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12/17/2020 by militaryphonies

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Charles Jeffery Byrd comes to us from Huntsville/Pioneer, Tennessee.  Byrd is 50 years old at the time of this writing – December 2020. Alternate names listed for him include: Jeffrey Byrd, Charles L. Byrd, Charles Jeffery Byrd, Charles E. Byrd, Charles Jeffrey Byrd. He commonly goes by “Jeff.”

Jeff Byrd – Facebook

In several photos posted of his wedding, he wears the uniform of a U.S. Air Force Captain (O-3), with a Silver Star medal, a Bronze Star medal and a maroon Pararescue beret.  It is an Air Force uniform, but it could imply the Air National Guard or some kind of state militia that is a component of the Air Force.

Jeff Byrd – Facebook post

He is also wearing a U.S. Air Force Combat Action medal but they were not authorized until 2001.  Here is a photo of that medal for reference.

US Air Force Combat Action Ribbon – Stock Photo

Jeff Byrd – Facebook post

Jeff Byrd – Facebook post

Jeff Byrd – Facebook post

Jeff Byrd – Facebook post

As you can see from the last two photos above, Byrd has a maroon beret which is worn by U.S. Air Force Pararescue.  Here is a stock photo of a USAF Pararescue beret for comparison.

Here is another stock photo of USAF berets, which also shows the Pararescue beret.

Since Byrd is also wearing the rank of a USAF Captain (O-3), signified by two silver bars – there may be an implication that he is/was a Combat Rescue Officer.  It is more common that USAF Pararescue personnel are enlisted.

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Charles Jeffery  Byrd’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

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The NPRC is operating at a reduced capacity due to COVID-19.  As such, we filed a FOIA request but won’t get results for months – possibly into the summer or fall of 2021.

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The DoD Manpower Data Center / SCRA database was systematically searched for every year since Fall of 1984 to the present.  Here are the results found for Charles Jeffrey Byrd.

DoD Manpower Data Center – Charles Jeffery Byrd

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Byrd is not in any of the Silver Star databases where we would expect to find him if he was awarded the Silver Star.

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There is no record of Jeffrey Byrd in any of the official and non-official Silver Star databases.

The DoD Manpower Data Center / SCRA database shows just over three (3) years of military service in the U.S. Air Force from September 1995 to December 1998. This is consistent with a timeline of graduating high school around 1988-89, attending college from 1989 to 1993-94, and being commissioned in the Air Force.

Since no other active duty military service shows up in SCRA, Byrd would have had to earn a Silver Star in the time period 1995-1998.  The Bosnia conflict is the only possibility.  The U.S. News and World Report claims that only US Air Force ten (10) pilots were awarded the Silver Star during this conflict, with six (6) of the ten coming from actions in 1999, a year after Byrd’s end of service date.

This is based on the assumption that Byrd allegedly was awarded a Silver Star during his U.S. Air Force active duty time frame of 1995-1998.

Since Byrd also has ribbons and medals reflecting service in Iraq and Afghanistan, the alleged Silver Star could have theoretically been awarded for that time period. However, no Silver Star was awarded for a Charles Jeffery Byrd or a Jeff Byrd for either of those conflicts.  Although the DoD Manpower Data Center / SCRA database does not show active duty military service for Byrd during this time, sometimes it does not show active duty recalls from reserve status.


A breakdown of the medals and ribbons Byrd is wearing is presented below.  This graphic represents a best guess and not indicative of his exact claims since some medals were either obscured or even worn upside down.

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Byrd’s official military records are not available at this time.

Several claims will have to wait until his official records come in, which could be months.

That said, this case is a presentation of circumstances – enough to raise some questions that perhaps Byrd can answer and clear up.


If Byrd has not earned the things he is claiming by wearing the uniform and has used these claims to gain anything of value – especially the Silver Star claim – he may be in violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

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Jeff Byrd – Facebook post

Jeff Byrd – Facebook post

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17 thoughts on “Jeff Byrd – U.S. Air Force Captain, Pararescue, Silver Star, Blog of Shame

  1. Jack says:

    People before you go sounding off on this please remember that this investigation is NOT complete. While the claims shown in the pics are highly suspect nothing can be OFFICIALLY stated until the Admins receive his NPRC file. Remember that BEFORE you start getting all squirrely and posting comments.

    Yes this guy is highly suspect and yes he is most likely a fraud but until it is confirmed by his official NPRC file nothing is 100%.

  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    “…no record…” “…legitimate explanation….” Uh, hmmm, NO! Imma gonna go out on a limb here and be the FIRST to opine that the embellishing POS known as Jeffrey Lavon Byrd is a lying sack of excretia. And he looks like a dorky soup sammich in all of his fakery. Standing on the bodies and in the blood of Warriors, staring with his meat gazing stare into the abyss of GOOOOGLE Fame. In addition to all of that he has brought shame down on the Brotherhood of the NDSM (The Eagle Weeps) he has brought additional shame down on the Tennessee Volunteers. As if they needed any more. Fakebook account going “POOF” in

  3. Goofy130 says:

    Just a heads up, a USAF Captain is O-3.

    Either way, this guy’s a shitbyrd.

    • The Grunt says:

      5th/77th FA your Vols comment is funny sheeit lol

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        (In his best EP Voice) Auh Thankya Thankya verry much! We’ll be heah all week. Don’t forget to tip the veal and try the Waitress. The Vol’s life is almost as sad as this Bird’s. gabn/hbtd/rtr

  4. Can you guys post an update when it comes in?

    Also, anyone have a write up of ribbons vs time in service/possible campaigns?

  5. Kenneth Koplin says:

    One more kicker. AF specialty badges go on the left side above the ribbons. NOT above the name tag.

    • Sarge says:

      Yeap, his badge is on the wrong side. I’m gonna try to examine that fruit salad he has on his chest and see wtf it all is…I’ve been retired for too long.


  6. HMC(FMF)Ret_87-10 says:


    Uniform Issues:

    1) US Insignia worn at oblique vs. horizontal

    2) Master Parachutists Badge worn on right breast vs. left

    3) Ribbons worn in photo w/o correction to precedence:

    AF Good Conduct
    – obscured/ likely Afghanistan Campaign
    Iraq Campaign
    AF BMT Honor Grad
    AF Small Arms Expert
    AF Training
    SW Asia Service
    * Liberation of Afghanistan Commemorative
    * Operation Iraqi Freedom Commemorative (worn reversed)
    * Global War on Terrorism Commemorative
    * Special Operations Commemorative
    * Air Force Commemorative
    * Honorable Service Commemorative
    * US Armed Forces Retired Commemorative
    * Armed Forces Expert Marksman Commemorative
    * Honorable Discharge Commemorative

    – Commemorative ribbons sourced from Medals of America –

    4) Medals worn under ribbons w/o correction to precedence:

    AF Combat Action
    AF Good Conduct
    Iraq Campaign
    Afghanistan Campaign

    All in all, the sad state of his appearance lends more to being a wannabe than a veteran.

    • Thank you for your detailed research. We’ve now incorporated this into the blog to help with clarification. I believe you are spot on with your identifications.

  7. marinedad61 says:

    1. — Follow the FakeBook, and you will see that his new father-in-law wears a US Army uniform as a Vietnam Veteran 1st SGT with a Bronze Star.
    He should be the 1st guy to call out the new son-in-law, unless……..
    Certainly the wife and her dad should have had the conversation.
    2. — Also, Byrd has the Air Force Basic Training troika, the gimme AF (Basic) Training Ribbon, and the earned AF Small Arms Expert Marksman, and AF Basic Training Honor Graduate.
    Great if true. However, they are up in the 4th and 5th rows, not in the standard bottom rows, and normally only above foreign (Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, where are they???) and National Guard / State Guard ribbons.
    3. — Worse, the Southwest Asia Campaign Medal (Gulf War) is BELOW the AF Training Ribbon, not way above. That’s my 2 second red flag fake catcher.
    4a. — More worse, a quick check of the bottom 3 rows of ribbons, reveals that NONE of these come from Tennessee (or nearby Kentucky) National Guard / State Guard.
    4b. —- So, it’s now a CONTEST, to correctly identify the bottom 3 rows of ribbons.
    The final list of these 9 ribbons identified will be highly entertaining, a potpourri of where and when that never happened.
    It will also be the 9 nail(s) in the coffin. Good luck hammering.

  8. Francis J Pirozzi says:

    Do I think this guy is a FRAUD, hell yeah. But, I just did a little research, there is the 123rd STS based in Louisville Ky, and this turd lives in Huntsville, Tn. In theory, he could have been in this Guard unit, as a pararescue officer. But…… he has far too many medals to make me think that he, deserves them, earned them, or even saw combat. So, I will go with the majority and say, Phoney.

  9. John Holloman says:

    You would think an O-3 would know how to properly place the US on his collar properly.

  10. Chum says:

    I retired from the Air force in 2000 so things may have changed, but as of then, this guys collar brass is sideways. It should be horizontal with the lower corner touching the collar seam at the center. Sure dont look right to me.

  11. murdock says:

    uh when did you start wearing ribbons and medals? i know stuff changes but… can i get a cpl to dbl check the reg?

    • Mike says:

      Medal or their miniatures typically are only worn at special occasions or on specific uniforms. When I was in the Old Guard, full sized medal were worn on the blues for ceremonies like funerals in Arlington. Later, as a commissioned officer, miniatures were typically worn on mess dress. You never mixed medals with ribbons except for those awards that were only issued as ribbons (ASR, OSR, etc) and these got buried under the medal drapes anyway.

      Wearing the commemoratives on the uniform is nonsense. Its like that scene in Animal House where Flounder wears a pledge pin on his ROTC greens….

      I have several medals from the various military genealogical societies of which I am a member. They stay in the curio cabinet.

  12. Scooter says:

    Glad to see some USAF Phonies show up here…if he were a PJ/CRO he probably would have been awarded the scuba bubble and freefall badge. Also jump badge goes over the ribbon rack.

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