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Paul Edward Redmon Jr comes to us from Dayton, Ohio. Redmon is 59 years old as of October 2019. He also goes by the nickname “Red.”

Redmon claims on his Facebook profile that he was in the US Marine Corps from 1978 – 1984 and served as infantry recon, a marksmanship instructor and 81 mm mortarman.

Paul Redmon – Facebook

Redmon also has a photo of a ballcap bearing the emblem of a US Marine Corps 2D RECON.

Paul Redmon – Facebook

And another variation of the same RECON emblem…

Some people were skeptical and asked Military Phony to look into these claims.

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Paul E. Redmon Jr’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

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NPRC FOIA Results – William Murphy – Summary Sheet
NPRC FOIA Results – William Murphy – Assignments
NPRC FOIA Results – Paul Redmon – Education

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Redmon’s official records show that he served as enlisted in the US Marine Corps and served from 1977 to 1984 was discharged as a Corporal (E-4).

There is no record of Redmon attaining the MOS of RECON Marine. He claimed he was 81mm Mortars but this is an MCI course vs. the MOS. He may have served in a mortar platoon for a short while.

Redmon’s claim of being a Weapons/Marksmanship Instructor is supported by his records since he attained the MOS of 8531.

Redmon did serve in the US Marine Corps but beyond that there are several of his claims that are not supported by his military records.


If the claims by Paul Redmon were used to leverage work, military or civilian promotions, or anything else of value, he may be in violation of Stolen Valor laws. State laws may also apply.

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12 thoughts on “Paul Edward Redmon Jr – US Marine Corps Recon, Blog of Shame

  1. Bartley Henriques says:

    Thank you for the research. I’ll pass it on to the group

  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    Embellishing POS. Coulda, shoulda, had oughta just been proud of serving where you did, as you did, phony recon Paul Redmon. Not even proud of your meat gazing stare what with the shades covering it up. Guess you figure your meat slurping smirk makes up for that. Maybe you joined the Corps cause you, too, were looking for a “few good men”? The troops of TAH are going to appreciate the joy of giving you some Google fame for Christmas.

  3. […] folks at MilitaryPhony send us their work on Paul Edward Redmon Jr who claims to be a US Marine RECON and 81 mm Mortar […]

  4. Hank Samples says:

    He served, had a decent showing as a good Marine…too bad he shit all over himself….

  5. Gregory Romeu says:

    Another shit-sucking weasle out to tarnish our Corps!

  6. James Houk says:

    The fact that he left as an E-4 after 7 years speaks to some sort of an issue while he served.

  7. Paul says:

    Why why why do they do this? I don’t understand it, but it’s good for a laugh
    Thank you for all the good work you guys are doing

  8. Anonymous says:

    Under “Douchebag” in the dictionary, there’s a picture of this guy. Or, at least, there should be.

  9. FOX 2/2 USMC says:

    I can’t believe he was going around telling everyone he was in Beirut . I guess Recon sounds better .

  10. FOX 2/2 USMC says:

    Wasn’t* ( damm it ) haha

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