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06/26/2013 by militaryphonies

Goggle + account :

Tested Hot on a  piss test & couldn’t re-enlist 

Yes, This is a squad. Of MARINES ! 

Basic Training photo

The dd-214 that he provided

Linkedin Account :

Facebook account :

His self proclaimed Military History

Being instructed that his dd-214 isn’t right

Excuses ! 

Being instructed on how to correct his dd-214 which he ignored

His FOIA. Which shows no medals what so ever of a Soldier who claims to have been in OIF & OEF 

A file which he provided where he claims that it gives him the right to wear the psyops shoulder patch

A 4187 Memorandum Form which he provided 

A Recommendation Form for the ARCOM award provided by him 

Another 4187 Memorandum form provided by him

46 thoughts on “Cheyenne Forsythe , GWOT . POSER Blog of Sham

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so this guy claims are all verfied so why are you bitching? This website sucks.

  2. Scotty H. says:

    This person's claims have NOT been verified. And when instructed that they weren't. All he could do was make excuses, threats & insults. He acted this way when he was shown that his 22-214 was presented by him & even more so when his FOIA was presented to him.He was given a chance to make things right. And he chose not too. And as for this website sucking. No one twisted your arm coming here.If you can't handle reading the truth about Military Liar.s. I suggest that you stay in the basement. BTW.What this individual is doing is also against the law now. You should read the new Stolen Valor Law that was just signed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love how you deleted my comment after I proved you wrong. Sorry but he ha sproof he served. From what I can see Scotty you never served in Iraq and cannot let go of the glory days.

  4. Scotty H. says:

    I deleted your comments because of the spam attached to them. I still see that you're not man enough to use your own name here boy. Proof that you are guilty. Why do you keep showing back up on this BoS Mrs Anonymous. I thought you just found us by random.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Because I think your website sucks. You do not have a Purple Heart Scott nor are you a SEAL. I do have a Purple Heart and I think you are a chode. Who cares if someone does not update his records. Its time consuming and difficult to do. Leave this dude alone Scotty. I am exposing you as a guy who cannot let the military go.

  6. Scotty H. says:

    What does myself not have a PH or being a Navy SEAL have to do with this rmbellish-er not upgrading his records ? And since you claim the PH, What is your name Mr. Anonymous ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Because the guys who get most pissed about people lying about being a SEAL or having a PH are the ones who never did shit. They are typically the ones who can't get over the fact that their glory days are over.

  8. Scotty H. says:

    You're right, I never did shit. Just a lowly non combat 0311 Marine Infantryman. I did one enlistment & got out.But unlike the posers & embellish-ers, I don't have to lie about what I did or didn't do. Your excuse holds no merits Forsythe. You're still a low life POS GWOT POSER !

  9. Dude, do you read what you write before posting? You might want to consider it. And if you think the paperwork above proves all of this guy's claims, you might also want to take a basic logic class. In addition, Scotty isnt saying this guy didn't serve, just that he lied about when, where, and how he served. Yet again, I recommend you return to school, learn how to absorb what you read, and obtain a fundamental understanding on logically structured argument.

  10. Updating my records and lying about things are two totally different things. I don't lie. Lying gets you killed. I'll update my records when I feel like it. I served and my DD-214 shows where and when I deployed right there in the remarks section. This is libel. If I had the money, I would sue you.

  11. Scotty H. says:

    You've been instructed on how to straighten this matter out & you keep making excuses. I've told you & told you & told you some more. You don't have the medals & ribbons on your dd-214 to represent that of a GWOT Veteran. All you've done since I explained this to you is threaten , Make excuses & lie even more. When you feel like it , I'll instruct you once more on how to straighten this fubar out IF it can be resolved. It isn't an update.. It's a correction on your permanent Military record. This isn't just anything shrug off.As it stands right now mister. You are not a Combat Veteran from the Global War On Terrorism. If you're gonna claim it. Then prove it ! Otherwise stop stealing Valor.Get it through that thick skull of yours Specialist Forsythe. Your records are fucked up ! Until you straighten them out, You cannot claim what isn't on them. I told you that when I looked at your dd-214. And I proved it with your FOIA. Now stop pissing & moaning about being exposed & straighten your shit up !

  12. Yup.. you served. However where and what you did is in question Cupcake. Put up or shut up. The proof you are giving us here is that you CAN NOT update your records because you are full of SHIT!!

  13. In the remarks section of DD-214, it is stated:

    Service in Southwest Asia 20020301-20030602, 20030319-20031208

    It should state:

    Service in Southwest Asia 20020301-20020602, 20030319-20031208

    A correction to my DD-214 like this does not make me a poser.

    I'll send you the medals when I correct it. Send me your address.

    Let's see if you have the courage to post this. Been deleting everything but that one comment so far.

  14. Scotty H. says:

    Finally, You summoned up enough courage to comment using your Bio. name.
    Now since I have your attention, Let me school you on a few things. Goggle Southwest Asia & watch how many countries that are listed. Just because you have 11 months of Foreign service on your dd-214 in SW Asia does not give you credit for being in the GWOT. You know what medals you're missing & until you can provide a dd-215. You are not a Veteran of the GWOT.. Hell according to your claims, The CAB should be listed on your dd-214 also. The reason I keep deleting your comments is because you keep whining about the same thing constantly. I have plenty of courage boy. I busted your dumb-ass didn't I. You need to start paying attention to shit before you sign it, such as your dd-214 for a prime example.

  15. If it has been more than three years since the error or injustice was discovered, state why the Board should find it in the interest of justice to consider this application. Maximum size is 6000 characters.

    “I am being harassed online by a person who thinks that I am a poser and stealing valor. They have posted a web page with my picture and documents for the whole world to think that I am not who I claim to be at”

    State why you believe the applicant’s military records are in error or unjust – what caused the error or injustice. (Maximum 6000 characters).

    The error to the first deployment looks like it's just a typo.

    The medals and badges were approved after I was discharged.

    The Global War on Terrorism Service Medal (GWOTSM) was established by Executive Order 13289, 12 March 2003, 10 days after my discharge. The GWOTEM was established by Executive Order 13289, 12 March 2003, 10 days after my discharge. The Iraq Campaign Medal (ICM) was authorized by Public Law 108–234, 28 May 2004 and Executive Order 13363, 29 November 2004, as amended by Executive Order 13289, 12 March 2003. The Combat Action Badge was approved on 2 May 2005.

  16. Scotty H. says:

    Damn boy, you can't even tell the truth on a request form. Your discharge date was in 04, not 03. And where is your overseas deployment ribbon?

  17. 11 Bravo says:

    Ok now it's my turn…

    SPC Forsythe your are wrong and it's time you simply man up and admit it. If you wish to threaten someone with libel or slander please feel free. The best defense against a claim of libel or slander is the TRUTH. Not only will I provide the TRUTH to back up the claims here I will do so from the perspective of a fellow Army soldier. When all is said and done YOU will have to answer why your records are fucked up and why you have done NOTHING to correct them. Furthermore forgery of a DD214 is a FEDERAL offense and right now that is what it looks like you have…a FORGED DD214.

    Now you may ask yourself where I would find the audacity to make such a claim and it's quite simple if you look.

    Per your DD214
    Foreign Service: 11 mos 21 days

    SVC in SW Asia: 20020301 – 20030602 (this right here is more than 11 Months and 21 days of Foreign Service) then you have 20030319 – 2001208. The overlapping time frame wouldn't be on your DD214 as it shows above. It would all be one continuous time unless you had a break and left the theater of operations. That would show on your DD214 though so I am thinking someone did a serious fuck up on your DD214 and you might wind up paying the price for it.

    If you wish to pursue the issue in a court of law I'd be more than happy to bring this in with me and show the court. Do you think you can handle doing time with a FEDERAL Felony conviction? I wonder how your medical career would do with that on your record.

    Y'know I'm just a dumb 11B with nearly 20 years of service but I doubt I am wrong on what I am seeing. The simple fact SPC Forsythe is that your records are all sorts of cluster fucked and until YOU get them unfucked you are at risk of a lot of things and jail time is one of them. Denial of VA benefits because your records are fucked is another.

    If you wish to be a lazy fucknut and wait to get them corrected that's your call but from what I see on your OFFICIAL NPRC records you are a fucking piece of shit liar who needs to get his shit straight before it bites him on the ass. I can make one call to the US Attorney's office in your district of Florida and we can get this show started if you wish SPC Forsythe.

    The Grunt has spoken


    12:09 PM (1 hour ago)

    to me
    Dear Applicant,

    The signature page for your DD149 Correction Of Military Records that you submitted on 2013/08/29 has been received by ARBA.

    To view the status of your application and receipt of any documentation, you may log in to ACTS Online by clicking on this link:
    1) Go to “Application Search” and enter the type and date you submitted your application.
    2) Click on the View Status Page Link.

    Thank you for mailing your signature page!

    United States Army Review Boards Agency

  19. Scotty H. says:

    Now if you had done this to begin with, You wouldn't look like an ass-clown. You can apologize for your ignorance & Thank us for bringing this to your attention if and or when your records are corrected.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. 11 Bravo says:

    I will merely offer this one piece of sage advice SPC Forsythe…

    If you are playing games and think you can get away with it please do not even try. You will get caught and trust me when I say that Federal crimes don't simply fade away. You are on a lot of people's radar's now and I do hope you are being honest with us in this regard.

    That being said…

    I am glad you are working at getting your shit squared away and I hope you realize how important it is to keep your records straight. They affect so much of your life that if you haven't the OFFICIAL, not memo's, documentation to prove what you did then in the eye's of the VA and your fellow Veteran's you never did it. Get it straight and keep it that way soldier.

    The Grunt

  22. oldjarhead says:

    I was with PsyOps, or PsyOOOOPS! OEF…hmmm, we had guys from other units run escort support with us…but they don't rate the USACAPOC patch.

  23. Shawn Poulin says:

    Got this one wrong but good website. 99% of the false claims are pictured accurately as false claims

  24. Application Status: In Process
    (click the underlined case status to view case status definitions)
    For application status of “Awaiting Implementation”, “Denied”, or “No Board Action Taken”, please allow 15 business days to receive in the mail the Board's decision on your application.
    Document Name Document Description Received Received Date
    Signature Page Yes 2013/09/05
    DD-214 Discharge Certificate Yes 2013/09/05
    Statement of Service GWOTEM Authorization Yes 2013/09/05
    Personnel Action Authorization to SSI-FWTS Yes 2013/09/05
    Recommendation for Award ARCOM for OEF Yes 2013/09/05
    Notice: Please allow 15 business days for mailed signature page and attached documents to be received and posted in ACTS Online as In Progress. Case processing will not begin until the mailed signature page is received.
    Your Address Changes: If you created your profile prior to May 01, 2010, please contact ARBA with your new address or updated information. Otherwise, if your information changes; please update your profile.

  25. I was getting ready to deploy when some of these were authorized. Medals were the last thing on my mind. I ETS'd three months after I returned. Medals were the last thing on my mind.

  26. April Brown says:

    I know Cheyene Forsythe personally, he and I served together in the 21st Combat Support Hospital together before deploying to Kuwait and Iraq, he was reassigned to the 85th Combat stress Unit, both Units fell under 1st Medical BGDE. out of Ft. Hood Texas. I am so sick and tired of the False accusations of people who claim to know who is a stolen valor poser and who is not. People who claim to have such valor and don't have the proof are not going to have false papers to make their claims stand.

  27. Scotty H. says:

    Little girl, Until you learn how to read Military documents correctly, I highly suggest you get back in the closet. Forsythe was shown where the fubars were on his dd-214 long before we filed for his FOIA. But instead of being an honorable Soldier & trying to settle this situation . He decided it was something he could ignore. And then he decided to try bullying & lawsuit threatening. He had a chance to straighten his own Military records out & refused. So at this time ,We don't know if he is legit or not. He damn sure didn't act like an honorable veteran. At this point even if he does get his paperwork straightened out, The header of his title will be changed. But he will always be exposed on Military Phonies. He could have stopped this in the beginning if he would have agreed that his records were incorrect.Don't bully me damn it, You won't like the out come !

  28. April Brown says:

    I don”t know who the Sam Hell you are calling a little girl, but you are wrong, so flipping what, there are many flaws in many Military records that go unseen by many veterans. Sythe Has every right to Sue you for Slander, and Slander is what you are doing to many soldiers, not Just Him!!!! Why don't you serve some time in a real military unit instead of the National Guard, YOU DO know that the Active Duty, is a completely different Beast than the Guard or Reserve… There are various forms that are completely different. I served in all three Branches, and was baffled by how differently many things were between the three. However, I may not have been a 42A, I do know many of the different documentations. Lets see your Criminal Justice degree on documentation and criminal forgery? who Are you to say he never served simply because there are flaws in his paperwork. There's flaws on my shit too. Who Fracking cares???? no one needs to prove shit to you!!! You don't sleep with him or me, you do not pay our bills, our mortgages, or raise our children, who the Frack are you??? Kiss my ass Sir, who ever you are, and Take your slandering accusations with you.

  29. Scotty H. says:

    Like I said little girl, Get back in the closet & play with your dolls. You are completely out of your league here. Unless you'll willing to match wits with people who have been working Stolen Valor for almost 30 years,For one, Slander is vocal. Libel is written. Reserve units receive a dd-214 just the same as active duty. A few ribbons & medals are different . Especially for the Army. The NG receives a ngb22 . Lesson's over. Perhaps you should start goggling subjects before you come here and make an ass of yourself anymore.
    And as for serving in the military. I am an active duty Marine Corps Infantryman Veteran who by the grace of God didn't have to deploy to combat.
    If there are flaws in your service record. They are there because your idiocy allow them to be there. And yes it does matter.

  30. April Brown says:

    9 out of 10 veterans have something wrong with there 214… If you are who you say you are pull out your 214 and post it here… Until you post your 214 and NGB22 on this site you are nothing more then a Cyber Bully, Coward, 2 Faced Liar. You pretend you are a veteran but where is your proof? Until you show yours you are nothing more then a poser yourself. I'd put money on it you where dishonorably discharge for Behavior Unbecoming of a Service Member, falsifying documents or even treason. P.S. If you were a Marine how come your a National Guard? The National Guard is only affiliated with the Army. The Air National Guard is Affiliated with the Air Force. Been working Stolen Valor for 30 years? The internet has not been around for 30 years unless you highjacked the military, bank, and private sector Internets. 30 years ago none of this information in any form was available though the internet. By the way this is Aprils husband, a fellow soldier of both my wife and the soldier you are accusing of being a poser. If you have the balls to write false accusation on other people maybe you would like to accuse me face to face. I work at Bennett Health Clinic, Fort Hood Texas. Just ask for SSG Jason Brown, Or do you not have the BALLS… Lets face it, you are accusing everyone else of being posers but you don't even have the guts to post your 214 here. Makes me wonder who is the real poser. Until your 214 is posted here you are nothing more then a want to be… Good luck on beating that lawsuit Scotty H(ead up ass). Go ahead pull up my FOIA, get my DD214, my NGB22. While your at it pull up my ERB and my 2-1. Better yet I'll pull that stuff up for you. It will be waiting for you when you come to Bennett Clinic. Please don't be another poser… It just doesn't suit you… Jack Ass…

  31. Scotty H. says:

    Wow, Your stupidity overwhelms me. Where do you get your statistics from April's husband ? And how much money would you like to lose about my discharge. I tell you what , Why don't you contact POWnetwork and ask them who I am & what type of discharge I have. Your comment about Stolen Valor only being around since the internet age makes me wonder if you were intelligent enough to pass the ASVAB in order to join the military. You Sir/Ma'am are a complete moron !

  32. April Brown says:

    Wow I told you who I am… You still don't have the balls to post your name? By the way it's me again Jason Brown… Scotty H(ead up ass) POW network? I thought you said you never deployed? How could you be a Prisoner of War then? You said your a Marine so why do you have a picture of a Minute Man for your profile picture? I'd think a Marine would be proud to have the eagle, globe and anchor instead of the symbol for the Nasty Guard? Don't call me Sir, I work for a living, or don't you know what SSG means? I served in the National Guard for almost 5 years, the reserves for 2, and almost 17 years in the regular Army. Yes count it up… I have been in the military for 23 years this August. Please come to Bennett Health Clinic at Fort Hood Texas. I will have all the paperwork waiting for you. Until you post your DD214 you are a bigger poser than any one you try to expose here… Jack Ass… 9 out of 10, DD214's you'll find are wrong. We, veterans, worry less about what is or isn't on a piece of paper then what we did for our country. I still have not seen your DD214, what are you afraid of what people will see? Ya, I wouldn't want people to see my dishonorable discharge either. I've got a good idea! Let's both drop our pants and see who has the biggest set of balls. I bet my wife could beat you… All you are doing here is trying to knock down others, for you not having the balls to do what us, veterans have sacrificed, since this country was founded… SHOW ME YOUR DD214… Jack Ass.

  33. Scotty H. says:

    Cheyenne Forsythe , You can piss and moan all you want. I reverted this BoS back to draft inm order to give you a chance to try to get your paperwork in order. If that is possible at all.
    But you couldn't leave well enough alone. You had to try bulling yourself into us giving you a public apology. I can promise you that you will never receive that. Especially after the headaches you've created when we tried reasoning with you. Your flamboyant attitude has been your biggest downfall.
    Your BoS will remain published now. Even if you do happen to get a dd-215. I will only change the heading. Any of you or your peons comments will be sent to the spam folder. You've wasted enough of my time boy.

  34. 11 Bravo says:

    Let me explain something to you now Ms Brown and then you can go sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

    NOBODY here is denying that Forsythe served. What is being disputed is WHEN he served in SW Asia. His NPRC file shows NOTHING of him earning the right to claim anything about his serving in theater on an actual combat operation.

    I don't give a rat's fuck who you THINK you are little girl but your disrespect of the Army National Guard truly shows your ignorance of reality. I serve in the ARMY National Guard and I have deployed as have many of my friends and most of them have deployed more than once. There are differences in the 3 branches yes but when you get down to the root of all of it they all still operate within ARMY regulations and that doesn't change with the USAR, ARNG or AD.

    Forsythe can attempt to sue for slander all he wishes but as previously stated the best defense to a slander lawsuit is the truth. Perhaps you should research what you are talking about BEFORE you open that cake hole below your nose little girl. To prove slander you have to prove that what was done was done with malicious intent and intent to harm the reputation of the person claiming slander. Furthermore any attempt to make a slander lawsuit will open up Forsythe to questions which he thus far cannot or will not answer. He will also do so under oath and thus can be held in contempt if he lies.

    Please Forsythe either get your shit corrected or be prepared to answer questions about why your records are all sorts of cluster fucked and why you have done nothing to correct them.

    As for you April Brown (or whoever you truly are) go the fuck away little girl and stay out of the ADULT conversations. You know nothing about what goes on here and it might be better if you just stayed the fuck out of it.

  35. 11 Bravo says:

    I don't know where you are getting your information from Jason/April but you are obviously in dire need of a reality check. Take your ignorant ass somewhere else and stay out of this issue. BTW Keep being a pest here and you might find out that reality checks can hurt.

  36. 11 Bravo says:

    A public apology? Yeah not gonna happen anytime in this century.

  37. Scotty H. says:

    Gee, I wonder what happened to this comment ?

  38. Scotty H. says:

    Still waiting on that dd-215 correction from the NPRC Cheyenne Forsythe . That is where your military records are stored boy. I don't care where you order medals and ribbons from. Do we need to draw pictures with crayon's in order for you to understand. BTW an apology & a thank you are in order from you FUBAR clown.

  39. Scotty H. says:

    Any comments that you send to us that don't include your apology & thank you plus your dd-215 will be marked as spam and won't be published. Go cry on some one else's shoulder. You could have stopped this in the beginning . But you chose to be stupid. Now deal with it. This is the last time that I will comment on this exposure until you get your ducks in a row. If that is even possible. If it is. Than only the heading to the BoS will be exposed. You will always remain exposed for being stupid & ignorant. Have a nice day boy .

  40. Street Moose says:


    I wrote a lengthy post but it did not take. Anyway, I wrote that I stumbled on this website looking for ribbons and I cannot believe the stuff you uncovered with these posers.

    I am a 24 year vet of OIF/OEF and worked as a 42A over a decade ago. The memos do not appear to be formatted properly according to AR 25-50. Also, MFRs will usually have a POC instead of the Commander (e.g. Adjutant or S1 rep). The office symbol for the Commander should have CDR not CSH and why show the DA 638 but not the actual certificate for receiving the award. He should show the subsequent page that actually shows the routing and approval by the BN CDR for the award. I have a gut feeling that he forged those documents that you have shown and that is a real shame. Also, when you transition out of the service, you will sit with a personnel clerk to ensure your DD 214 is correct before you sign. Also, the Army does not use SRB but ERB/ORB but will be going to the term SRB once the IPPS-A system comes online. Also, in today's digital world, every Soldier should deal with their S1 in uploading their certificates up to iPerms.

    Scott, if you want to e-mail me, feel free to and I will provide my FB page that will show that I am legit. 🙂

  41. Street Moose says:

    Also, that memo that shows line 6 that he is “recommended” to receive an ARCOM award is not the case. That type of entry will never be shown on a statement of service. That is just being used as fluff and to cover his tracks. I can show you the same memos I received and you can see the difference between the two.

  42. Street Moose says:

    Anyway, if there is no DD 215 to show the update and that new information on file now, then that ABCMR is fake. He has the to show the second page of the recommendation of award to prove that its legit. Also, why didn't he show the address from where those medals came from? Anybody can purchase those in the mail.

  43. Street Moose says:

    Well I may retract. I just saw this and either his claims are legit or he really knows how to cover his tracks.

  44. Street Moose says:

    Found the second page Sorry for filling up this blog post but I keep finding new stuff. If he only provided all of this in one shot. And perhaps during the early stages of the campaign, stuff was not annotated and filed properly. IDK, this baffles me. For a person who went to Kuwait/Iraq, he only shows that one photo in front of the building.

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