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We wrote about Ty Hampe in a previous blog. We found the need to order more records on Hampe due to some claims that needed to be nailed down further.

The following photo was posted on Hampe’s Facebook page which displayed two (2) Bronze Star Medals, a Purple Heart, Special Forces and Airborne designations. The implication was that Hampe had earned all of this in his military career.

Ty Hampe – Facebook

There were two main things that needed cleared up.

  1. Documentation and clarity about which conflict that Hampe was awarded a Purple Heart for wounds sustained in battle?
  2. If and when Hampe could have earned two Combat Infantryman Badges as he wears on his uniform.

NOTE: This could have been an earlier photograph because later he claimed he was a Staff Sergeant (SSG / E-6) with 20 years of service.

Hampe also posted a close-up of what appears to be the same uniform above. One can clearly see the Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) with a star to denote a second award. One can also see a Bronze Star.

Someone commented on three (3) tours and Hampe corrected them saying he actually had five (5) tours. It also has the Airborne crest on this uniform.

To help clarify this, this case required ordering records from:

  1. Hampe’s earlier active duties from 17 Nov 1981 – 26 Jan 1982 and then from 26 Jan 1982 – 12 June 1986.
  2. Hampe’s military service in the Indiana National Guard.

It should be noted that Hampe claimed National Guard so the NPRC would have held those records as well. We took him at his claims. Later, it became apparent that he was with the Indiana National Guard which maintains those records and involved another FOIA request at the state level.

We were not certain of a few of the medals – later we identified them as State National Guard medals.

The Army medals were out of precedence order and the Kuwait Liberation medal is being worn upside down. The Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal also appeared to be upside down.

Oddly enough, he is missing the Army Service Ribbon on his uniform which every soldier receives when they complete Basic entry-level training.

On Hampe’s truck he claims he is a Desert Storm veteran.

In the above photo it is cut off, but it also has displayed what appears to be a Silver Star medal, seen more clearly in the following photo.

Ty Hampe’s Truck – Facebook

Then, there is a photo posted to Hampe’s Facebook page of a Purple Heart. When someone asked him if it was his, Hampe said “Yes.”

Ty Hampe’s post of a Purple Heart medal – Facebook

. . . . .


Ty Kevin Hampe’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

This represented a refile with the NPRC as well as his Indiana National Guard military records.

. . . . .



NPRC – FOIA Results – Ty Kevin Hampe – Summary Sheet
NPRC – FOIA Results – Ty Kevin Hampe – Duty Assignments


DoD Manpower Data Center Results – Ty Kevin Hampe


NPRC – FOIA Results – Ty Kevin Hampe – Summary Sheet 1 of 2
NPRC – FOIA Results – Ty Kevin Hampe – Summary Sheet 2 of 2


. . . . .


Although the NPRC did not include records of assignments, they did include the Bronze Star Medal, but there was no Purple Heart or Combat Infantryman Badge – let alone two awards.

The Indiana National Guard records indicate that Hampe was discharged as a SGT (E-5).


He does have a Parachutist’s Badge and an Air Assault Badge.

We tried to identify the ribbons based on the abbreviations. This is what we came up with.

The point of this exercise was to conclusively identify a Purple Heart, a Combat Infantryman Badge (x2) and/or a Silver Star. We could not.

There is no Purple Heart, no Master Parachutist’s Badge, no Master Rigger school, or no jungle school listed in Ty Hampe’s official military record.

The Bronze Star Medal and the National Defense Service Medal were absent from the first NPRC FOIA result, but they both showed up on the refile results. In the photo, he displays two Bronze Star Medals.

Of concern and of violation of the Stolen Valor Act is the Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB), especially with the star designating a second award. This was not found in Hampe’s official military records.

In addition, there was no trace of a Purple Heart or a Silver Star.


If the claims by Ty Hampe were used to leverage work, military or civilian promotions, or anything else of value, he may be in violation of Stolen Valor laws. State laws may also apply.

. . . . .


. . . . .


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tytish.hampe

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ty-hampe-20706453/


8 thoughts on “Ty Kevin Hampe – Additional Military Records, Blog of Shame

  1. The simple fact is that SGT (E-5) Hampe is not entitled to a single award of the CIB let alone 2. The period for which he was in a designated combat theatre was when he held the 31 series Commo MOS.(The 31 series Army MOS was Commo during DS/DS but is now the Army MP/LE MOS) This MOS was not entitled to the CAB during DS/DS as it didn’t exist yet. Apparently he did change his MOS to 11B Infantry but after this he did not deploy into Iraq or Afghanistan which he would have needed to do to earn the CIB.

    SGT (E5) Hampe has some explaining to do and I would be very interested to see if his story maintains the typical military fraud list of excuses.

  2. Mark A. Lauer says:

    And once again we see a man who’s actual service record was exemplary, and he turns it into road apples by wanting to add a little bit of Rambo to his resume`.

  3. Michael Maynard says:

    Looking at the records provided I can tell where he served. A bunch of Indiana Guardsmen were activated for Katrina. That would explain the different state emergency service ribbons and most likely the Humanitarian Service Medal. His FOIA is showing the Armed ForcesExpeditionary Medal, but he has no deployment or campaign credit showing other than DS/DS. Grenada, Haiti, Somalia, and Yugoslavia fall within the times he served. But I would have thought his FOIA would have shown deployment to those theaters had he actually deployed to one of them. So that’s a bit of a mystery. Another mystery is the FOIA showing a Meritorious Service Medal. That’s not a medal that is usually given to enlisted or junior NCOs in the Army. I wonder if some clerk saw the MESM on his NGB-22 and mistook it for the MSM. While some questions about this clown may have been answered, it only brought up others. I would love to see orders for the MSM, AFED, and even the Bronze Star.

  4. 5th/77th FA says:

    He’s still a lying, embellishing POS. Had a decent record of what appeared to be honorable service. All of that will be negated by his lies. Good luck living down being a lying embellishing POS Ty Kevin Hampe. The dead critters might not remember you, but the innerwebs will. ESAD MO FO.

  5. […] folks at MilitaryPhony published additional military records on Ty Hampe – the individual claiming to have two CIBs […]

  6. Anonymous says:

    What the heck? Why lie?

  7. HMC(FMF)Ret_87-10 says:

    In the words of my first true Sea Daddy…an HMCM(SW/FMF), “One aw shit wipes out ten atta-boys.”.

    Maybe he is suffering from survivors guilt in that he spent his time washing trucks on the weekends while others were actually face to face with evil. So he just feels it is ok to accept the praise intended for those who never survived to hear the words, “Thank you for your service.”

    A fukin’ POS.

  8. Pa Jode says:

    It appears the guy deployed during the Gulf War as a signal puke, 31C MOS and he was probably RATT rig guy (RADIO TELETYPE). I’m fairly familiar with their duties as I deployed as a company commander of a forward area signal company to SWA and my unit was part of the invasion of Iraq. In 1991 all the RATT rigs and associated commo gear/MOS’ were obsolete and were being replaced by the MSE system throughout the Army however the Gulf War delayed the transition. Coupled with the drawdown and realignment of National Guard and Reserve units there was a lot of turbulence in the system and “in chaos there is opportunity”. I believe his signal unit went away and this is when he switched to 11B however I don’t see that he received any infantry training other the airborne and air assault schools which really don’t teach you anything about being a grunt. Now, he could have been legally awarded a bronze star because bronze stars for MERIT were given away very liberally in some units. For instance in my battalion damn near every soldier E-7 and above was given one. Now, I’ve served in the ARNG, active duty, and USAR so I have a fair knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses. A lot of ARNG units run on the good ol boy system and he could have been awarded a BSM. Nevertheless claiming a Purple Heart and the CIB are BS.

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