your job was. That is complete disrespect to all Marines..

  9. Unknown says:

    Eric Meyers, you are a fucking pussy. This thunder cunt gets caught lying, and your reaction is outrage, and when that doesn't work, an appeal to pity? Fuck you. You can ALWAYS tell a pogue.

  10. JimBan says:

    I was USMC 1977-1981
    I deployed to the coast of Iran in the spring of 1980 with HMM-165 on board the USS Okinawa.
    When the rescue attempt happened, I was guarding the brig.
    I never left the boat, I never was a part of the mission that went ashore to do the rescue, we didnt even know it was going on.
    When i relate the story as I remember those times, I always find it humorous to remark how I was there and didnt' do anything and that I got a bunch of medals for it.
    All Marines know, you get most medals just for staying awake and showing up, so, to us, that kind of thing is funny after a while.
    I hope I never embellish my NON-Participation to make phony claims about that mission.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The only way this will affect her career, is if she used the embellishment to enhance it- and yes, she did! Additionally she claims to be a female combat veteran, truly, disrespectful to combat vets and females. Last but not least-injured while acting as a crew chief while in combat- disrespectful to crew chiefs and to those truly injured under such circumstances. Disgraceful. This veteran has a nasty attitude when questioned about the simplest details of her military career. She is POMPOUS and has embellished her otherwise honorable military career for professional recognition and gain.

  12. Anonymous says:

    It's always the chicken shits who care about this nonsense, I agree with Eric, get a life.

    A bunch of old farts going around cyber bullying vets for telling tall tales, just to feel important.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Why does a vet get to tell tall tales and not get called out? Telling tall tales is still lying and lying, especially about serving in combat and claiming wounds sustained in combat, is an insult to those who actually were combat wounded. This person spent a little over TWO months in Kuwait and Iraq but is going around thumping her chest and telling fictitous stories about .50 cals and being a door gunner AND YOU DON'T SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT? You have the BALLS to call someone chickenshit for pointing out this lying liar? Pound sand jackwagon.

  14. Jack Koch says:

    Eric Meyers if you see nothing wrong with what this lint licker did you seriously have issues dude. Obviously she never thought of her kids when she started telling her lies and yes that is exactly what they are. Perhaps she'll think of them now when her ass may be looking at some jail time if it is found she lied and gained from it.

    That new Stolen Valor law is in effect and if she gained from it monetarily via VA Benefits or some other way. She can be looking at some serious FEDERAL charges if this is the case.

    If serving honorably in ANY position is not enough of an honor she should have just kept her cake hole shut and lived her life under the radar. Eventually those lies will catch up to you and in the case of this twat waffle they caught up with her faster than she probably expected.

    • Jesse Hutton says:

      Eric Meyers, If you are a father of a child and someone else pretends to be your father, you would be upset. Same with her. She is claiming to have done what others have actually did. What kind of example is that for her kids? I was in the Navy for 10 years. I have the combat action ribbon but yet I didn’t see action. Yes I was in dangerous situations but nothing that qualifies me to have the combat action ribbon.

      This person obviously has low self esteem and has to boast about things that is not true. I am glad I didn’t serve with her and I am sure many Marines are glad they didn’t serve with her. It reflects her character and I don’t know if her character is strong enough to handle the dangers of battle. I wouldn’t want to find out she took off when I need her to have my back!

  15. Scotty H. says:

    I received a screen save where she has posted on her FaceBook page that she has reported me to Congress. She is claiming that I photoshopped all of her claims.It's surprising how stupid they become once they've been exposed . But then she wasn't too bright to begin with. She is still a Marine though.Although she has fallen into the 10% shitbird group.. Time for you to Marine up Morse. Apologize for your embellishments & move on.Reporting me on Facebook & telling people to ignore me is not going to solve the situation that you have created. You lied & you've been caught.All you had to do was tell people that you worked in supply for the Air-Wing.That job is just as important as any other job in the Corps.You have disgraced your title of US Marine.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I saw this Person in a photo wearing a CAR?? Does she rate a CAR?? I do not see it in her DD214. It is just not cool to wear awards you do not rate. I hope I am wrong, but she definitely was wearing one..

    • N/A says:

      I think that was PUC. I thought the same thing but believe it is a PUC and she was with a unit that was authorized…

  17. Scotty H. says:

    I have a ” covered ” photo that is suppose to be her flying as a Door Gunner in Iraq. And a claim that she sustained a back injury from a roadside bomb exploding next to the Humvee that she was traveling in. This was suppose to have ended her Military career. This information was obtained from a simple Google search. Although on her dd-214 & dd-215 , The CAR & PH are not listed. This information has been added to her Blog of Shame complete with links..She also claimed on her Linkedin account that she was a crew chief on a CH 46E .

  18. Anonymous says:

    Bummer. You know, she probably should have just felt good enough about herself for having a good tour as a WM. I am pretty sure “Integrity” was one of the most important aspects of being a Marine. I guess she felt she “rated” even though the Marine Corps didn't… Pretty shameful if all of this is true.

  19. There appears to be inconsistencies between the DD214 shown here and the alleged claims by Ms. Morse. Maybe there is a rational explanation.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I hate to say it, but it looks like she has put herself and her family in a bad position. Once you start fabricating stories to land employment, get an education, use for political gain, etc., you are really crossing the line of ethics. I could understand if she was at a bar spouting off telling war stories, but if this is all true and she is wearing unmerited awards (CAR) in uniform and claiming she earned a PH, then that is bad news.

  21. Anonymous says:

    hilarious, well worded Jack

  22. Anonymous says:

    What's with these people, I served in Vietnam. 1st cav 11b also as a door gunner with 2/12 air cav out of phu loi I still remember hitting our little em bar what we used to. Say was you guys in the rear want to dress like us talk like us but not be with us. In saying this there were times I would have loved to get out of the bush and got my dream job back at base camp. But after making it thru all the shit I would not trade my outside the wire time for the world. . Embellishes and posers, I have no time for them. Great job boys keep up the good work. Out them all

  23. Anonymous says:

    Every Marine did.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Proof that if your going to tell war stories your DD-214 Better back your mouth up. And now with stolen valor passed she may be in some real trouble

  25. HAHA, she always said she injured her leg running PT. She was on light duty and remedial PT for a long time. Never heard the bullshit IED story. That's a new one. Shes lied about firefights. Told all kinds of bullshit tales about loading the dead and dying onto a hello like a scene from We Were Soldiers. She has one kid with some poor army grunt and he had sole custody last i heard. She's that fucked up that the state of california sided with the father. Shes an integrity violator to the bone. She did this on the original FN Boot forums before it was KIA the first time. She's been featured a few times for stolen valor since then. She is a disgrace to every legitimate vet suffering from combat stress. I've heard this come out of her mouth: “my PTSD is from my divorce, not really that much from the war”.

  26. Anonymous says:

    There is a rational explanation. The dd-214 is accurate; Ms. Morse is not.

  27. CH-46 Crewchief says:

    I would think that a highly qualified CH-46 Crewchief could tell you a few things.

    1. What does DCU stand for?
    2. What does EAPS stand for?
    3. Name 5 of the utility hydraulic subsystems?
    4. Explained simply what does the mixing unit do? Where is it located?
    5. What is the wear limit on a pitch link bearing?
    6. What is the mil-spec for 46 Engine Oil?
    7. What is the mil-spec for the hydraulic fluid used in 46's?
    8. What is a lord mount?
    9. What does a viscous dampener do? Where are they located? How do you troubleshoot them?
    10. Viewed from above what direction does the forward rotor spin?

  28. Jay Brown says:

    Anonymous you are a coward…chicken shit who probably embellishes to his friends.

  29. Jay Brown says:

    Even more pathetic how people come to defend her under anon when she clearly is a pathological liar.

  30. Jay Brown says:

    Bet this dipshit wishes he never posted anything about this dumb broad.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I for one was in HMM 161 F/L in Desert Storm. Can tell you this woman was no door gunner much less any part of 161. I also busted my ass to receive a Navy Commendation Metal for my work and take huge offence to her false claims. Anyone who thinks otherwise can go fuck a Duck!

  32. Anonymous says:

    This wasn't desert storm, was OIF 1.0.

    Regardless, I don't remember 161 crashing a bird in OIF 1, let alone 2. Plus, her DD 214 doesn't list 6172 as a secondary MOS. Of course, there is the pic above of her in her blues, looks like she has a CAR on but not listed on DD. Finally, if she was in 2 accidents and an IED, wouldn't she have a purple heart? I guess its good that she knows enough to not wear that one falsely.

  33. Pindi Kanwar says:

    I was on the USS Tarawa with this piece of shit. Back then her name was Janus. Nobody from 161 Flight Line hung out with her, she was f'in wierd. She was some admin shit, never even left the boat when we got to the persian gulf. She had nothing to do with the phrogs, we didnt even let her climb aboard, let alone crew it. Definitly no purple heart, never got shot down, no roadside bombs, nothing. Just your average, everyday, piece of shit.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I also served with -161 during this deployment as the MMCO (was a Warrant Officer at the time) and remember her as Cpl Janus.

    Basic run-down:

    * Supply Rep, never assigned to aircrew
    * Only flew on the Phrog to go into/out of An Nasariyah (she was sent out to watch the Supply Parts Pack-Up, nothing more) and that's probably how she got the pictures at the crew door…
    * Hubby didn't divorce her for “night terrors” and PTSD
    * Hubby DID divorce her because she cheated with a Recon Guy
    * Never injured in a road-side bomb; we flew Phrogs for transpo, didn't drive anywhere and we sure as hell didn't crash any (no Purple Heart)
    * Never received the Combat Action Ribbon; doesn't show up in the iAPS database for it


  35. oldjarhead says:

    wow, sad, one of the few good looking WM's i've seen…but messed up in the head..CA? oh crap, I'd better watch out for her…wonder if she joined the MCL? Her and Cullifer should hook up!!! LOL

  36. Shawn Poulin says:

    This is BS!!! This chick is in the belt way with a job she got off her lies! I have a good friend on terminal leave (Retired Marine O) whom is a intel officer with a MBA and a MS in I.t.. Can't find a job. He did his CARs, I know we were both 0802s together. Stupid dip shit congressional officer couldn't verify? Well I have something for them! And FU to those that think it's ok to lie and that we are tarnishing a single parent.

  37. Jim,
    I was aboard the USS Caron when we deployed to the Persian Gulf during the hostage B.S and none of us went ashore. It is funny when I come across idiots that claim they were there in jungle tux's and on SPECWAR teams waiting to rescue our people I ask them what unit or ship they were with and the two I have encountered couldn't tell me!

    The same with Grenada lol. BTW we did have Red Cell members outside the embassy posing as Iranian reporters, one member is wearing head phones that have Micky Mouse on them,true story! This was before SEAL Team VI was activated!

  38. mrdavehardin says:

    Hey Scotty, is this valor thief standing next to the hero and real badass Kyle Carpenter in her profile pic? Turn your back on these people and they are off and running again. Watch her ass, she has to be making some kind of bullshit claim about it.

  39. mrdavehardin says:

    You have to watch this, these people just can not stop themselves.

  40. RaceBannon says:

    Please write her congressman she works for and let him know she is a liar bfoire he pays for her mistakes

  41. I guess she doesn't know that HMM-161 has the most mishap free flight hours of any CH-46E squadron ever at 58,000 hrs. A record that was in work while she was allegedly crewing with the unit.

  42. Jarhead says:

    She's for sure wearing a CAR, and it's not on her DD-214. She sucks, it's a slap in the face to all the Marines that got some. RIP Cpl. Bobby Warns S/F

  43. killerb says:

    The bitch has no honor, she is an attention whore who needs the kind of attention she doesn’t want. Fuck her.

  44. She makes veterans who didn’t serve in combat sound they should apologize. You know what, fuck her.

    • KM says:

      She’s a Pogue. A REMF. If I were her, I’d keep my lying mouth shut. It’ll come back to bite her in the butt. Worthless POS.

  45. Joe Hall says:

    Hi,I am Megan’s biological brother. Who ever is in charge of this blog please contact me at in this is true she is a fake. Yes she was a marine but never saw combat n was stationed on the USS Tarawa during the war. She has made many false claims to about her short military sister is a known pathological liar n has done this to get where she is now. She has even caused chaos in my family. Megan never did anything she claimed in Iraq n really the only time she step foot on land over there during war was leave time to have r&r. It shames me who she makes her self to be some hero n fighting for the greater good when she has belittled n made a mockery of her own brother n turned her back on her mother to suit herself. That’s her family. Megan’s daughter is also a product of a lie. She lured a man in n married him just to have a kid by her own words to me ” I need to do something quick before I can’t have kids anymore”. Right after she was pregnant she left n divorced him. Yes she’s my sister but she’s brought disgrace to my family by her lies n now others have seen it n seen her for the fake she truly is n I’m sorry she’s a disgrace to the marines. She has lied falsified info n sits next to the people that make important decisions in this country, I’m ashamed to say she even is my little sister. I feel she needs what is exactly due for her n put in prison.

  46. Marine from before says:

    You actually could be a door gunner and have any MOS.

  47. Rod Jerls says:

    I to am a Marine Combat Veteran, different era from what I have read here. I served in the Corps from 65 to 78, 2+ tours in Viet Nam. My MOS was 2541 which is Communications Center Operator, or it was then. During my time in country I worked at MAG-16 Communications Center at Marble Mountain, opened the Communications Center at Phu Bai in 67, couriered messages from Phu Bai to 3rd Div headquarters for transmission by jeep. When I returned to Marble Mountain I started flying as a courier to outlying bases with message traffic. Did this for a few months and then volunteered as a Door Gunner for HMM-364 flew where I have 84 missions with them, loved the Phrogs by the way. When I returned to the states, I continued my time in communications until I cross trained in intelligence. I then started working as a 0241 Photo Intelligence Interpreter. I was attached to 3rd MAW Communications then to 3rd MAW Intelligence shop, then to MAG-11 VMFP-3 as one of the Planning and Briefing NCO’s. P-3 was the west coast photo platform, using Phantom Jets. I was discharged from the Marines in February 1978. And during my time in combat I did not receive the Purple Heart. Should I have for some of the injuries that I sustained, probably but I didn’t. As I am now 100% disabled and a very large portion of that comes from my time in combat, by the way I discharged as a SSgt.

    I am telling this to say that you many not always be fixed in one job, no matter what your MOS is. Now is this young lady embellishing the hell out of her record so that she can gain attention, from the documents that are displayed above, I would say yes she is blowing it way out of proportions. She is probably using the embellishments to further her career also, the fact she is a single mom should not play into it, but then she should have taken that into consideration on her own. I personally find people that use their combat record to step over someone else totally repugnant, and will have nothing to do with them. I earned each and every rank and ribbon that I have, nothing was given to me, except for the one Meritorious Promotion to Sargent that Col A M Grey, then CO of 3 Bn 4th Marines bestowed on me, all the rest were earned by work.

    I have been told that Stolen Valor is protected by the 1st Amendment, which I find sickening. It is stealing plain an simple.

    Sorry for the long rant, but this trips my trigger. And no I don’t need to find my safe space now.

  48. […] doing some kind of rather verbose Rachel Maddow style article about the most recent sighting of Megan Morse at an IAVA event.  Reason and compassion for those who read this blog moved me to be succinct. […]

  49. […] before  you click on the links.  The original post made by is available HERE.  Before you watch the video, remove any sharp objects near you and be prepared to see the most […]

  50. Ex-PH2 says:

    Her records aren’t the only phony thing about her.

    Look at her in uniform and then look at her in the red dress.

    You don’t see it yet? Are you guys blind???

    She’s had a boob job.

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