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Sean comes to us from the Gainesville Florida area. He brought attention to himself on one of those public SEAL pages you find on Facebook. A person posted to the page wanting to know the steps to get into the SEALs

If you havent been a Team member dont answer. Guess you have to stick your neck out to give advice. Good stuff.

The next is pretty interesting. Seems like a vetting is going on.

Medically discharged in 1992 after serving on SEAL Team Four.

Here he comes up first person on his joint account.

Not accurate is an understatement. The people at Military Phonies were following along and decided to take a look.

He has a sweet Bone Frog tattoo with what appears to be the Navy SEAL Trident on his forearm.

He also has some kind frog with a trident tattoo that may or may not be SEAL related.

A check of the UDT/SEAL Archives and Database does not show the name Sean Obrien. Since there are no secret SEALs or secret SEAL classes that was a good first step in proving Sean was never a SEAL. A Freedom of Information Act Request was submitted for his official records.

On review of the records we find that Sean actually served between June of 1987 and December 1990. His only school listed is Basic Aviation Training. He is listed as United States Navy Reserve. With the three years service that could mean he was in the Temporary Active Reserve Program (TAR). That would probably explain his response that you needed to have fleet time to be a SEAL. Naval Reservist and personnel in TAR are not eligible for the SEALs. He would of had to finish his TAR requirement before submitting a package to BUD/S. There are SEAL reserve units but they had to complete an active duty requirement first.

In any event, he didn’t serve a full 4 year enlistment for some reason. There seem to be some people under the impression that Sean Obrien was a Navy SEAL, we are glad to have an opportunity to clear up the matter.

According to his records Sean O’Brien was never a Navy SEAL nor did he ever train to become one.




  1. douginsc says:

    I posted my response on my Facebook page.

  2. William Shultz says:

    Florida sure seems to attract bunches of these wanabees. Is it the water?

    • Troy Williams says:

      I’m from Florida and never claimed to be anything except what I was and still am, a retired airborne soldier, I don’t know why these POS always go for the Navy SEAL claim, that’s tracked and monitored, so anyone who claims it can be verified and outed if they are lying. I guess it’s the red tide that makes them crazy like that, lol.

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  4. Kat says:

    Ah, another classic case of PURE REGRET.

  5. Mike Martin says:

    Well it is way easier to say you are than actually really going through BUD/S and SQT successfully to become an entry level SEAL. The training never ends in the Teams and it is a lot of dangerous hard ass work. I have had some interactions with phonies and my question to them is why are you doing this? Why are you doing this to your family? Surely they believe your lies. I out them on the spot if I can.

  6. Kim says:

    Sean is my Ex husband he was dishonorably discharged from the Navy…. he was never a seal lol his a habitual liar and so is his new wife Sarah lol

    • kim says:

      ps I may have a copy of his Dishonorable Discharged for conduct not Medical lol

  7. Dan Johnson says:

    The losers wife showed me a pict of his “assignment” to “NSW Dev Grp- SEAL Team 4” in 1992- 2 years after his discharge.
    She’s a peach btw. Oh well, they’ll be answering questions from about 35 FB friends for awhile.

  8. Jeffery D Monroe says:

    Sean Obrien and Seaman Go hand in hand-what a pos blank and in Gainesville Florida-They do have a NROTC and AFROTC and ArmyROTC so he can and will get caught.

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